Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Congress that lacks the intestinal fortitude to rid our nation of a tin pot dictator.

Sometimes it is just the little things piling up that annoy me. When people are the annoyance, it makes me want to ask what in the hell is the matter with you? My bride sent me to the grocery store the other morning. That does not annoy me. With my list, it is an in and out mission. No nonsense, no browsing. But, every doggone time she sends me on the mission, the best laid plan encounters reality and I find myself hopelessly surrounded by the enemy.
The enemy are the pleasingly plump (That is a polite phrase we use here in Wild and Wonderful. It is more palatable that fat sow.) ladies blocking me from going forward or retreating. Two of them waddling abreast (no pun intended) using grocery carts like personal walkers blocking the entire aisle while carrying on a grand conversation. Wheeling around defensively I find a pleasingly plump person with her scooter sitting sideways in the aisle. She is directly across from another who is blocking the other side with her cart sideways while she carries on a big conversation via the Bluetooth gizmo in her ear. Neither is doing very much shopping. And there I was. Trapped. And all I needed in that aisle was a pack of hamburger buns. The buns shared the Ho-Ho and Twinkie aisle. A recon failure on my part. Not being one to desert my post, I maintain my defensive posture and make a break for it at the first opening.
I returned home to find that antlered rodents (that we cannot shoot inside town) ate a good bit of my yard. While mowing the grass, I also encountered a nauseating stench. Doing the natural thing, I immediately completed a 360 range scan of the perimeter. I was searching for an Occupy Wall Street tent. There was none. It was cat crap. Feral cat crap. Courtesy of my neighbors, with big hearts who feed the herd of feral cats that like to crap in the tall grass – in my yard.
All weekend the little annoyances piled up. Then the big one came. This one was another on top of many, but this one is egregious and with deadly implications for Americans both Soldiers and civilians. This one turned annoyance into anger. It was a deal cut outside the law requiring a 30 day advance notice to Congress before such an action can take place. Our President, the Commander in Chief of the United States Armed Forces, traded five rabid Islamists for an Army deserter. A Private First Class who deserted his post in Afghanistan and went looking for the Taliban. He is responsible for the deaths of members of his unit that were searching for him. There is no cheering inside of his unit for this trade. There is no cheering inside of our Army that our leadership would free murderous bastards for an Army deserter. Adding insult to injury, his Islamist sympathizing daddy, in Arabic and standing beside the professed Christian President of the United States of America praised Allah from inside the Whitehouse. Let that sink in just a minute. I am speculating that was part of the ransom deal. America surrendered to Islam. The world watched it on television and across the Middle East I expect repeatedly.
In the coming days, I fully expect to become more annoyed. The Whitehouse driven media will turn this deserter into a hero. They will turn this President into the great American who will not leave an American behind. Not the man who abandoned Americans to die in Benghazi to cover up a gun running operation to Islamic radicals fighting in Libya. Not the man responsible for the utter failure of the Veterans Health Administration. Not the man who never lifted a finger to help a United States Marine imprisoned in a Mexican jail. Not the man responsible for gun running into Mexico and responsible for the death of an American Border Patrol Agent. Not the man who is responsible for the Internal Revenue Service targeting his political opponents. Not the professed Christian who is unable to acknowledge Christians being brutalized in Islamic countries including the wife of an American Citizen sentenced to death because she refuses to renounce her faith and convert to Islam. No, not this man. He no longer exists. He is much bigger than all of these Republican conspiracy theories. This is the man who turned over hell and earth to bring home an American Soldier because that is what he does. That is who he is.
This is not the man who has so demoralized the United States Military that a West Point graduating class that is ready to give most anyone a raucous standing ovation, barely acknowledged he was even there. No, he is the hero who brought an American Soldier home.
And the most annoying? A Congress that lacks the intestinal fortitude to rid our nation of a tin pot dictator. What in the hell is the matter with you?
Be annoyed Americans. Be really annoyed. It will not get better for us until we are.
© 2014 J. D. Pendry

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