Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Obama is like a black hole when it comes to the truth. Like light as it approaches a black hole, the closer one gets to Obama, the more the truth disappears into the black hole of lies, fabrications and falsehood. From beyond the “event horizon” there exists only the darkness of total falsehood.

Why Obama’s Mother Needed A Fake Divorce

A Fake Marriage for a Fake Divorce

Most of the “facts” about Obama’s life are in fact fiction.  The first lie is that his parents were in love and happily married for two years, when in fact there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to believe that they had anything more than a sexual encounter that produced the unwanted result of a pregnancy.  That pregnancy was dealt with in the way I describe in “WHY BABY OBAMA WAS BORN IN VANCOUVER”.
That pregnancy did not result from a love affair nor a marriage since neither occurred.  Ann Dunham was a rebel and an experimenter in “the forbidden” -as was learned when photos of her posing nude and semi-nude for the Dunham’s Black Communist Party friend and soft-porn photographer Frank Davis.  If she was a virgin prior to meeting him, she no doubt was not after exposing herself to him completely.
So she was not afraid to “walk on the wild side” of life as an atheist rebel who informed her high school friend that she didn’t needed to have a boyfriend or be married in order to have a baby.
Such an attitude was indicative of one who had no reverence for the sanctity of marriage but was sexually and socially liberated from conventional mores.
When she got to know the worldly wise Obama Sr. in college, he appeared as intriguing as Frank Davis had seemed previously, and even more self-confident as a younger man with a very strong and self-gratifying sense of himself.
They were two independent narcissistic peas in a pod.  It is not likely at all that they “loved” each other like lovers do, nor wanted to marry each other, -something potential  bigamists prefer to avoid (Obama Sr. already being married with two children in Africa).

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