Sunday, June 8, 2014

Whose side is Obama on?

"Obama is not only overwhelming our economic system with debt and dependency; he’s not only trying to drive up the price of electricity and, in so doing, of just about every consumer good and every measure of productivity; he’s not only seeking a social transformation from a society based around the sovereignty of the individual with one based upon the wishes of the collective as deciphered by the elect and the elite; but he is making our very existence as a country far more tenuous, having lit fires in the Middle East, the far east, Russia, and South America — all while weakening our defenses and providing further incentives to have illegals rush our borders (with the GOP and it’s beholden establishment bulls along happily for the ride, promising cheap labor to the cronies who fund them in exchange for that funding).

"So if no one else is going to say it, I will: Obama is not on our side and he never was. He’s a fictional construct, someone sold to us as a post-racial, post-partisan academic pragmatist who, it turns out, is a race-baiting, hyperpartisan anti-intellectual autocrat and ideologue — one who was put forward to cynically play on our nation’s national shame over slavery and who is a creation of the New Left and its decades long strategy to take over the Democratic Party and install into office one of its own, a counter-revolutionary, an anti-American thug whose every move has been to show contempt for our way of life, our founding beliefs, and our history — all while pushing an agenda that is designed to grow a centralized government, institute the mechanisms for a command and control economy, weaken our reach diplomatically and militarily, and push the kind of radical egalitarianism that turns citizens into subjects and is enforced by a police power controlled by the ruling class, who of course aren’t required to accede to the new egalitarianism."

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