Sunday, October 16, 2016

Notice that Michelle Obama never offers any actual proof of Barry's eligibility to run for president. Neither does her husband as both avoid mentioning, with rare exceptions, the 2011 birth certificate he unexpectedly produced. They don’t want to draw attention to it because after expert examination, it has been judged by to be fraudulent.

Michelle Obama Secretly Confesses Her Husband is an Illegal President

I am a psychiatrist and forensic profiler. Utilizing my training in the unconscious mind, I read between the lines of people’s statements, speeches and written messages. But what I really do is read people who deep down are reading themselves, and I report on what they tell. Using the dazzling new unconscious mind with which a person quick-reads themselves in the blink of any eye and then tells what they see in a quick-speak symbolic language, I translate what they tell me in their own deeper voice.
My clinical research in deeper unconscious communication reveals that people communicate verbally—but unknowingly—around important issues especially when they’re not telling the truth.
Actually this is familiar to most from the basic way Jesus described the deeper mind in his famous dictum (to paraphrase), “the flaw you see in your neighbor may be the far larger flaw you secretly see in yourself—but deny and project onto your neighbor.” His “log in your eye” parable perfectly parallels the recent discovery of the unconscious super intelligence, the dazzling new unconscious. The discovery of the super intelligence represents a major paradigm shift in knowledge about the mind, how we communicate and who we really are. In short, at important times while the conscious mind speaks literally the unconscious mind speaks symbolically—in code.
Basically I am a decoder—utilizing very specific principles such as the fact the deeper mind always reads a reality event, a living fact, and must tell the truth.
I have demonstrated in a new book (The Stockholm Syndrome President: How Trump Triggered Obama’s Hidden Confession) and a previous one (The Obama Confession) that Barack Obama’s super-intel has repeatedly confessed between the lines that he’s an illegal president (programmed by radical Islam to disrupt America). But he has a cohort in crime. The stunning fact is that Michelle Obama unconsciously matches his “illegal president” confession for confession.

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