Tuesday, March 25, 2014


A Slothful Man

A slothful man is a man who goes through the motions, who flies on automatic pilot. Like a man with a bad head cold, he has mostly lost his sense of taste and smell. He knows something’s wrong with him, but not wrong enough to do anything about. Other people come and go, but through glazed eyes he hardly notices them. He is letting things run their course. He is getting through his life.

How is a slothful man's life like a hedge of thorns? By his procrastination and neglect of things needful for his progress and success! His laziness  creates numerous hardships that make life much more difficult than God ever intended. By procrastinating and excusing himself from preparing for the future, he arrives at the future without assets, credit, skills, or reputation. He is defenseless before adversity; he has no capital to invest in anything; he is worthless in the job market; and he has no friends to vouch for him.

How is a slothful man's life like a hedge of thorns? By his negative and wicked attitude! Laziness steals his energy, perverts his heart, and blinds his eyes. He thinks he is too tired to work (Pr 19:15). He grieves at the very thought of work (Pr 26:15). He scorns every opportunity to work in spite of excellent reasons from seven wise and successful men (Pr 26:16). Suggest a job. He will claim it is too cold to work (Pr 20:4). Suggest another. He is afraid of lions in the street (Pr 22:13; 26:13). He will imagine and argue for any excuse imaginable to avoid facing the thorns his own laziness has planted! 

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