Friday, June 6, 2014


Think Obamacare Has Been Bad So Far? The Worst is Yet to Come

by Burke Balch, JD | Washington, DC |

While critical access to top health care providers is already being severely restricted in the individual health insurance plans on the Obamacare exchanges, there is reason to believe that when the exchanges are expanded to employees of all businesses, many employers will end their present coverage and force their workers into the constricted exchange plans, two May New York Times pieces demonstrate.
A May 12, 2014 article by Reed Abelson, “More Insured, but the Choices are Narrowing,” summarizes what has been widely reported: that the health insurance plans being sold in the exchanges feature dramatically narrowed “networks” of doctors and hospitals.
pichealth52Abelson quotes Marcus Merz, chief executive of insurer PreferredOne: “We have to break people away from the choice habit that everyone has. We’re all trying to break away from this fixation on open access and broad networks.”
Initially, the Obamacare health insurance exchanges are limited to the uninsured and those with individual (as opposed to employer-provided) health insurance. Soon, however, they will be expanded to include employees first of small and later of all businesses.

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