Tuesday, June 3, 2014

White House
(controlled by Communists

Our fake President, Barack Obama, was a member of a radical communist party, called the Illinois New Party and/or the Chicago New Party, which has Chicago Mob and Black Communist Activist roots. He admits receiving Marxist training (Marxism is the ideology of using law as a means of oppression and control). Obama has friends whose terrorist organization bombed the US Capital, the Pentagon and the State Department, killed policemen and plans to kill 25 million people. These people may be agents of Cuba or Russia. Obama has surrounded himself with socialists-communists of similar backgrounds and has built and is building a shadow government of communists-socialists-progressives-radicals to bypass Congressional and Citizen control. Progressives are Communists. As elected leader of our country, he regularly meets with large labor unions led by known communists. He worked for an international communist organization, ACORN, now under investigation by the FBI and others. As a marxist-trained socialist and apparent narcissist, Obama's primary goals are to eliminate capitalism and replace it with a socialist-marxist-communist program, perhaps under the direction of the Soviet Union who has been our enemy for over 50 years. Obama's policies are leaving our nation open to attack and infiltration by communists and terrorists of dictator countries and his initiatives will collapse the US financial system as it forces us to obtain huge financial loans from other countries like communist China. Obama made the Top Ten List of Corrupt Politicians in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 with "Dishonorable Mention" on the 2006 List. Without any doubt, Obama is a Communist.
U.S. House of Representatives
111th Congress

(was controlled by Communists)

The 111th Congress' US House of Representatives was led by a majority of Progressives (i.e., documented Socialists and Communists) and most remain in the 112th Congress. Its Majority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, was also a Progressive-Socialist-Communist who made the Top Ten List of Corrupt Politicians in 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010. Of the 435 House members, at least 80 were Progressive (Socialist-Communist) Democrats, about 59 are members of the New Democrat Coalition, and about 52 are Blue Dog Democrats. Some identified as non-Progressive Democrats were actually socialists bringing the total to over 100. There are Criminal Communists (RINOs) in the Republican Party, too.

As CBS News reported, Progressives follow Mao (NBC report example: Congressman Bobby Rush). Below you will see Progressive Representatives, involved in crime, corruption and blocking investigations into their progressive associates and their crimes. Progressives attempted to enter and refocus our US census and voting process via ACORN. Many of these socialist/communist US House of Representatives members travel to Communist Cuba frequently and meet with the Castro brothers and associates of a US-convicted Cuban spy ring. They have changed US laws to allow enable money transfer, travel and better communications with Communist Cuba and many openly praise mass murderers Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. They are working to make it easier for illegal immigrants to enter our country so they can expand their control of America via labor unions. The goal is transforming tens of millions of illegal aliens into communist union members who will vote as a block and increase communist transition funding via annual union dues. Their policies are not "freedom of religion", but rather "no religion". They are implementing budget-busting initiatives to redistribute wealth and convert the USA to communism. Their current policies are collapsing our US financial system. See voluminous details on each Socialist Member of Congress below.
US Senate
(controlled by Communists)

Progressive-Socialist-Communists control the US Senate. In both Houses of Congress, RINOs (Republicans who behave like Socialists or who are Communist Sleeper Cells) aid Democrat and Independent Socialists.

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