Sunday, January 6, 2013

History teaches us that without a firm Rule of Law, which was overturned in the recent Detroit Bailout, America cannot lay down a foundation for genuine prosperity. Further, the defense of the right to private property is the most sure predictor of economic success. Again, with tax rates rising faster against the wealthiest, a disparity has arisen which can only harm our markets. Therefore, we must write and call our Representatives, Senators and the White House and demand a return to the only sure foundation to economic prosperity—before the American Dream disappears forever.

Property, Rule of Law & Freedom
 Kelly OConnell Full Story
While in the midst of a wholesale reevaluation of the right to private property, it is timely to reexamine the history of US property rights. What exactly caused America’s unparallelled level of prosperity and freedom? Certainly our economic success then created unparallelled global influence and military might. But what factors allowed America’s stunning growth in economic power in such a short period of time? This economic success was driven by a firm Rule of Law regime which supported the Constitution’s unique defense of private property.

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