Tuesday, March 18, 2014

If America and her Judeo-Christian values are allowed to die, freedom will be over around the world. It will be the entrance of worldwide dictatorships, mass murder on a par we have never seen and the entrance of the Anti-Christ and mark of the beast.

March 17, 2014

America--the train is leaving the station, and we are about to be left behind

By Laurie Roth

"It's alive It's alive! The communist monster isn't dead after all. It calls itself "hydra-progressivism" now and has already taken over our schools, political system, culture, and faith, laughing out loud as the stupid people believe it is all about fairness and equality."

Communism and socialism are evil and deadly twins who are way ahead of us all. Its name changes through out the years, hiding behind anything Americans have been conditioned to embrace. The last several years it is: "fairness for all," "equality," "government taking care of all needs whether you work or not." It is now face lifted to the popular term – progressivism. It hides throughout the Democrat party and even many posers in the GOP.

Communists know Americans now have been conditioned to view communism as a "thing of the past," "a Chinese or North Korean thing," "what the Russians were," "something they heard about in history class with McCarthyism." How perfect...

Now called progressivism, it has been planted and hidden throughout our House-Senate, White House, many court systems, schools, and entertainment machine. It has tragically and successfully taken over many of our churches. We see the push for emptying the real Biblical message and creating, instead, false and seductive placebos for the people like christlam.org (combining Christianity and Islam), turning the real message of Jesus into "social gospel," "self-esteem gospel," "redistribution of wealth gospel," essentially communism.

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