Tuesday, June 10, 2014

As for the UCI graduating class of 2014, you should be ashamed and even more appalled that such a dishonest, malevolent, anti-American charlatan will be taking center stage spewing his lies, his false hope and evil propaganda on YOUR big day!

UC IRVINE - Administration and Students Clueless: 10,000 letters and postcards “from Anteaters of all stripes – students, faculty, staff and alumni,” requesting the presence of the anti-American Fraud-in-Chief at UCI’s June 14, 2014 Commencement in Anaheim

By Gary Wilmott and Dwight Kehoe

On June 14 the University of California at Irvine will hold its annual commencement ceremony at Angel Stadium in Anaheim.  The keynote speaker they invited which much hoopla and self-adulation (they are “so excited, so honored, so flattered”) to help direct and inspire their new graduates off to a life of liberty, prosperity, and freedom is in fact an individual who believes in absolutely none of that.

Yes that is correct. The UCI administration, faculty and students in their infinite wisdom has chosen none other than the fallacious POTUS and megalomaniac, aka Barack Hussein Obama; the most arrogant, most anti-American, un-American, anti-Christian, anti-military, anti-life, deceitful, divisive, race-baiting Marxist to ever occupy our White House. Yes - the man who along with his cabal of Communist miscreants and perverts shreds the Constitution daily and appeases our enemies and insults our allies and the American citizens in his never-ending quest to fundamentally transform America.


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