Tuesday, June 24, 2014

We are only seeing the tip of the iceberg regarding the corruption, lies, and lawlessness of the Obama regime and his democrat minions. The truth is being covered up. America is being lied to, including those that believe Obama to be the second coming of whatever savior they believe him to be. All Americans are being lied to, all Americans are being used as tools in a scheme to maneuver the democrats into a socialist scheme of power only used by tyrants and dictators.

IRS Scandal Email Cover-up Leads to Democrat Agenda
 By Douglas V. Gibbs Full Story
IRS Scandal Email Cover-up Leads to Democrat Agenda,
When the IRS was caught red-handed targeting conservative groups, and it turns out that the designed assault upon The Right frightened republican donors from giving up much needed funding during the presidential election of 2012 and may have very well influenced the outcome of the election, for those allied with the Tea Party it confirmed what conservatives always believed.

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