Sunday, June 1, 2014

Shock Therapy for a 2014 Naval Academy Graduate

Obama never loved America. He was steeped in hating the American way of life from birth. I don’t think he had any important ambition for his life when he was a kid. Without a father, religion, or moral foundation he hung with the druggies and gang bangers as such boys do. He started taking himself seriously when he hit the elite universities and noticed his butt was being kissed all the time -- and that he liked it. Just as you trained at the Naval Academy, Obama trained in a worldview that militarism is obsolete, and that the American military is especially evil. They don’t talk about it openly as they used to, but elite academics still believe that military service is a form of mental illness, a psycho-sexual maladjustment that anyone who learns how to handle weapons is pathologically aggressive. Their psychological defense mechanisms are built within a granite fortress of rationalized ingratitude for America. Obama never looks demoralized because he has no moral foundation of gratitude for America.


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