Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Citizenship, like membership, is a term that is conceptual in nature, and that concept follows certain laws, and those laws are both natural laws and human laws.  

If you are covered by one, you are not, -and do not need to be, covered by the other. 
They are two completely different origins of membership, just as with natural children and adopted children.  One child comes by nature, -the other comes by allowance of government.

You do not need the government’s permission if your child came by nature, but you cannot avoid needing the government’s permission if it did not.

But both are embraced as equal because in America we are all about equality.  

But we make one very sane and wise exception to our otherwise universal equality, and that is when it comes to the awesome force of the Martial and Military and Nuclear power of the nation. 

For the man that would be given the scepter of such power, we require than he be wholly one of us, and not partially tied to others via blood ties, natural inheritance, foreign birthright membership.  
He cannot command us and our armies unless he is 100% of us and no others.  100% American by primal connection, by blood relationship, by natural birthright, by inheritance, by descent from citizen parents.  Such an American is a natural born citizen of America. 
No other kind of person is. - A. Nash  


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