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Hillary will continue to lie and stonewall. We cannot rely upon the media, the Democrats, and the leadership of the Republican party to put pressure on Hillary to tell the truth and do what is best for our country. It is up to the voters to set things straight to defeat Hillary.

Hillary cannot be elected By J. Marsolo

Hillary cannot be elected because she is under a criminal investigation by the FBI and cannot govern if elected. This reason is in addition to her corruption and incompetence. Hillary knows the evidence that the FBI has, and if she has “forgotten” any of it, she can ask Huma.

If Hillary believes that the FBI investigation is not warranted, then she should hold a legitimate press conference where she states the evidence that the FBI has, takes questions from legitimate journalists, and answers all questions. Of course, this would be a new Hillary.

Instead, the Hillary Smear Machine, unleashed against Kenneth Starr and the female victims of Bill Clinton’s sexual misconduct, including the rape of Juanita Broaddrick, is now set against the FBI director, James Comey.

The Democrats, led by Senate minority leader Harry Reid, are attacking Comey on the basis that he is interfering with the elections, that Comey violated the Hatch Act, and that he must release all his evidence against Hillary this week before the election. Hillary and the Democrats are putting their quest for victory at all costs ahead of the welfare of the country. She will stonewall and attack Comey and try to motivate the Obama voting blocs, especially blacks and Hispanics. If she wins, there is the strong possibility that Obama will pardon her, thus ending the FBI investigation.

This will then mean that the only avenue is to impeach Hillary. Congress can subpoena Comey to produce the evidence. We will be consumed by the impeachment process for the next year or two. This assumes, of course, that the Republican House, led by Paul Ryan, will do its constitutional duty. This also assumes that the Republicans hold the Senate, and McConnell shows a willingness to fight and lead. But there may be enough pressure by other senators, such as Ted Cruz, to force Ryan and McConnell to act.

The media and Republicans should be demanding that Hillary step up to tell the truth about the emails, but the mainstream media will not put any pressure on Hillary to tell the truth, and many Republicans like Ryan, McConnell, McCain, Romney, Bush, and others either oppose Trump or refuse to help Trump. It is clear that Comey would not have announced the investigation unless there is substantial evidence to proceed against Hillary. The Democrats are circling the wagons to protect Hillary at all costs, thus putting a victory for Hillary ahead of the welfare of the country.

The Democrats must know that if the FBI investigation is allowed to proceed, it may result in the conviction of Hillary. This will raise constitutional issues of whether Hillary should step down or if the criminal trial should be postponed until the end of her term. We will have a constitutional crisis because the president will be under a cloud consumed by defending herself and unable to act to deal with Iran, ISIS, immigration, the economy, and other issues. In summary, if we had honest Democrats concerned about the welfare of our country, they would tell Hillary to come clean or get out of the race. But the Democrats are defending Hillary at all costs.

Hillary will continue to lie and stonewall. We cannot rely upon the media, the Democrats, and the leadership of the Republican party to put pressure on Hillary to tell the truth and do what is best for our country. It is up to the voters to set things straight to defeat Hillary

Do some actually believe we should have two standards of justice in America – one for ordinary citizens and another for one who has spent her life feeding at the public trough while reveling in portrayals of herself as “the smartest woman in the world” and the “most qualified person ever to run for president”? Let’s escape this national nightmare and elect Donald Trump the next president of the United States.

No, Hillary, this is what's 'unprecedented' and 'disturbing'

Hillary Clinton’s reaction to the FBI’s reopening of a criminal investigation against her after inexplicably closing one earlier this year was interesting to say the least.
The words she chose to use were these: “It is pretty strange to put something like that out with such little information right before an election. In fact, it’s not just strange; it is unprecedented, and it is deeply troubling.”
Now, think about that.
According to Hillary, it’s “strange” and “unprecedented” and “deeply troubling” that the FBI would find new evidence of her participation in espionage crimes and reopen an investigation while she’s running for president.
Let me tell you what’s really strange, unprecedented and deeply troubling: that we have a presidential candidate who got herself into this mess and considers herself entitled to escape investigation and prosecution for crimes that would land other Americans in prison.
Do you realize that only twice in American history have we witnessed an active presidential candidate under investigation by the FBI for felony espionage charges? And both of those candidates are Hillary Clinton – once earlier this year and second now that she is back under scrutiny with new evidence against her having been found.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sexting Weiner's laptop holds 650,000 emails, thousands of them from Clinton's private server, and a proper search will take WEEKS. Democrat faces ongoing FBI probe even if she's elected President

OBAMA LINKED? VALERIE JARRETT LINKED? SAUDIA ARABIA LINKED? MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD & HUMA ABEDIN LINKED? CLINTON FOUNDATION CRIME$?...What damning information is here? Emails go back years!!!!!!! Who is going to flee the country to escape prosecution?...

QUESTION: Who is Huma Abedin?...ANSWER: The enemy from within...See for yourself...MUST WATCH



We are told if Hillary Clinton wins the Presidency, she will “be indicted for her poisonous crimes”—but that Barack Hussein Obama will give her a Presidential Pardon. But we are also told if she instead loses to Donald Trump, Obama will still give her a Presidential Pardon anyway. We are told that during the course of these “legal” atrocities, many others will be crushed and destroyed in a general Government “war.”

Clinton: What the FBI Is Doing Is ‘Unprecedented’ And ‘Deeply Troubling’ … So Was Your Private Server, Hillary


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Whom do you believe: Putin or Hillary?October 28, 2016Regardless of how we got the emails, we are entitled to the truth about Hillary and Obama. More

The liberal media aren’t stupid. They know their coverage is biased, distorted and outrageously unbalanced. But that doesn’t faze them, because they are liberals, and the highest ethic is pursuing their shared agenda, no matter how corrupt their means.


David Limbaugh: 'Can you imagine what kind of free rein Clinton would have if elected?'

We keep reading that if Donald Trump’s personal issues weren’t sucking up all the media oxygen, his campaign might get more traction against Hillary Clinton from the WikiLeaks disclosures, but is that really true?
Let’s concede that the ongoing allegations against Trump are a distraction and damaging to his campaign. Those matters are being litigated, figuratively and literally, so it is hard to argue that news of these allegations is being suppressed.
But could we please put a pin in this for a minute and look at the Clinton scandals? Despite claims to the contrary, one is not automatically defending or covering for Trump by raising issues of Clinton corruption. Somehow Bill and Hillary Clinton always get a pass on their own misconduct by turning the allegations on their accusers and attributing them to smears by their political opponents, benefiting from an unconscionably protective liberal media phalanx.


Pat Buchanan: Clinton would take office with 2/3 of nation believing she is untruthful

Should Donald Trump surge from behind to win, he would likely bring in with him both houses of Congress.
Much of his agenda – tax cuts, deregulation, border security, deportation of criminals here illegally, repeal of Obamacare, appointing justices like Scalia, unleashing the energy industry – could be readily enacted.
On new trade treaties with China and Mexico, Trump might need economic nationalists in Bernie Sanders’ party to stand with him, as free-trade Republicans stood by their K-Street contributors.
Still, compatible agendas and GOP self-interest could transcend personal animosities and make for a successful four years.
But consider what a Hillary Clinton presidency would be like.

In an election season that has been full of surprises, let’s hope the electorate understands that there is at least one thing of which it can be certain: A Hillary Clinton presidency will be built, from the ground up, on self-dealing, crony favors, and an utter disregard for the law.
This isn’t a guess. It is spelled out, in black and white, in the latest bombshell revelation from WikiLeaks. It comes in the form of a memo written in 2011 by longtime Clinton errand boy Doug Band, who for years worked simultaneously at the Clinton Foundation and at the head of his lucrative consulting business, Teneo.

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Sean Hannity offers anti-American, foreign-born Obama a free trip HOME to Kenya...

Hannity Offers to PAY 1-Way Ticket for Obama to Kenya After Leaving White House

Fox News host Sean Hannity made a generous offer to President Barack Obama on his show Tuesday night, and it’s one that had conservatives across the country smiling.
He offered to pay for a one-way flight to Kenya for the Obamas.
“I have an offer for the president. I will charter a plane for you and your family,” Hannity said, according to Politico.

Michael aka "Michelle" Obama's HYPOCRISY...

Michelle Obama's Promotion of Misogyny and Date Rape

Michelle Obama laid into Donald Trump for his lewd locker room remarks about women as follows: "I can't stop thinking about this. It has shaken me to my core in a way I could not have predicted" -- whereupon the White House warned Trump to not retaliate against the First Lady.
"And the White House on Thursday advised that Trump continue to steer clear of the president's wife, suggesting that an unprecedented attack on the first lady is a surefire way for the GOP nominee's standing to plummet further."
Well, Eric Schultz (and presumably Barack Obama), here is what you can do with your warning. Donald Trump's statements, which were probably empty boasts in contrast to Bill Clinton's well-known behavior, were indeed lewd and unacceptable. While two wrongs do not make a right, Michelle and Barack Obama have openly promoted rap artists who glorify misogyny, sexual objectification of women, and even date rape. That's right; I am indeed calling out our country's sorry excuse for a First Lady for her and her husband's deplorable legitimization of the most despicable misogynistic language on earth.
In April 2016, the Obamas invited numerous rap artists to the White House to discuss Barack Obama's "My Brother's Keeper" initiative while recognizing them for their "artistic" contributions to minority communities. The rappers whom the Obamas promoted with these invitations include:
  • Rick Ross's,  "U.O.N.E.O." glorifies date rape with the lyrics, "Put molly all in her champagne/ She ain't even know it / I took her home and I enjoyed that/ She ain't even know it." While Ross denies that this was his intended meaning, "molly" is slang for Ecstasy, a well-known date rape drug, and the context of "molly" in his lyrics shows clearly that a man put it into a woman's drink without her knowledge or consent so he could have sex with her. Ross' "Same Hoes" is meanwhile not about agricultural implements as shown by its lyrics, which consist primarily of the F word, a variant of the N word, and "hoes."
  • Common, whose "Go!" includes, "And a ooh baby she liked it raw and like rain when she came it poured" along with a variant of the N word and even more sexually explicit lyrics.
  • Jay Z, who proclaims, "I've got 99 problems and a b***h ain't one."
  • Michelle Obama called out Trump's remarks with the words, "What message are our little girls hearing about who they should look like, how they should act?" Nicki Minaj, another rapper whom she and her husband brought to the White House, answers that question in "Hey Mama," "Make sure mama crawls on her knees keep him pleased rub him down be a lady and a freak" and also "Yes I do the cooking/ Yes I do the cleaning/ Yes I keep the nana real sweet for your eating/ Yes you be the (boss) yes I be respecting." It doesn't take a feminist to dismiss these words as belonging in a fundamentalist "Islamic" country, assuming that they ever belonged anywhere at all.
  • adds, "And of course, who could forget about the Obamas' cozy relationship with Jay Z and Beyoncé, who have been guests of the president and first lady on multiple occasions?" Jay Z joined Beyoncé in "Drunk in Love". The lyrics include, "Slid the panties right to the side/ Ain`t got the time to take drawers off" and "We sex again in the morning, your breasteses [sic] is my breakfast."
  • Beyoncé's "Partition" includes far cruder and more explicit language, whose sole redeeming virtue is to remind everybody that Hillary's husband actually did what Donald Trump talked about. "He popped all my buttons and he ripped my blouse/
    He monica-lewinski'd all on my gown," to which she adds, "Hand prints and good grips all on my ass." Beyoncé is certainly No Angel as shown by this line: "First, both of my legs go back on your head/ And whatever you want, yeah baby I'll bet it comes true."
The phrase, "Right message, wrong messenger" applies perfectly here. While Donald Trump's previous statements were crude, coarse, and lewd, nobody who promotes and mainstreams misogyny, subservience of women, and date rape has the moral standing to condemn them. Michelle Obama's words also come across as an obviously partisan attack noting her total silence on Bill Clinton's misogyny and sexual exploitation of women, as well as Hillary Clinton's complicity in the same.
William A. Levinson is the author of several books on business management including content on organizational psychology, as well as manufacturing productivity and quality.

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As promised, James O’Keefe of Project Veritas has delivered his third video on leftist corruption: Rigging the Election – Video III: Creamer Confirms Hillary Clinton Involvement. Hillary Clinton has been illegally coordinating between her campaign, the DNC and Americans United for Change. Looks like they weren’t ‘careful’ enough. Hillary Clinton is giving the orders here and it is exposed in this video. Her followers don’t care about the legality or ethics of all this.
Clinton stooges started showing up at Trump events dressed as Donald Duck. Robert Creamer oversaw it. He wanted Donald Ducks in attendance for the debates. It’s a visual meant to communicate that Trump was ducking the issues, I guess. Stupid, I know… but typically leftist. Earlier this year, people wearing Donald Duck costumes started showing up at Donald Trump events all over the country. Brad Woodhouse is the president of Americans United for Change (AUFC) and he worked with Robert Creamer (now resigned), Scott Foval (now fired) and DNC Rapid Response Coordinator Aaron Black to launch their “Donald Ducks” campaign.

BREAKING: Dems Caught Rigging Polls For Hillary

More evidence that Democrats are working with the mainstream media to rig polls surfaced over the weekend, revealing just how much the liberal media are in the tank for Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.
WikiLeaks-published emails from Clinton campaign chair John Podesta spelled out just how to “manufacture” the desired data when conducting a poll. The email began with a request for how to over-sample when polling in order to “maximize what we get out of our media polling.”
The email even included a 37-page guide with poll-rigging recommendations.

Project Veritas Releases ‘Part III’ of ‘Rigging the Election’ Undercover Video Series [VIDEO]

Hillary Clinton personally ordered a consultant to use a nonprofit group to troll the Trump campaign with a ‘Donald Duck’ mascot, according to the Democratic operatives who say they arranged it with... [Read more]

DNC Operatives Were Fired Awfully Quick for Veritas Tape to be Edited

If Trump skims 25% of black voters from the Democratic Party he would win the 2016 election in a landslide.

TRUMP on Track to Win More Black Votes Than Any GOP Candidate Since 1960

In the last month the number of black voters for Donald Trump has increased significantly.
At the beginning of October 9% of African Americans supported Trump.
The number doubled and has leveled off at 16% support for Donald Trump.
This ought to keep Democrats up late at night.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Trump was right – Hillary should not even be running because if we had a single justice system – instead of one for the powerful and connected and another for everyone else – her unhealthy carcass would be in federal prison. MUST READ...POWERFUL TRUTH...

Trump’s Right – The System Is Rigged And We Don’t Owe It Our Default Acceptance

No government agency is more dedicated to the proposition that black lives matter than the police. If the next administration continues to disregard that truth in favor of a false narrative about systemic law-enforcement racism, the next four years will see more urban violence and race riots, and more dead cops.

The Myth of the Racist Cop

Four studies out this year show that if police are biased, it’s in favor of blacks.

FBI Director James Comey has again defied the official White House line on policing and the Black Lives Matter movement. The “narrative that policing is biased and violent and unfair” is resulting in “more dead young black men,” Mr. Comey warned in an Oct. 16 address to the International Association of Chiefs of Police in San Diego. That narrative, he added, also “threatens the future of policing.”
Mr. Comey has spoken out before. In October 2015, after he observed that rising violent crime was likely the result of officers backing off proactive policing, President Obamaobliquely accused the FBI director of “cherry-pick[ing] data” and “feed[ing] political agendas.”
But as much as Mr. Obama has tried to dismiss the violent crime increase that began after the 2014 fatal police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., the data are clear.
Last year’s 12% increase in homicides reported to the FBI is the largest one-year homicide increase in nearly half a century. The primary victims have been black. An additional 900 black males were killed last year compared with the previous year, resulting in a homicide victimization rate that is now nine times greater for black males than for white males. The brutality of these killings can be shocking. Over the weekend of Sept. 16, a 15-year-old boy in Chicago was burned alive in a dumpster.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

"The nation's capital in particular has become infested with political, judicial and governmental cockroaches that need to be legally exterminated before they kill our body politic!

Klayman: US presidential election is rigged and citizenry should not blindly accept the result on November 8, 2016

(Washington, D.C., October 20, 2016). Today, Larry Klayman, the founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch and a former federal prosecutor and himself a candidate for the U.S. Senate in Florida in 2003-04, had this to say about Donald Trump's statement at the presidential debate last night that he would not necessarily accept the results of the presidential vote on November 8, 2016.

"In a nation where illegals can get drivers licenses and use this to register to vote, where in many states no one checks if a voter also votes twice or more in another state or states, as occurs frequently in Florida and other vacation states where voters have a second residence, where vigilante and hate groups like the New Black Panthers' Party can go to the polls and scare white voters and others to leave and not vote (and where the Obama Justice Department looks the other way and will not prosecute), where felons can vote in many states, where no ID is required frequently at polling places and fraudulent absentee ballots are handed out like candy, where voting machines are hacked and manipulated, where paper ballots are altered or go missing, where 'dead' people can vote through fraudsters, many other types of voter fraud are practiced too numerous to list in this release, and where the opposing presidential candidate is Hillary Clinton and her band of slimy criminals like John Podesta, Harold Ickes, Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills and others who have operatives who have been caught already trying to subvert election results, why should anyone automatically accept the result to the upcoming election? Are we joking!

"Democracy in this nation no longer exists and anyone, including sanctimonious Republican establishment types like compromised and dishonest House Speaker Paul Ryan, who think that we are anymore an honest and righteous country, are simply lying to the public. The executive and legislative branches of government are by and large corrupt and the court system, through equally compromised and politicized judges, cover up for the crimes of those politicians and government and business elite who got them their jobs.

"We are indeed at a stage of governmental degeneracy forecast by Ayn Rand in her famous book 'Atlas Shrugged.' The only way to preserve the nation is to allow it to hit rock bottom and then build it back in the vision of our Founding Fathers. As our great Founding Father and third president Thomas Jefferson proclaimed, we need a (non-violent) revolution every generation just to clean house. He added that when the government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government there is tyranny.

"The nation's capital in particular has become infested with political, judicial and governmental cockroaches that need to be legally exterminated before they kill our body politic!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s corruption is comprised of many proportions. It covers her private, professional, and political life. There are also various overlays. Her use of a personal email server overwhelms all three phases. With Hillary, one never has to overstate. Her wrongdoings speak for themselves, very loudly. She makes deceitful statements to get out of trouble and at the same time attempts to hoodwink both the press and voters. Hillary Clinton is just one more in the history of unforgettable morally decadent leaders like Stalin, Zedong, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Hitler, Kim Jong-Un, and the list goes on.

Beware of a Hillary Clinton presidency

Let us keep in mind that there are not many differences between the D.C. Beltway elitist class politicians of either party. Saying that, I am not necessarily fighting for Donald Trump. I am fighting for the soul of America and the preservation of the Constitution from a self-inflicted wound of an Obama administration.
For the moment, Donald Trump remains our only election hope and a barrier that will stop this trend of devastation, that is the Obama-Hillary wrecking ball. I am calling on you, the individual freedom-loving person, to play your part in the defense of freedom by stopping Hillary Clinton at the polls.
We have been warned of three kinds of people: charlatans, demagogues, and politicians. And, more often than not, someone like Hillary Clinton will rise up represents all three of these characters wrapped into one.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Because the Republican controlled congress has failed to act in any manner at any opportunity to stop the destruction of the Constitutional Republic for the past seven years, it is unlikely that any member of congress will stand up to protect the Constitution or the people of the United States by taking appropriate action to block Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. Therefore, the future of the United States rests entirely in the hands of the “legal” American citizens.


By J.B. Williams
October 15, 2016

Many older Americans who know the Clinton’s all too well make the assumption that millennials don’t know how corrupt Bill and Hillary Clinton really are, and to some degree, they are right!
Millennials do know exactly how corrupt the Clinton’s are when it comes to stealing elections, after watching them steal the Democratic nomination from Bernie Sanders. They watched in horror as the man they thought carried their banner, Bernie Sanders, was cheated out of a reasonable chance at the party nomination despite Sanders having far more energized supporters than Hillary.
But because millennials are defined as those born between 1982 and 2000, they would have not been born yet in the 1990s, or were too young to have any memory of the Clinton Administration in the 90s.
Some basic facts that have clouded the sub-human Clinton’s political careers since their college years…
 Bill Clinton has been accused of sexual misconduct and even rape too many times to list, starting all the way back when he was accused of rape as a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University in England, but was not charged in England due to his U.S. Citizenship.
 Both Bill and Hillary have a long history of lying, even under oath, to cover up Bill’s many sexual assault and battery charges, including the misconduct in office with Monica Lewinsky that led to his impeachment and conviction on perjury charges, costing him his law license but not his presidency.
 Hillary Clinton was a committed Global Marxist and Maoist during her college years, writing numerous essays on the benefits of Marxism, Maoism and Totalitarian styles of top-down governance of the peasants. She wrote her college thesis on the brutal political Rules for Radicals of Saul Alinsky, which we are watching her employ in the 2016 election against Trump today.
 Out of college, Hillary took a job working for Robert Treuhaft, the then Chairman of the Communist Party USA, which explains why The Communist Party USA has endorsed Hillary Clinton in the 2016 race.
 Despite a lifetime of Bill’s sexual assaults and misconduct, Hillary has “stood by her man” because their marriage is far from the typical marriage. It is a political partnership for profit and power, nothing more. Hillary couldn’t care less about Bill’s sexual conquests, despite her public display of outrage over Trump’s use of the “P” word in a taped private conversation with George H.W. Bush nephew Billy Bush. Hillary has lived a lifetime with the most offensive sexual predator in America, Bill Clinton.
And that’s just the personal foundation for who the Clinton’s really are!