Monday, January 7, 2013

For too long people have looked the other way and remained silent at the blatant corruption and abuse of power occurring within their own government. Now the government is emboldened and the corruption has metastasized like a cancer.

The Fix is in Part IV: Benghazi Cover-up: The Hand Shake
 Marinka Peschmann Full Story
Click here for The Fix is in Part I, Part II and Part III
The best part of political theater, otherwise known as the ‘ah ha’ moment for truth seekers, can often be found when the show ends. In this epic tragedy, called the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations Hearing: Benghazi: The Attack and the Lesson Learned, held on December 20, 2012, starring Senator John Kerry (D-Mass), as the Chairman, it happened right after Kerry’s dramatic closing statement concluded. The lights dimmed, the press started packing up their gear, the stars/senators, in crisp suits, with their shine-free faces courtesy of heavy pancake make-up, exited stage left. It was a quick moment but a telling one. Did you catch it?

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