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Obama and His CIA Family are the Manifestation of a Multi-Generational Soviet Plot to Destroy America

Friday, October 30, 2015 11:01
This article will demonstrate that B. Obama (Soetoro) is the manifestation of a decades-old plot designed to subvert the leadership of the United States, thus making America vulnerable to being conquered.

Is America Worth Dying For?

I loathe the government that we are forced to endure every day, don’t you, with every communication you engage in being monitored by a bunch of government voyeurs? However, I do love my country, the American people and the ideals for which we stand (e.g. one nation under God). America’s present government is not worthy of one ounce of respect. However, the American Constitution and our traditions are indeed worth fighting for, but not with Obama at the helm.
I have often wondered if I had been a soldier in the Texan Army, would I have stayed, fought and died at the hands of Santa Anna’s forces at the Alamo? If I had been a defender at Bataan, Wake Island, or Guam, in the early days of World War II and I knew death was certain, would I stand my post to the last minute? I would, if I knew my sacrifice was honorable and my leadership was patriotic and willing to make the same sacrifice.


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O’Reilly Goes There Again

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Why is Bill O’Reilly bringing this up again? The video clip (above) comes from this very week of O’Reilly’s television program. Once again, sans evidence,O’Reilly claims that Barack Obama was born in the USA. (Oh, and the UN says red meat causes cancer and global warming.)
Oddly, enough, Rush Limbaugh recently opined that he doesn’t believe that Joe Biden is truly out of the presidential race because there are a lot of skeletons in the closets of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama that might still be “leaked.”Hmm.
So at the beginning of his program, O’Reilly opined that Barack Obama was born in the USA because, in his uninformed opinion, it would be impossible to forge the two alleged birth announcements found, allegedly, in the two Honolulu newspapers by O’Reilly’s staff’s “investigation”.
Now, we all know that his staff did no investigating in Hawaii, on their own, and that they did not find birth announcements in any newspapers. No. They found digital images of the alleged announcements on the Internet, just as the Internet is the only place that anybody’s going to find (digital images of) the two allegedbirth certificates (long form and short form but NOT original form) that Obamaallegedly released after he or his staff allegedly received them as certified copies from the Hawaii Dept. of Health.
We won’t rehash here why those “documents” are proof of nothing, other than to say that no court of law and no government entity would EVER accept as proof a digital image on a website, especially when the alleged underlying “document” has no known provenance whatsoever, nor does the image itself.
The image below is also on the Internet, just like Obama’s birth certificates and his birth announcements. It’s as real as they are.

Could the digital images of the birth announcements be forged? Of course!
Has anyone produced an actual contemporaneous copy of either of those newspapers? No. Ever submitted 3-D contemporaneous paper documents to anybody for authentication? Of course not!
Where did these images allegedly come from? Well, allegedly they came from microfilms allegedly on file in libraries in Hawaii and California and/or the offices of the newspapers. The images were first posted on a blog and allegedlysupplied by a woman who is now deceased, so she’s not able to provide any provenance for them.
Even if these images do exist on those microfilms, and even if the microfilms actually date to a time prior to when Barack Obama decided to run for the presidency, the films themselves have never been submitted to anybody for authentication.
In fact, people who have extensively studied the issue have found suspiciouslabeling on the microfilm boxes, missing microfilms, and mysterious splices andwear on the films themselves, right where Obama’s alleged announcement appears. Could somebody splice a false image into a microfilm? Of course!
In addition, procedures in some of the libraries make switching out filmsrelatively easy. (Who can forget how easily Sandy Berger secreted documentsfrom the National Archives on his person, sneaked them out of the building, and destroyed them?)
Therefore, contrary to O’Reilly’s allegation, the “birth announcements” could rather easily be forged.
As reported here, the birth announcements, even if authentic (a fact not in evidence), are meaningless because all they do is report that a birth has occurredsomewhere and was registered in Hawaii.
At the time, Hawaii’s system allowed births to be registered at their Dept. of Health, even if the birth occurred outside of Hawaii. So, whether or not a birth certificate showed the actual place of birth, an announcement would be printed in the two newspapers, because nothing in that announcement indicates birth location. All that list of births means is that the births were registered at the Hawaii Dept. of Health.
If that’s not enough, there’s no evidence that the “son” born to a “Mr. and Mrs. Barack H. Obama” (of an address where Obama’s alleged father never lived) is the person who occupies the White House. None. Why? Because the “son” is unnamed, as is the mother.
If we accept the announcements, then still all we know is that an unnamed son was born to an unidentified “Mrs.” Barack H. Obama on that date. (On that date, Barack H. Obama Sr. had at least two wives, if you believe the official narrative. Which wife gave birth somewhere on that date?)
O’Reilly ended his rant with the amazing contention that
the allegation that he [Obama] was not [born in the USA] is a big lie, but it’s insignificant since it has no effect on anyone’s life.
It’s insignificant to anyone’s life whether or not the president of the USA was born in this country and/or may have always been ineligible to be president?
Consider all the harm that’s been done to this country during the potentially illegitimate Obama administration:
Consider all the lives lost in the Middle East because of Obama’s “war” policies–the lives lost in Benghazi being just four of thousands.
Consider all the troops maimed or killed, all the blood and treasure expended, on his watch.
Consider the harm done by Obamacare.
Consider the loss of wealth caused by Obama’s fiscal policies.
Consider the jobs lost or not created because of his economic policies and business-strangling regulations.
Consider the horrific damage inflicted upon race relations in this country because of his attitude and racist DOJ, which prosecutes or does not prosecute, which investigates or does not investigate, based upon the race of the alleged violator. (No blind justice in Obama’s Justice Dept.)
Consider the harm done to our national security because of his weak foreign policies and his alienation of former allies.
Consider the danger to every citizen of this country that comes from deliberatelyopen borders that allow terrorists, criminals, thugs, and drugs to flow freely into our land, not to mention illegal aliens who flood across our borders, costing the states and the country billions of dollars.
Consider the lives lost when criminal aliens murder our citizens because they were not deported or because they came back after being deported, Kate Steinle being just one of far too many.
Consider the deathly damage done to our Constitutional Republic by Obama’slawlessness–by the way he ignores and does end runs around the law and the Constitution, when he “rules” by executive fiat.
I could go on and on, but how can O’Reilly, with a straight face, contend that it’s “insignificant” to anyone whether or not Obama was born here, when the answer to that question goes straight to the very legitimacy of his presidency and all that he’s done as president?
How can O’Reilly possibly state that it’s a “big lie” to challenge the unprovencontention that Obama was born in this country?
No evidence put forward to support that contention–that Obama was born here–has ever been submitted to any court of law, has ever been vouched for under oath, has ever been authenticated by anyone. Never.
There is no EVIDENCE that Obama was born in this country. Without evidence, nobody, especially an allegedly unbiased reporter/commentator, can possibly claim that it’s a “big lie” to merely question where Obama was born.
The best anyone can say is that we don’t know. We don’t know where Obama was born.
And that fact matters to everyone on this planet because there are few people on Earth who are not impacted (most adversely) by the Obama presidency.
Again. Why is O’Reilly bringing this issue up again? Why now?

The Real Agenda Behind Obama’s Lawbreaking Amnesty

The depths of evil this administration will explore no longer surprises me.
Americans have been outraged at our Dear Leader’s proclamation that people who have entered the United States illegally can stay if they want to–and that HE gets to decide who those people are, not Congress. Conservatives and independents have real problems with this blatant, illegal usurpation of power that the Founders intended for the legislative branch of government. We have all watched as those here in the country illegally have demonstrated and even demanded equal rights and privileges as American citizens–as they are no longer afraid of law enforcement in this country.

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The Big Loser in Tuesday Night’s GOP Debate: The Media
 By Roger Aronoff Full Story
While the media focus on which of the candidates did well, and which didn’t, they overlooked the biggest loser of the night: the media. Whether intended or not, the difference in the questioning of the Democrats in their October 13 CNN debate versus the questioning of the Republicans in their three debates so far proved to be an issue that boiled over in Tuesday night’s debate. The Republican candidates decided to take the obvious double standard by which the two party’s candidates are questioned, and punch back.

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Obama's IRS: "Where Criminals Go Free and Americans Fear Their Government"Obama's IRS: "Where Criminals Go Free and Americans Fear Their Government"

White House Agenda Has Turned U.S. On Its Head!
 By Leigh Bravo Full Story
Finally common sense floats to the top. FBI Director,James Comey,  speaks out about the “Ferguson Effect.”  Are we seeing an increase in crime across the country as a result of the after effects of Ferguson, Baltimore and other cities where police have been thrown under the bus driven by activists and politicians supporting the “Black Lives Matter” movement. To date, we have seen a 20% increase in violent crimes across the country.

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Media's bet: You don't care that Hillary lied to you about a terrorist attack
 By Dan Calabrese Full Story
It’s a curious world we’re living in when the media can declare Hillary Clinton triumphant after a day of questioning in which it was proved beyond all doubt that she knowingly lied about the terrorist attack in Benghazi, and in which she chuckled on live television about Ambassador Christopher Stevens’s desperate attempts to get more security at the compound - attempts that failed because of her, resulting in his murder.

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What should give all of us pause – and especially women – is that if you listen closely to the policy ideas of Hillary Clinton and other Democrats, they sound very much like they are promising four more years of all this. That really would be a war against women!

Women have suffered more under Obama policies

Now that Hillary Clinton has, by default, sewn up the Democratic nomination, expect Democrats to play the gender card for all it’s worth. Hillary recently lashed out at the GOP field for holding “extreme views about women, we expect from some of the terrorist groups … but it’s a little hard to take from Republicans who want to be the president of the United States.”
So much for cleaning up the harsh partisan discourse in Washington.
Hillary’s “gender equity” agenda includes family-leave legislation and a federal mandate requiring that women receive equal pay. This from a senator, from 2002-08, who paid her female staffers 72 cents for every dollar paid to males, or $15,708 less than the median salary for a man, according to an analysis of data from official Senate expenditure reports.
The strategy here is to try to continue to exploit the gender gap that widened in the past two presidential elections. In 2012, Barack Obama won 57 percent of the women’s vote. Obama has done especially well with single women, winning 66 percent in 2012.
But it may not work this time around, and here’s why. Working women have gotten crushed under the weight of Obama policies. During Barack Obama’s six and a half years in office, women have suffered steeper declines in take-home pay than men have. Women have also experienced sharper declines in employment and a faster rise in poverty. The financial squeeze has been especially severe for single women.


The Benghazi Secrets Will Die With Hillary Clinton

 They Knew!
They Knew!

Yawn! I say yawn again as I read the current rash of Benghazi articles. They are imcomplete and many are wholly inaccurate!
I don’t write “I told you so” articles. However, in this one instance, I am going to make an exception. From a period of time from September to March (2012-2013), I wrote a series of very controversial articles which is now being rehased today by writers who are 3 years behind the curve. My articles were three to four months ahead of news outlet sites, like Glenn Beck. My sources were deep cover military and retired military. I was reticent to first publish because I was out there on the trail of truth. all alone. What if they were wrong? Well, they were not wrong. I was the first to tell the world of an attempted military coup, a coup of opportunity, which failed.  However, if this coup had succeeded, it would have brought down the Obama administration like a house of cards. Since this time, many have parroted what I wrote back in the fall of 2012.
What is most amzing to me as I read the articles on Hillary’s complicity in the death of our Ambassador, I wonder how we could be so brain dead as a people. How could the Secretary of State be involved in a nefarious undertaking in Benghazi, and the President not be involved? Of course he was involved as was nearly every other senior Cabinet official.
When it comes to Benghazi, it is certain that the secrets of Benghazi will die with Hillary, one way or another. She will go to prison or she will be President. She has a lot riding on these Congressional hearings as Hillary has been put on death’s ground by her handlers.

Government Officials Speak Out

Testimony of government whistle-blowers has established the fact that there was plenty of opportunity for the Obama administration to have saved the life of Ambassador Stevens and his security detail. However, the Communist News Network (CNN)  as well as ABC, NBC and CBS refuse to provide any meaningful coverage of the C-Span televised congressional hearings.  However, the truth is out there on Youtube and all through the internet. I don’t care if the MSM refuses to cover the first degree murder of Chris Stevens carried out at the behest of key members of the Obama administration. We, the general public can take this information and disseminate it to a dozen colleagues, friends and family members because the present congress will not act.

The Memory of Chris Stevens Cries Out for Justice

Chris Stevens and his security team need not have died in vain. The circumstances surrounding his death give freedom-loving Americans the chance to expose elements of the NWO to the unaware public. Over the next week to 10 days, we are going to see a multitude of evidence which shows the following facts, that is if Congress actually does its job for once:
  • ·         We now know that Hillary Clinton suddenly resigned as the Secretary of State but not before it was established that three times Stevens requested an increase in his security detail and three times, Clinton refused to honor the request, thus leaving Stevens exposed. With all the money that this administration wastes and with the billions of dollars of fraud connected to the bailouts as perpetrated by this administration, are we really supposed to believe that Clinton could not assign a dozen more marines to protect the ambassador? It is clear that Clinton, on behalf of the Obama Administration want ed Stevens dead because he was the link between the administration and gun running to al Qaeda. Can you imagine the fall out when al Qaeda takes down an American airliner with one of the 20,000 stinger missiles that we let “fall” into al Qaeda’s hand in Libya. 
  • ·         We know that in defiance of Obama’s orders, Admiral Gayoutte and General Hamm attempted to launch a rescue mission to the save the life of Chris Stevens. They were promptly arrested, relieved of their command and being held in undisclosed locations and the Ambassador’s last hope to stay alive was squashed. These two men are heroes.
  • ·         We now know that David Patreaus did not resign from his role as CIA Director because of an extra-marital affair. He resigned because as CIA Director because Congress could have compelled his testimony. As a private citizen, he could invoke the Fifth Amendment and claim the right to avoid self-incrimination. This is critical to understand because it is now clear that Stevens was providing guns, for the CIA, to al Qaeda to aid in the proxy invasion of Libya and now in Syria.  Stevens had to be silenced as this administration could not be seen as complicit with the alleged planners of 9/11. As CIA Director, Patreaus was caught in the middle. It is also appears likely that Patreaus was not on board with the Obama’s assassination of Stevens and could not be counted on to take a bullet for the administration. Congress should have interviewed him three years ago. I pray for Patraeus’ safety. Given Hillary’s penchant for being followed by a trail of dead bodies, his life is in grave danger.
  • ·         We now know that Clinton resigned as Secretary of State because like Patreaus, her testimony cannot be compelled, in opposition to her Fifth Amendment right to avoid self-incrimination.
  • ·         We now know that that there was a well-armed rendition (torture) camp less than a mile from the compound where Stevens and his security team were murdered at the behest of Obama.They could have rescued the Ambassador.
  • ·         We now know from the Hicks testimony, that there were weaponized drones flying overhead which could have stopped the attack on the compound. This means that there were three separate ways that Stevens could have been saved and Obama’s Murder Inc. blocked all three potential rescue attempts
  • ·         We now know, and the media cover-up is out in the open, that the media are nothing but lap dogs for Murder Inc. (the Obama administration). While the Hicks testimony, more damning than Watergate, was playing live on C-Span, the Communist News Network, under former CIA operative, Anderson Cooper, was silent on the issue. Also, the globalist controlled media of ABC, NBC and CBS were mum as well. If there is a silver lining to this tragedy it shows why none of us should ever watch the corporate controlled presstitutes except to see what the enemy is up to.

The Failed Coup Attempt

Some journaliss are reporting that the good Ambassador was trafficking in weapons. What an understatement! I have previously documented that he was CIA and was raising money for our terrorist partners arms acquisition goals. Restating what I previously covered three years ago, the Ambassador was running the big three: Guns, drugs and child trafficking rings in the Middle East version of Air America and Iran Contra.

The Assassination In Benghazi

benghazi stand-downObama was warned in advance of the coming attack in which Stevens begged for more protection and his impassioned pleas were denied by Clinton.

It is now clear that a drone was released to the scene of the murder of Ambassador Stevens and Obama and his staff watched as four Americans were murdered.

Obama later claimed that there was not time to launch a rescue mission. This is a blatant lie because if a drone can reach the scene and video the events, fighter planes could have reached the scene and intervened, which could have been followed up with a rapid deployment force trained in rescue. We now know that General Hamm, former commander of AFRICOM, against Obama’s orders, was preparing to launch a rescue mission when he was arrested and relieved of command (see more below).
As Stevens was begging for help after the attack had begun, General Hamm had activated a special forces team within minutes of learning that the embassy, which was really a CIA safe house, was under attack.

General Hamm

Admiral Gayouette
General Hamm and Admiral Gayouette understood their oath of office
When General Hamm received his “stand down” orders from Panetta on behalf of Obama, he defiantly made plans to go ahead with the rescue and was arrested within minutes of contravening the order by his second in command, General Rodriquez.  Out to sea, Admiral Gayouette, the commander of Carrier Strike Group Three, was preparing to provide intelligence and air cover for General Hamm’s rescue team in violation of his standing orders and he was promptly relieved of command for allegations of inappropriate leadership judgment.”  As an aside, if there is any kind of a silver lining in these very dark clouds it appears that much of the senior military leadership has had enough of the traitorous Obama and his den of corrupt criminals and some of them are willing to risk career in the name of actually serving the American people. America almost got its military coup.
The evidence is clear. Clinton and Obama knew that Stevens was in grave danger and should have ordered extra security. Obama refused to support Clinton, purposely leaving Stevens exposed. At this point, Clinton had a choice……   Does she go along to get along and become an accomplice to murder? Or, does she resign and refuse to go along with the murderous intentions of Panetta and Obama? Even if Clinton had resigned that should not have been enough to avoid criminal charges of depraved indifference by failing to report a crime that she knew was going to happen and then did take place in that Stevens was murdered to hide this administrations involvement in giving 20,000 stinger missiles to al Qaeda.
Clinton had both a moral and legal imperative to resign and then tell what she knew.  General Ham and Admiral Gayouette are clearly men who understand their moral and legal imperatives. They refused to obey an unlawful and unconstitutional order. Clinton, true to her criminal background and history of inappropriate choices, chose to go along, to get along.
There can be no doubt that Clinton would have had limited options if she would have displayed the courage of Hamm and Gayoutte and refused to obey an illegal order from Obama through Panetta. I also understand that it would have been gut wrenching to decide where would she could have gone with this information? The logical choice is Eric Holder, the Attorney General. However, with Holder’s complicity in Fast and Furious, Clinton would have known that Holder was not an option and that he is just as corrupt as Obama. She could not have gone to the FBI, because it is controlled by the President. Local law enforcement has no jurisdiction. Now, before you start to feel sorry for Clinton, please realize that Congress threw her a lifeline. Clinton’s supporters have told me that her life would have been in danger, if she tells all to Congress, and my answer response is “You mean in the same way that Chris Stevens life was in danger?”
Chris Stevens had become a liability to the administration with his CIA activities that were becoming common knowledge. He had to go and along with him, the truth, that if known, could have sunk the present administration.
If Chris Stevens has been rescued, he would have realized that he had been set up. He would have told all and that would have sunk this administration. But this is not the way that it turned out!


Now that we know and understand all these things, it is time to begin educating our neighbors as to how corrupt and dangerous this administration is.