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Welcome to my blog. This post will serve as an index post to direct you to more information as I’m able to put it together.
On Dec 11, 2013 the Cessna carrying HI Health Director Loretta Fuddy made a water landing in the ocean off Kalaupapa, HI. It was said the plane had experienced catastrophic engine failure, and eventually it was said that all the souls on board had made it out safely but Fuddy died of cardiac arrhythmia in the water afterwards, as she floated in her life jacket holding the hand of her assistant director, Keith Yamamoto.  About a month after the crash, ABC came out with a highly-edited video taken by one of the passengers on-board, Ferdinand Puentes. That video was supposed to silence all the “crazy conspiracy” talk about what happened to Fuddy that day. Unfortunately, the video footage itself raises VERY serious questions, when the frames are slowed to a speed where what is there can be plainly seen. The news accounts, National Transportation Safety Board preliminary report, and the Maui County Fire Department incident report all refer to there being 9 people on board, including pilot Clyde Kawasaki. The flight took off at about 3:22 pm HST and crashed at about 3:25.
Pilot Josh Lang said he and his girlfriend were flying to Maui and called the Molokai Tower, which asked if he heard an Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) in the area. They flew around and quickly found the plane in the water and reported it to the tower, flew back to the Kalaupapa airport to get help but on seeing nobody there went back to the crash site and made low passes over the victims to assure them that help would be coming. He said he left the area at about 4:30 after he was sure that help would find the victims, although there were said to be smoke flares put down to show where the victims were. Within days of the crash Lang produced photos for the press, which he said were of the crash site.
Alternately, Mark Miller, the DOH Administrator for Kalaupapa (which was a leper colony totally under the control of the DOH) said that a navy plane had coincidentally been doing “touch-and-goes” at the Kalaupapa Airport then and reported seeing the crash. There are photos of a Navy Seahawk (helicopter) above the water and on land near the crash site.
The Maui County Fire Department’s helicopter arrived on-scene at about 4:30pm, according to their Incident Report, and saw and picked from the water 5 victims. The Coast Guard, according to the report they gave the media, was informed of the crash at 3:27pm and sent 2 helicopters and a bigger plane to aid in the rescue,. According to the MCFD’s incident report those were confirmed as being on-scene at the crash at 4:44 – 78 minutes later. USCG rescue swimmer PJ Ornott told the press that he saw Fuddy first but because she was unresponsive the protocols said he had to go on to somebody else. He picked out of the water a 73-year-old woman and a man with a clear bump on his head (presumably pilot Kawasaki, who had a cut on his head). Mark Peer, in the 2nd USCG helicopter to arrive said he first rescued a 70-ish-year-old man who was happy to see him and then came upon Fuddy, who had no heartbeat so he called to have her lifted from the water. The rescuers said the hardest part of the rescue was keeping the aircraft from hitting each other, as there were at least 6 in the air at a time during the rescue. (2 USCG helicopters, one USCG plane, 1 MCFD helicopter, a Navy Seahawk, and what else?)
But the official reports contradict each other. Not just the “fog-of-war” preliminary reports, but reports to the media after the rescuers were supposed to have given a written report of each victim they dealt with. The number and condition of the victims, who transported them, and where, and even whether Fuddy was trapped in the fuselage or not, were contradictions in the reports given in the days following the crash.
And what appears in Puentes’ video calls into serious question who was really there in those first few minutes after the plane crashed.  There were only supposed to be 9 people, all taken by surprise when the plane went down, the darkest-skinned among them being Puentes. The “Good Morning America” video can be downloaded at (corrected link). The “Nightline” video can be downloaded at (corrected link) At I give instructions for how anybody can slow down the video so they can see clearly, as I was able to do. The files were pixelated by ABC the same day as I asked my Free Republic ping list to save the files for me before they disappeared, but I had fortunately made Bandicam recordings of the  mp4′s playing on my son’s computer screen before they were pixelated.
On my first youtube video, at  , I made a bandicam recording of my screen while I downloaded the “GMA”  mp4 file directly off the ABC website, imported the file into Windows Movie Maker, slowed down the frames, and showed a slowed-down clip from GMA. I took a screenshot of one of the frames, imported it into Paint and saved it, then opened that image in Microsoft Picture Manager where I could brighten it up for everybody to see clearly what was there. In this way I showed that these images are authentic and that ABC is the source.  I encourage everybody to do the same thing I did, so you can see the images in full context. I posted on that youtube video still images for people to look at, and I also posted the still images at ,
Some said they believed that the shiny black was Fuddy’s black pants bubbling in the water, and the yellow the sole of her shoe, so I posted some more images, annotated with questions, at .


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