Thursday, June 19, 2014

July 4th 2014 - Gettysburg Reconciliation - Last Chance for Apple Pie !!!

Gettysburg - Land of Hurt - Land of Healing
by Lyle Rapacki
GETTYSBURG – the name alone stirs memories or thoughts maybe even feelings difficult to describe but very real to the soul.  Gettysburg…a land known for one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War, a land where so many hearts were broken, so very many more stopped altogether!  Gettysburg is a pivotal place in our country’s history, where a pivotal battle raged for three very long and hot days in July at this farm in Pennsylvania.  The battle was a turning point in the Civil War, a battle that actually helped to bring an end to the very sobering and terribly destructive “contest between the states.”  Today, Gettysburg remains hollowed but with tears clearly present for those who wish to see; yes, crying…for healing and reconciliation between whites and blacks, between whites and whites, and blacks and blacks.  Healing and reconciliation the kind no bullets can produce, no army can march upon, no power or force can forge by sheer will or might.  Only through the prayers and words of forgiveness can Godly people pour God’s healing balm upon hearts still sorely wounded.

Pastor James David Manning of Harlem, New York has decided to begin the healing process.  Pastor Manning has begun the conversation leading toward healing hearts, healing souls, healing the land that still moans from the pain and grief of over 51,000 men who died on that land called Gettysburg.  Pastor Manning has shouted, “ENOUGH!”  Let us begin bringing reconciliation to both blacks and whites – to people.  I am humbled to have been invited by Pastor Manning to join him, and others, on this healing mission; to be present in Gettysburg and participate in this beautiful act of seeking forgiveness and restoration.  Will you join me?

Join me in Gettysburg on July 4th.  Join me in prayer and intercession for the healing to move like a mighty wind across the plains of Gettysburg to every person present, and then beyond to every person, black or white, who needs his or her heart touched with the healing warmth of the Holy Spirit from the Lord Jesus Christ and Him alone!  Join me to pray that the tears and fears that took hold early in our country’s history and was wrapped in the evil bondage of slavery will be dried, healed, and laughter and new hearts will soar with restoration and reconciliation.  If you cannot actually be present in Gettysburg then consider sending an offering or financial gift to Pastor James David Manning at Atlah World Missionary Church in Harlem, New York.  Go to the website below or phone the toll-free number, and let this incredible ministry know you are standing with them in prayer, maybe even personally, and will help this huge task by sending a one-time gift to cover costs.  Pastor Manning is sending buses to many cities free, bringing thousands to this healing event.  Will you help?  Will you attend?  Will you please pray for restoration to occur in our Nation?

Every single one of us who proclaim Jesus Christ as The Lord and Savior have a responsibility, but may I also say privilege to bring repentance and reconciliation, and to use our authority as God’s government on earth to see people healed and set free, regions healed and new life brought to the land.  We have been taught and even indoctrinated with a theology that the world is getting worse and the Church should be going into hiding and simply wait upon the Return of the Lord.  This false teaching is widespread but not at all scriptural.  We have the authority to take back the land; to take back lives that have been destroyed by bitterness and hate, grief and immense sorrow. We are to be the earthly representatives of the Lord God Almighty.  We are to occupy (this word occupy is a verb, an action word) until the Day of Jesus.  May I be found representing the Lord Jesus Christ at the moment of my last breath, not hiding, not simply waiting.  Join me to begin the process of seeking forgiveness, speaking apologies for the harms and ills that have promoted anger, hatred, fear, hearts filled with heaviness from generations of shame and blame.  As Pastor Manning has cried “ENOUGH!”

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