Saturday, June 7, 2014

MUST READ: While it may be incomprehensible even to many of Obama’s detractors that he is a communist, an Islamist-sympathizer, a malignant figure with a synthetic past, born and bred by radicals and strategically placed in the office of President of the United States by America’s enemies to utterly destroy this nation while posing as a garden-variety liberal Democrat, this does not make it any less the truth.

Obama Is a Saboteur Who Must Be Tried For Treason

Posted On 06 Jun 2014
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The “incompetence narrative” that many of Obama’s detractors have employed to explain his abysmal governance is false. It is not incompetence; Obama is the ultimate saboteur.

At the 70th anniversary commemoration of D-Day, when Allied troops stormed the beaches at Normandy to turn the tide of World War II, our president (I use the term loosely) Barack Hussein Obama (or whatever his name truly is) profaned this hallowed battleground with his vile, treasonous countenance. At the landing site where courageous, freedom-loving patriots sacrificed their lives so that we might be free, the world was subjected to the counterfeit mouthings of this Manchurian President.
Cravenly citing the military exploits of a maternal grandfather who may not even have existed (and whose alleged narrative portrayed him as a dedicated, America-hating communist if in fact he did exist), Obama paid empty homage to fallen heroes as he diligently strives to negate the last vestiges of their efforts.
With the advent of the Bengazi Select committee hearings (wherein Congress will investigate the White House’s consignment of brave American civil servants to death), in the wake of the Veteran’s Administration scandal (wherein the federal apparatus consigned American veterans to death), and in the aftermath of the Berghdahl-Taliban prisoner swap (wherein Obama illegally traded five of our most dangerous enemies for one treasonous Army Private), it is positively surreal that this President could stand before an international audience and pontificate in the vein of America’s “commitment to liberty, our claim to equality, our claim to freedom and to the inherent dignity of every human being.”
Not one utterance of Obama’s D-Day oratory was sincere.
Not one…


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