Because why should Dems have to play by the same rules as Republicans?
Via National Journal:
“The American people believe Congress is broken,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said on the floor Thursday morning. “The American people believe that the Senate is broken. And I believe that the American people are right.”
With that, the Nevada Democrat set in motion a change to the Senate’s filibuster rules that has been years in the making. There were roughly 67 senators on the floor for Reid’s remarks, which is very rare for the senate.
The change comes after a series of Republican filibusters on Obama nominees to the D.C. Circuit Court. Reid said on the floor that he would like to see an up or down vote on nominations, not including the Supreme Court.
The senate, Reid said, has “wasted hours and wasted days between filibusters.” The need for change, he said, “is so, so very obvious.” “It’s time to change the Senate before the institution becomes obsolete.”