Sunday, June 1, 2014

Too many people of faith believe that it is politicians like Barack Obama and not Jesus Christ who is hiding behind curtains.

The decision to hide the religious icons: Hospital’s chapel was not in compliance with government regulations

Hiding Jesus Behind Curtains at VA Medical Centers

By Judi McLeod  June 1, 2014 
In modern times, the covering up of religious symbols,  including The Cross, started with President Barack Obama’s hypocritical address at Gaston Hall,  Georgetown University.
There was never any outcry registered by authorities who merely complied with Obama’s command for the coverup of religious symbols during his address.
“Georgetown University admitted covering over the monogram “IHS”—symbolizing the name of Jesus Christ—inscribed on a pediment on the stage where Obama was speaking all because the White House had asked the university to cover up ALL signs and symbols there.  Proof of the “IHS” covered up monogram was photographed by, (CFP, August 14, 2012)
Why Obama would shy away from appearing on a stage with a cross and other religious symbols in plain sight at Georgetown University in April of 2009—within three months of his inauguration—should be no big mystery.
Did Obama cave in to the fear that these long venerated Christian symbols would provoke his Muslim brothers,  or does Obama regard religious symbols as too much competition?
The removal of crosses by threatened and active litigation continues as a trend after Obama’s coverup success at Gaston Hall.

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