Thursday, June 19, 2014

Obama and his cabal must be physically removed from our White House

US Republic now gone—Fully replaced by Dictatorship

By Sher Zieve  June 19, 2014 

I have been writing about this time for, at least,  the last ten years.  It has now arrived.  It has occurred under Barack Hussein Obama. Those who say “Obama has now lost his political power” are either not seeing what’s going on or are willfully attempting ignorance.  As predicted, Obama’s power as dictator-in-chief is on the rise and growing exponentially every day.

Obama and his criminal syndicate are completely and tyrannically running the show in the USA.  US and Constitutional laws are not being followed—and have not been since Obama took the Office of POTUS—by Obama and the members of his ruling cabal.  Obama’s legal authority is to enforce the laws of the land.  Obama has—and is—doing neither.  Instead, he is writing and judging laws—replacing both Congress and SCOTUS.

The Obama syndicate didn’t like SCOTUS’ Citizens United decision regarding political contributions from all—not just its own leftist supporters.  Therefore, the ObamaGov sicced its now-whollyowned IRS on Obama’s enemies conservative, Christian and observant Jewish organizations in order to keep them all from being politically active in opposing his Orwellian and subversive policies.  In an article from Huff Post—hardly a conservative or even “moderate” publication—Harlow Giles Unger writes:  “Nothing in the Constitution gives a president power to issue executive orders or proclamations with the force of law. The opening words of Article I of the Constitution are quite clear: “All legislative powers… shall be vested in a Congress of the United States.”

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