Thursday, March 13, 2014

What happened to MH370? Where is it? Was it blown up by a terrorist bomb? Or was it stolen and put somewhere for later, evil use?

Is Malaysia Airlines Plane Hidden in Africa/Asia for Future 9/11-Style Bomb Attack?

By Debbie Schlussel
So, Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 is still missing, nearly a week after it disappeared from radar screens and any communication to third parties. We still don’t know what happened, while there are a lot of theories, including reports saying the Pentagon believes it went down in the Indian Ocean. I’ve given you my take, earlier this week. But there’s another plausible possibility posited by my smart friends, Fred Taub of Boycott Watch and radio talk show host Brett Winterble.


The plane might have been hijacked by Muslims on board–whether it was the Iranians or other Muslims on the plane. They might have ordered the transponder turned off or known how to do it themselves. Or perhaps the plane’s pilot and co-pilot helped them. Any of these could have happened. And since we’ve learned the plane flew for hours after the transponder and other radar, tracing, and communications equipment were turned off, they might have flown the plane to one of many choices of Islamic-controlled, extremist countries, such as Somalia or Pakistan. There are runways all over these countries, some big enough to handle that plane, some not.

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