Monday, March 31, 2014


By: Devvy
March 24, 2014

As always when I write columns about the big three (4 if you count the unconstitutional Obamacare) federal Ponzi schemes, social security, Medicare and the GOP's grand "free" prescription pills, I have to say don't kill the messenger (me) for telling you the painful truth. I am fully aware that tens and tens of millions of Americans receive benefits from those programs. At the end of 2013, 58 million on SS; 10.9 million on social security disability (a huge spike since 2008) and 49.4 million on Medicare.

Individuals on SSDI (SS Disability Insurance) pay no federal taxes which means those 10.9 million are completely subsidized by your wallet. Yes, I do understand there are those who absolutely need it. However, in the "old days" family took care of family, not mother government. The reality is that one day, the well is going to run dry.
Those tens of millions cited above absolutely depend on those federal taxing schemes for the bread on the table and medical treatment. I understand that. I also feel comfortable in saying that 99.999% have no idea how those federal taxing schemes work, why they are immoral and why the are unsustainable.

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