Sunday, June 15, 2014

Obama is clearly unfit to lead America, for reasons which may never be known. But Americans do not have to wait around for the impeachment that will never happen. Barack can and should be permanently booted from office, ASAP.

Even the Catholic Church Can Dump Rogue Popes, But Obama Must Stay?
Day of Reckoning: Barack, Secular Heretic, Uses Constitution as a Diaper

 By Kelly OConnell Full Story
Given his astounding indifference, breathtaking incompetence and incomprehensible malevolence towards America’s interest, can Barack Obama be removed from office? The simple answer is, of course—Yes, he could be. Next, yet if Barack’s status, being a member of a historically downtrodden and currently protected group, would keep him from being considered for impeachment, can any other theory be used for removal?

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