Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Obama, Hagel and Clinton knowingly
released one of the 9-11 planners. Not to
worry—Hillary assured us that the terrorists they released pose no threat to Americans.
Only Afghans. Hillary deliberately lied. After all, she expects you to elect her President.

Mullah Mohammad Fazl, the Taliban's former Deputy Defense Minister's Guantanamo Bay detainees camp (Gitmo for people who don't like long words) internment camp serial number was #7. Since the Bush-43 Administration, the DIA, the FBI, the CIA, Secretary of State Colin Powell and US Attorney General John Ashcroft knew who "prisoner seven" was,Fazl.jpgwe know that Obama, Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, Robert Gates, and Leon Panetta all knew who Number Seven was. In fact, they all knew that the remaining members of the Gitmo Five were just as dangerous as Fazl—and all of them posed an immediate and serious threat to America.
Fazl—who was the former Deputy Defense Minister of the Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan, served as the Taliban's military Chief of Staff until he became the 7th Taliban member captured by the US Northern Command shortly after the war began. Khair Ulla Said Wajhli Khairhwn who was the 579th enemy combatant sent to Gitmo, headed the Afghanistan Interior Ministry. He had direct links to Osama bin Laden. He was the former Governor of Heret Province.. And, like Fazl, he had ample reason to hate Americans. The hatred Fazl felt as he helped plan the aerial attack on the World Trade Center was the intense hatred of a man trying to tell America that just because they had too much to eat, made and owned big shiny things, and gave their subjects the right to worship whatever form of God they wanted, that didn't give them the right to tell the Muslim world how to live Add to that the churning, festering hatred the Gitmo Five's confinement and you can see each of them had ample reason to hate America.
NooriMullah Norullah Noori was the very prosperous former governor of BalProvince. Abdul Hag Wasiq, before his capture, was the Deputy Chief of Intelligence for the Taliban. He was prisoner four at Gitmo. WasiqWasiq, like Fazl, arrived at Gitmo on Jan. 11, 2002 with about a dozen other Taliban captives who were held on the USS Bata an until the Guantanamo Bay detainees camp was complete. The final member of the Gitmo Five was Mohammad Nabi Omari, Chief of Communications for the Taliban.. He was prisoner 832. Omari's name was mentioned in documents in al Qaeda safe houses all over the world. Omari is one of only a few key Taliban leaders who were also part of the leadership of al Qaeda. He spent 12 years in Gitmo, and his hate for America, not Afghanistan, grew more virulent and contemptuous as each of those years passed. These were probably five of the most dangerous men in the world. Their hatred of the United States and the American people only intensified during their confinement in Gitmo. You can bet they are already strategizing how to get back at their enemies in Afghanistan (as Hillary suggested to Cynthia McFadden's suggestion on the Today Show), but you can bet they are already plotting their revenge on the American people—and they don't have to go to Afghanistan or Pakistan to retaliate. OmariQatar works just fine. KhairThe Taliban and al Qaeda are, after all, global terrorist networks.
During Hillary Clinton's "book tour" interview by McFadden on NBC's Today Show did not work out well for Hillary's public opinion make-over. McFadden questioned the Bergdahl-Gitmo Five swap by telling Clinton "...I think an awful lot of people think that we're less safe today than we were a week ago because these five guys are out." 

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