Saturday, June 21, 2014

Impeachment: Is it really impossible?
  • A president using all the forces of the federal government to reward friends and destroy enemies;
  • A president defying the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to advance his own interests;
  • A president weakening our military, dismantling our national defenses, and putting America’s security in grave jeopardy;
  • A president ignoring two centuries of immigration laws to drag as many illegal aliens as possible across our borders, keep them from assimilating, addict them to dependency and, ultimately, buy their loyalty at the polls;
  • A president shielded from all accountability by both a supportive and parroting mainstream liberal media, and the power-hungry cabal of his own party in Congress who will do whatever it takes to win;
  • A president whose behavior demands impeachment, but who doubles-down on destroying the fabric of America because he knows the GOP congressional leadership is too weak-willed to bring him to justice.
Sound familiar? Just like it came out of today’s headlines, right?
Now imagine if we could add one more sentence to this litany: A handful of patriots in Congress mapped out a successful plan to impeach the renegade president, brought him to the bar of constitutional justice, and ended the tyrannical assault upon our cherished Constitution.
“Forget it,” you say. “It can’t or won’t happen.”
You’re half-right. It can happen – and it already has. But it won’t happen unless every concerned American who craves the freedom begat to us by the Founders reads the blueprint for battle.
How do we know the blueprint works? Because it already has.
The above scenario faced a handful of GOP congressman 16 years ago. The president wasn’t Barack Obama; it was Bill Clinton. Despite a fawning liberal media, a 75 percent approval rating, a united Democrat Party covering for his multiple crimes, and a cowardly and fractured GOP congressional leadership at the helm, former Congressman Jim Rogan and a small handful of his colleagues demanded constitutional accountability and refused to back down; in the end, they pulled off the most stunning political coup in American history – and in so doing, they forever tattooed Clinton with the constitutional stain of impeachment and neutered his further assault on the rule of law.
In his acclaimed book, “Catching Our Flag: Behind the Scenes of a Presidential Impeachment,” Rogan, the former impeachment manager in the House of Representatives, lays out the template to lead the reader, step by step, of how to get a very reluctant Congress to impeach a very popular president. If it worked against Bill Clinton, who enjoyed a 75 percent approval rating, it will work against Barack Obama and his continually pathetic poll numbers.

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