Monday, May 31, 2010

Obama, Last Fool On Earth

Joseph Gobbels said " The Bigger the Lie, the easier it is to believe."
Someone else said, me perhaps, "Tell a lie long enough, and loud enough, sooner or later someone will fall for it."

When the rest of the world is rubbing the sand out of it's eyes, Obama remains the poster child of the dirt throwing global warmist lie mongers. Cult follower, or cult leader? Obama may be more of one than he is the other, but a part of him are both.

Obama has become a believer of his own propaganda. He can no longer distinguish between fact and fantasy. When he looks in the mirror he sees a Dorian Gray reflection of what he thinks is reality. Reality to him is whatever he tells himself is real. Israel, Global Warming, racial hatred, American unexceptionalism, these off kilter perspectives of his, are not misguided reasoned opinion, they are deluded fanaticism.

Criminal insanity or just criminal behavior? Both. To commit a crime is not an act of a rational person. Global Scam. Cap and Steal. Add this to the rap sheet of High Crimes and Misdemeanors. Add it to the biggest crime ever committed against America. Put this with Acorn, Blagoivich, Romanoff, Sestak, Article II, Trinty Church gay lover murder, passport worker murder, real estate fraud, social security fraud, selective service fraud and God knows what else.

Be proud of the psychotic thug you falsely elected, those who voted for him. He is a testament to your own self corruption. Only misfits and degenerates, fail the American experiment. America is a land where winners thrive. The losers hold back progress as they try to destroy that which is good. Obama is the protithesis of this lost band. No wonder they elevated him to the status of messiah--- messiah of the rejects.


EDITORIAL: Climate alarmists on the run
Oxford University students lose faith in warming
7:28 p.m., Monday, May 31, 2010

Former Vice President Al Gore was at his peak when the film "An Inconvenient Truth" made its initial Hollywood splash. Faith in man-made global warming had never been more widespread, with liberal academics and media subjecting to ridicule any who dared question the "settled science." Only a fool could deny that elevated carbon-dioxide levels had melted ice caps and stranded polar bears on rapidly diminishing ice floes.

How the tables have turned in a short time. On May 20, Oxford Union, the prestigious 187-year-old English debating society, formally considered the question of whether it was more important to focus on growing the economy or solving global warming. Climate realism won the day, 135 to 110. It's no wonder, considering how the purportedly scientific arguments advanced in support of the scaremongering conclusions have fallen apart since the Climategate scandal invited verification of the left's previously unexamined claims.

During the debate, Lord Whitty, former environment minister under the Labor government, claimed 95 percent of scientists were in agreement that man was responsible for a coming climatic cataclysm. Lord Monckton, representing climate realists, asked him to provide a reference backing up the claim. The audience jeered Lord Whitty for having none beyond, "Everyone knows it's true."

When the best the warmists can come up with is an appeal to authority, their case is lost for good. That's why, just a few days earlier, climate realists gathered in triumph on this side of the pondat a Heartland Institute climate-change conference in Chicago. Eminent scientists presented a wealth of evidence suggesting nature is, in fact, a much more powerful factor affecting the climate than man. That realism suggests the need for moderation when it comes to political action based on climate data.

"We think we need public policy that's based in facts, rather than facts that are based on a public agenda," Colorado State University professor Scott Denning said.

Once outcasts on the fringe of the scientific community, these individuals braved the ridicule of the self-appointed "enlightened" members of society to dismantle systematically the hockey sticks and other frauds crafted by leftists over the years.

In 1895, the New York Times suggested the Earth was headed toward a "second glacial period" in which "countries now basking in the fostering warmth of the tropical sun will ultimately give way to the perennial frost and snow of the polar regions." By 1923, the Gray Lady had decided, "The Arctic seems to be warming up" as "so little ice has never before been noted." By the 1970s, schoolchildren were indoctrinated by textbooks blaming a new ice age on man's Earth abuse.

All this begs the question of how long it will take the warmist crew to readjust their scare story to win back the public. The majority firmly rejects their socialist prescription to solve an imaginary problem

Primary Elections Tomorrow

June 1, Primary Elections Tomorrow-VOTE.



New Mexico

Obama Presidency on Lifesupport

By: John LeBoutillier

For the first time since President Barack Obama’s emergence in 2004 at the Democratic Convention in Boston, the national news media, long in the tank for Obama, has begun to run him through the ringer all other presidents have experienced.

Up to now, Obama was immune to this process because the media is so invested in the rise and success of the first African-American president of the United States. Indeed, the so-called mainstream media still wants him to succeed and to win re-election in 2012; his failure — or failure to be re-elected — would be seen as a collective failure of the left.

But the bumbling, stumbling, aimless, naïve, reverse-course Obama presidency has hit the skids and even the media can no longer restrain itself.

Here are some examples:

  • Obama went crazy over a very popular Arizona immigration law and then tried to get ahead of this explosive immigration issue by symbolically dispatching 1,200 National Guardsmen down to the Arizona border.
  • After being viewed as passive about the BP leak, he suddenly announced he was going down to the Gulf on Friday.
  • After offending the Israeli prime minister a few months ago, and thus straining relations with Israel, the White House has now reversed course and invited Benjamin Netanyahu back to D.C. for another round of talks. Undoubtedly Obama’s plummeting status with a base Democratic Party constituency — American Jews — has come back to haunt him.
Obama does not have a clue how to be a president. He is a creation of a politically correct-obsessed media and culture.

Merit and experience count for nothing among the left; it is all gender and racial politics and quotas, all designed to redress past wrongs. The left is killing our country. But this was inevitable after eight disastrous Bush years which discredited conservatism and opened the door for these misfits to regain power.

The Obama presidency is finally being exposed for what it is: an empty vessel piloted by a guy who can’t speak without a teleprompter and who just follows the Western European anti-American, anti-free enterprise, liberal socialistic model.

The leaders of the Democratic-Socialist Party of America...

Today's genius Democrats...

"It depends what your definition of 'Sex' is?'' - Bill Clinton

"That Obama ... I would like to cut his NUTS off." - Jesse Jackson

"Those rumors are false ... I believe in the sanctity of marriage." - John Edwards

"I invented the Internet." - Al Gore

"The next Person that tells me I'm not religious, I'm going to shove my rosary beads up their ASS" - Joe Biden

" America is ... is no longer, uh, what it ... it, uh, could be, uh, what it was once was .... uh, and I say to myself, 'uh, I don't want that future, uh, uh for my children." - Barack Obama

"I have campaigned in all 57 states." - Barack Obama (Quoted 2008)

"America is not a Christian country" - Barack Obama (2009)

"You don't need God anymore, you have us Democrats." - Nancy Pelosi (Quoted 2006)

"Paying taxes is voluntary." - Sen. Harry Reid

"Bill is the greatest husband and father I know. No one is more faithful, true, and honest than he." - Hillary Clinton (Quoted 1998)

And the most recent gem of wisdom from the "Mother Moron":
"We just have to pass the Healthcare Bill to see what's in it." - Nancy Pelosi (Quoted March, 2010)


Remember Me...

To those brave men and women who have gone before and who are serving today.
Thank you.

Thank you to those who fought to keep this country free.

Memorial Day Tribute...Enjoy your day and be thankful...

Sunday, May 30, 2010

UpDate In Israel, No Means No-

Obama has been stirring this pot, now it's beginning to boil. No friend to Israel, the Usurper in Washington D.C. has done everything possible to embolden Israel's enemies. Israeli PM Benyamin Netanyahu is currently in Toronto, he was supposed to meet with our so called representatives this week in Washington D.C. Expect this meeting to be cancelled and the PM to fly back to Israel, thanking Barrack Hussein Obama every step of the way.


Breaking News SWilliams beats Shahar Peer at French Ope_
Photo by: ap Netanyahu cancels White House trip
05/31/2010 17:36

PM, in Canada, cuts upcoming Obama meeting short, returns to Israel.
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has called off a planned visit to the White House to deal with tje crisis over a botched naval raid that killed 10 pro-Palestinian activists.

Netanyahu, who is in Canada, was set to travel to Washington to meet with President Barack Obama on Tuesday. But his office says he decided to return home early after Monday's commando raid.

UPDATE: "Peace Activists" Were Prepared To Repel Blockade Stop


IDF: Soldiers were met by well-planned lynch
05/31/2010 09:18

At least 10 activists killed, six soldiers wounded in violent Israeli takeover of Gaza flotilla
International activists aboard the flotilla of ships on their way to the Gaza Strip opened fire on IDF soldiers who boarded the ships to prevent them from breaking the Israeli-imposed sea blockade, the IDF said Monday.

According to the IDF, the international activists “prepared a lynch” for the soldiers who boarded the ships at about 2 am Monday morning after calling on them to stop, or follow them to the Ashdod Port several hours earlier.

According to IDF reports, at least 10 acitivists were killed during the ensuing clashes as well as six Navy commandos, some of them from gunfire and at least one in serious condition with a head wound. Foreign reports claimed that the number of dead was close to 15. Some of the wounded were evacuated to Israeli hospital by Air Force helicopters.

Upon boarding the ships, the soldiers encountered fierce resistance from the passangers who were armed with knives, bats and metal pipes. The soldiers used non-lethal measures to disperse the crowd. The activists succeeded in stealing the weapon from one of the IDF’s soldiers and reportedly opened fire, leading to an escalation in violence.

“It was like a well-planned lynch,” one IDF officer said. “These people were anything but peace activists.”

The IDF said that the ships would be taken to the Ashdod Port where, despite the violence, the cargo that are carrying will be inspected and then transferred to the Gaza Strip via land crossings. Israeli Navy commander Vice-Admiral Eliezer Marom was commanding over the operation from sea.

The Navy made initial contact with the flotilla at 11 p.m. on Sunday ordering the ships to follow them to Ashdod Port or otherwise be boarded.

The actual boarding of the ships took place at 2 a.m. Monday and was yet to be completed by 8 a.m.

Activists aboard the ships repeatedly said they would not respond with violence to the navy's interception of their flotilla prior to the boarding.

Al-Jazeera reported Turkish leaders called an emergency meeting to discuss responses to the attack at sea. The Israeli ambassador in Turkey was called in to offer explanations, according to a report.

Hamas Prime Minister Haniyeh came on Al-Jazeera to condemn the “brutal attack” and called on the UN to intervene on the activists' behalf.

The ministry condemned Monday's raid on the ship carrying pro-Palestinian activists, called it unacceptable and demanded an "urgent explanation" from Israel. It says Israel violated international laws and will suffer consequences.

Breaking News Istanbul: Hundreds protest Israel_

Gaza flotilla: 2 dead, dozens injured in navy boarding.
05/31/2010 07:00

Passengers tried to wrest weapons from soldiers, Army Radio reports; Turkish leadership in emergency meeting to discuss response to attack at sea.
Passengers tried to grab weapons away from soldiers boarding the Gaza protest flotilla, starting the violence, Army Radio reported Tuesday morning, responding to accusations that Israeli commandos assaulted the ships guns blazing.

Activists aboard the ships repeatedly said they would not respond with violence to the navy's interception of their flotilla.

At least two dead and dozens wounded in clashes as hundreds Israelis commandos boarded the ships, firing guns and employing gas, Turkish media and Al-Jazeera reported earlier Tuesday morning.

Al-Jazeera reported Turkish leaders calling an emergency meeting to discuss responses to the attack at sea. The Israeli ambassador in Turkey was called in to offer explanations, according to a report.

Analysis: Why Israel's media defense will be washed away by the flotilla
Flotilla delayed by glitches again
Analysis: Israel can learn from its adversaries to harness media
Haniyeh: Gaza flotilla a triumph
Report: Abbas plans to visit Gaza

Prime Minister Haniyeh of Hamas came on Al-Jazeera to condemn the “brutal attack” and call on the UN to intervene on the activists behalf.

Apparently, IDF attempts to prevent broadcasting from the ships were unable to block the Turkish camera crew on board one of the ships.

The flotilla's change of course earlier in the night to force the confrontation with the navy to occur in daylight seemed to have succeeded. The attack began still under cover of dark, but continued in daylight.

Earlier tonight, the IDF contacted the boats by radio, clarified that the Gaza Strip is a closed military zone and offered the sailors two options: to follow the navy to Ashdod Port or be commandeered by commandos, according to flotilla organizers.

The initial contact took place about 200 km. off the Gaza Coast. Flotilla organizers said they detected three Israel Navy ships on the radar.

Passengers on the ships were instructed to don life vests as organizers warned of potential Israeli violence.

Israel Radio quoted the flotilla’s organizers as saying they did not expect the navy to meet them so far out at sea.

International activists promised to send more aid ships to the besieged Gaza Strip late Sunday night, as the Israel Navy moved to intercept a flotilla of international vessels that were attempting to break the blockade of the Strip.

Israeli Navy ships set sail earlier Sunday night for what was expected to be a dramatic showdown out at sea as they try to prevent a flotilla of international aid ships from breaking the blockade on the Gaza Strip.

US Marine In Afghanistan Has Tattoo of Palin on His Butt

G/Sgt Ben Lepping, currently deployed to Afghanistan, Loves Him Some Sarah Palin.


Insidious Progressive Marxist creep of political upheaval and destruction of our American way

To My Fellow Patriots

By Sandy Stringfellow Sunday, May 30, 2010

It’s been slowly, patiently, systematically climbing to a crescendo, building upon its successes over the past one hundred years; the insidious Progressive Marxist creep of political upheaval and destruction of our American way.

Today, having arrived at the crossroads of destiny, we face the shocking results of this subterfuge; our beautiful representative republic perched on the precipice of an abyss, teetering with dangerous uncertainty.

There are many reasons, but really no excuses for our having allowed this to happen.

It is a time for choosing, and we as American individuals have the most obvious and far-reaching choices to make in the history of our representative republic.

Our president, whom I dis-affectionately refer to as King Barry, has installed what Mark Levin labeled a “soft tyranny.” We are being ruled as if we were a seventeenth century monarchy, our constitution shredded, our individual liberty threatened with extinction, our property ownership rights on life support, the fruits of our labor taken at the point of a gun; every vestige of freedom under relentless attack.

The choices in front of us are defined by what we are going to do about stopping it, and whether or not we have the moral courage and sustained political will to stop it.

The “thousand years of darkness” Ronald Reagan spoke of in his famous speech isn’t hyperbole.

There’s a tangled web stretching back to the early 1900’s involving Progressives and Marxists, but the simple unvarnished truth is that King Barry and his Czars are, quite literally, working double overtime to destroy our capitalist economic system (among other things) and thereby bring America to her knees.

Elections this November are the most important elections in the history of our republic

I believe the elections this November are the most important elections in the history of our republic, for the obvious reason that our very existence has never been more vitally threatened from within.

What we are witnessing today is exactly what our Founding Fathers warned us about.

They knew America would unlikely be defeated by a foreign enemy, but that our form of government could be corrupted from within and destroyed covertly by those with the necessary resources and protracted vision to sustain their endeavour.

King Barry has repeatedly stated that he intends to “transform” America

King Barry has repeatedly stated that he intends to “transform” America, but he never says why, how, or into what. Rather, we hear the usual flowery vagueness and soaring teleprompter rhetoric.

In point of fact, King Barry continually reveals, in a most unambiguous manner through his actions and policies, that his goal is a one world government, and right now he’s winning the game.

One doesn’t require a Bilderberg group or a rendezvous for secret meetings at the Bohemian Grove to see where America is headed.

It’s happening right before our eyes in real time; the facts and evidence documented, alarming, and unequivocally clear.

The International Monetary Fund now dictates to a growing number of countries comprising the European Union how and where they will spend the money they’ve borrowed to stay afloat in a sea of red ink. It is borrowed money they have no way of paying back.

Their ratio of debt to GDP is not very different from our own, yet King Barry continues to spend money we don’t have as if there will be no tomorrow.

King Barry and his George Soros-funded support groups have become so brazen and arrogant they no longer bother trying to hide their motives or methodology as they ramrod a Progressive version of “change” down throats.

Our mainstream media continues to remain duplicitously silent

Meanwhile, as this comic/tragedy unfolds, part Twilight Zone and part theatre of the absurd, our mainstream media continues to remain duplicitously silent.

As for our Congress, those august statesmen sworn to uphold our Constitution, it can be said, with few exceptions, that instead of hearing the sonorous strains of outraged indignation and a call to action, we hear the steady sound of…crickets.

Ladies and gentlemen, if America will be saved, if we believe America is worth saving, it will be up to each and every one of us to ride to the rescue. Nobody else is coming; we are the cavalry.

I can not bear the burden of knowing what is happening to this greatest of countries, and fail to do everything I can within my power to prevent the destruction of the America I so deeply love and cherish.

How much blood has been shed since the first Continental Army of George Washington was formed, in order to “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity”?

How many brave, dedicated, selfless, patriotic men and women have made personal sacrifices so we could enjoy a “more perfect Union, established Justice, and insured domestic Tranquility” to pursue our own individual happiness?

As Thomas Jefferson once said, “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

I totally agree with the venerable Mr. Jefferson, and that’s exactly what we are in the process of losing; the priceless gift of this republic from our Founders, a gift that has been squandered through apathetic indifference, self-absorption, and ignorance of history, a subject no longer taught in our dumbed-down, politically correct, feel good, equality-of outcome educational institutions.

Regarding political correctness: is there a more effective tool utilized by the Progressive Marxists to undermine and ultimately destroy America than “political correctness”?

It’s permeated every facet of our lives, every institution, like some malicious gas, yet this unbridled form of intellectual and behavioral censorship barely gets mentioned as an implement of indoctrination or stimuli of conditioned reflex.

This quote from Edmund Burke on history: “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.”

And also this quote from Burke: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Mr. Burke, a British philosopher and statesman (1729-1797), was an erudite fellow who understood human nature rather well.

He may not have been able to perfectly visualize the soul-rotting effect of pop culture, the compliant and sycophantic King Barry-worshiping media that secured his coronation, the studied, devious cunning of the Progressive movement as they gained control of education, re-wrote history, minimized and disparaged our Founders, and diminished the significance of the U.S. Constitution by implementing the practice of trans-national “case law” review instead of looking to our own constitutional law for relevant jurisprudence.

But Mr. Burke did understand that people were far more similar in their behavior throughout history than they were different, and that left to their own devices, those who attained power would do what ever was necessary to sustain that power at the expense of others. Mr. Burke understood perfectly well that the history of the world has been one of tyranny.

There was another thing the Progressive movement knew they must accomplish if they were to succeed in their bloodless coup, perhaps the one thing most important to achieving their revolutionary plans; they removed God from the public eye and public awareness.

Over time God was relegated to the back bench of the public collective consciousness through political correctness

Not overnight, but slowly and systematically over time God was relegated to the back bench of the public collective consciousness through political correctness, immoral excesses, T.V., media blitzes, the academic intelligencia, a narcissistic compulsion for hipness, instant gratification, drugs, pornography, and the ACLU.

We became a secular society fixated on pursuit of material baubles and trinkets to define our happiness, worshiping at the alter of conspicuous consumption as we struggled to keep up with the Jones’ and validate our spiritual insouciance.

By contrast, in the early 1900’s, while working his way through college as a part-time journalist, Napoleon Hill began a study of American exceptionalism that would become his life work.

In numerous interviews with Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, and many other creative and industrial giants from that era, he began to identify certain common traits that were rudimentary to their success.

He realized that, among these, was the widely held belief that thoughts were actual “things”.

The quality time he spent with these individuals led to his theory of the “mastermind principle”, literally a synergistic tuning of sympathetic thought-induced vibrations from like-minded people, working together in a spirit of cooperation, who are equally dedicated to achieving a specific positive goal or result.

To further illustrate the credibility of his “mastermind principal” theory, he observed that the most profound example of its application in human history was that of our Founding Fathers as they worked to bring forth our republican form of government.

For these greatest of patriots, it was a spiritual quest of the highest order, and they continually invoked the power of “Almighty God” to guide them, strengthen their resolve, and help them every step of the way as they pledged their “lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor” to establish our Constitution and the United States of America.

I believe Glenn Beck, ever the trail blazer, thinker of the unthinkable, and patriot extraordinaire in his own right, is absolutely spot on with his assertion that the collective spiritual re-awakening of America and the restoration of personal honor and integrity is of paramount importance to our political success.

Everyone has room for improvement, and we all need to be at our very best on every level for the task at hand.

We have an opportunity this November, through the ballot box, to begin to right our ship of state.

It’s crunch time, and we need a sweeping conservative victory

It may quite possibly be the last opportunity we have in our lifetime to affect a legitimate reversal of the stunning and almost incomprehensible amount of damage inflicted by King Barry and his court of jesters.

He’s moved so far and so fast, with very little resistance, to secure our national demise, that it would be a tragic mistake to under estimate the critical imperative of establishing a conservative mandate for the 2010 November elections.

It’s crunch time, and we need a sweeping conservative victory if we are to leave an America for our children and grand children that bears any resemblance to the America that has traditionally been a beacon of light for all freedom loving people, both at home and around the world.

Letter to talk show host Stephen Frank re upcoming court hearing in Barnett v Dunn, Bowen and Brown.

Dr. Orly  Taitz

Rebuttal letter sent to talk show host and political commentator Steve Frank

Mr. Frank, you are slandering me and defrauding the public again and again.

The fact that my opponent lifelong Democrat Damon Dunn, running in Republican primary, defrauded the public, was not known to you before. I did not bring this issue before, since I did not have all the evidence before, and neither did you.

The letter from the Registrar of voters in Duval County, FL about Dunn calling them and asking to delete his records from the database was obtained by me last month when I went to FL to participate in the litigation against health care reform . You did not have this letter before. It was obtained by me on April 13, 2010, one day before the Health care reform hearing on April 14, 2010

[

Holder Names Special Prosecutor

Jackie Chiles, Attorney At Law

"You Catch'em, Jackie Will Fry'em"

Not Another Job Offer


Barry in D.C. wants to ask if you would please not run in 2012, you can have the job Joe S. turned down.

Hillary C.



Pennsylvanians Vote For "Lyin' Joe " Suspect. Lyin' Joe Is The Kind Of Man Obama Needs In Washington.

Now that "Lyin' Joe" has shown his true colors, having been made a "better offer" on Thursday to go along with the cover up, we no longer need to give him a pass.

Lyin' Joe was extorting the Usurper that's all.

Three months ago, Lyin' Joe "disclosed" a job offer was made to him to quit the Pennsylvania primary. That wasn't Lyin' Joe being honest, that was just the now Extortin' Joe's way of telling Obama, he was open for business.

Now that "Extortin' Joe", got paid to become "Cover-Up Joe" we can now start referring to him as "Joe Suspect", everybody follow that, it's all very transparent.


Israeli Submarines with nuclear missiles in Persian Gulf

Walking softly, but carrying a very BIG stick-Israeli style. Discuss amongst yourselves the deterrent to Iran, Syria, Hizbullah, Hamas, Washington D.C.........



Photo by: IDF 'Israeli subs with nukes in Gulf

The Jerusalem Post
05/30/2010 11:12

Israel is planning to permanently station a submarine carrying nuclear cruise missiles in the Persian Gulf, the Sunday Times reported on Sunday.
Israeli submarines have visited the Gulf before, but the decision has now been taken to ensure a permanent presence of at least one of the vessels.

The paper claims that the government has decided to station at least one of three submarines armed with nuclear missiles permanently within striking distance of Iran in the Persian Gulf.

According to the article the submarines are moving to the Persian Gulf in respone to the growing missile threat to Israel from Syria, Iran and Hizbullah.

Israeli submarines are known to periocially visit the area but this is the first report that they may be permanently stationed there.

The diesel powered submarines are Dolphin class and were built in Germany to Israeli specifications.


Improving poll numbers BECAUSE the USURPER is NOT going to Arlington, Tampers With Elections, Supports Border Crossers?Meets with Farrakhan instead...

We decide...

From Steve Cooper of

I saw a press conference with Larry Sinclair during the summer of 2008 and there is no doubt in my mind that he is telling the truth. I was never sure about this guy, until I saw that press conference. The reporters in the audience were stunned and silent. They tried to trip up Sinclair, but he silenced them when he offered his cell phone records as proof that he met Obama late one night just like he said.

This was a compelling interview with Jeff Kuhner from May 2010.

Click here for part ONE

Click here for part TWO

Larry Sinclair Press Conference from 2008

Devastating Ad Showing Obama Blast Bush on Katrina...

We may get to have our vote counted in California yet.

Neil B. Turner
Citizens for the Constitution

Newsletter 05.29.10 - Good news

From Orly Taitz, Esq, (R), candidate for CA Secretary of State.

Newsletter 05.29.10.

Orly with leaders-Mid-Empire Patriots (198x150).jpgOrly Taitz (2nd from left) with ‘supporting’ California Patriots leaders

This was a remarkable week. I traveled hundreds of miles all over the State and met over a 1,000 voters. Yesterday, 34 leaders of different Tea Party Patriots groups, 9/12 Patriots groups and Campaign for Liberty groups conducted a conference call and were able to achieve a consensus in support of several candidacies. Mine was among them - all of those leaders supported my candidacy for CA Secretary of State. This consensus does not mean that all members of all groups will vote for me, however it means that majority of members of these groups support me.

These groups represent the strongest block of voters in the Republican primary this year. These groups put Rand Paul at the top in KY over massive support and endorsements of Trey Grayson by both state and National leadership.

While the mood in the country is decidedly anti Democrats, it is also anti-incumbents, anti-establishment, and anti-candidates who are seen as being in cahoots with and/or cherry-picked by the establishment in both parties. Judging by NJ, VA, MA, PA, KY, and UT, support from the old-boys network (from the old party establishment) is a kiss of death for the candidates in the Primaries. Tea Party Patriot groups are designated as 501(c)4, meaning that they cannot officially endorse candidates, however they can have unofficial straw polls and conference calls to discuss the candidates, and that is where consensus came from.

While the media and GOP old establishment are claiming that being a ‘queen of the birthers’ is a bad thing, in reality among rank and file Republicans, Independents and Democrats of the Tea Party movement, not GOP PAC controlled groups, it is the biggest selling point. People are waking up and realizing that a deal was made by the establishment of both parties not to question Obama’s illegitimacy for the U.S. presidency, however it makes them angry, it gives them a feeling of betrayal, and they feel that the elite has sold them out.

Each and every event and move by Obama reminds people of the fact that they have a guy sitting in the White House who refuses to show his long form birth certificate and who sits in the White House without as much as a valid Social Security number of his own. When Obama decided to cancel laying a wreath at the Arlington cemetery, it added wood to the fire.

Additionally, it seems that my opponent (for CA Secretary of State, Damon Dunn) has 2 strikes against him. One: being seen as a candidate picked by the old corrupt establishment, the other is the fact that he is seen as a carpetbagger, someone who came to CA after living in FL & TX as a lifelong Democrat; a former football player with no voting record, no history in the patriot movement, who did not disclose on his voter registration card his prior voter registration as a Democrat, and who tried to have his old voting registration as a Democrat deleted. People simply don’t trust him.

On the other hand, they know that I fought tirelessly to support the Constitution, and my record and dedication speaks for itself.

So, judging by unofficial polls of the most active voter blocks, I am ahead, and with a lot of room to spare. If those Sequoia and Diebold ballot counting machines are not hopelessly rigged, I should comfortably win the primary. We will have to wait a week and see.

Orly with Chelene 05-29-10(300x225).jpgI am posting one of the voter guides from one of the groups (below), as well as a picture of me with Constitution Party (AIP in CA) candidate for CA Governor, Chelene Nightingale, taken at one of the events in Laguna Niguel, Laguna Woods, Victorville and Menifee, CA.

Thank you for all your support.

Orly Taitz, Esq.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Israeli's Have Their Own Barbara Boxer-Jane Fonda

Photo by: Associated Press Navy braces for Gaza-bound flotilla
05/30/2010 04:39
Technical difficulties holds up fleet, now expected to arrive Sunday.

The Israel Navy was gearing up on Saturday night for what could become a dramatic showdown with five protest ships on their way to test the blockade of the Gaza Strip.

Technical difficulties held up the fleet, which was initially scheduled to arrive off the Gaza coast on Saturday but is now expected on Sunday. While eight ships were initially scheduled to sail to Gaza, in the end a total of five ships were reported to be on their way after three suffered technical malfunctions.

One of the highest profile figures on the ships is Balad MK Haneen Zoabi, who said she was proud to do her part to end what she called a siege on Gaza. Right-wing MKs called for Zoabi’s arrest and ouster from the Knesset.

“Zoabi is working together with Israel’s enemies to encourage terrorism and harm Israel’s image internationally, and these acts constitute treason,” Likud MK Danny Danon wrote to Attorney-General Yehuda Weinstein in his request for him to order Zoabi’s arrest upon her arrival in Israel.

Part of the delay was caused by difficulties the organizers encountered in trying to have two dozen more would-be passengers, including 19 European legislators and a Holocaust survivor, join the ships anchored in international waters off Cyprus. The Cypriot government did not allow smaller boats to ferry the group to the flotilla.

Authorities in Cyprus said the decision was made to protect the island’s “vital interests,” including economic ties with Israel.

Organizers then appealed to the Turkish government to get the group out via a Turkish-controlled northern Cyprus port. Turkish Cypriot officials have said they want to help the group as much as they can.

In addition to encountering diplomatic obstacles and mechanical problems, the ships reportedly lost their satellite phone connections twice.

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said on Friday that Israel would not allow the protest ships to violate its sovereignty, and that they would be stopped.

The navy is prepared to stop the ships before they reach Gaza and has put most of its forces on operational standby since Friday. The ships will receive a number of warnings as they begin to approach the Gaza Strip, starting from a distance of about 65 kilometers. If the ships are commandeered, they will be sailed to the Ashdod Port, where the government has set up tents to hold the activists.

The activists will be taken to the tents for identification and medical attention, and asked to leave the country voluntarily. If they refuse, they will be arrested and transferred to the custody of the Prisons Service and the Interior Ministry.

Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh said the flotilla signaled the end of the blockade.

“If the ships reach Gaza, it’s a victory for Gaza,” Haniyeh told some 400 supporters on Saturday, after touring Gaza City’s small fishing harbor where several smaller vessels breaking the blockade have docked in the past. “If they are intercepted and terrorized by the Zionists, it will be a victory for Gaza, too, and they will move again in new ships to break the siege of Gaza.”

In Texas We'll Let You Know Our Opinion In Many Different Ways

It Could Work

----What they're saying---

You take Sestak, Clinton and Emanual, pump'em down the BP tube,voila whosyourdaddy, two holes plugged at the same time.

Okay, we'll call it Junkshot II. Just don't you worry about who's my daddy.



Time to pile on!...Don't forget Walpingate...

Court accused of covering for Obama in ‘Walpingate’

Judge appears to be stonewalling scandal linked to White House
By Drew Zahn
© 2010 WorldNetDaily

Former Inspector General Gerald WalpinFormer Inspector General Gerald Walpin, whose dismissal by President Obama last year has been challenged by congressmen as potentially illegal political retaliation, is now stepping up the battle to get his job back, accusing the judicial system of stalling his case and, thus, doing the White House a convenient favor.

Court documents filed last week accuse U.S. District Court Judge Richard Roberts of failing to act within federally mandated time requirements and “doing nothing at all” to move the case forward.

Similarly, a joint congressional report by Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, and Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., which found the administration had failed to comply with requirements of the law and “orchestrated an after-the-fact smear campaign to justify the president’s action,” has been allowed to languish.

[



Smoking Indonesian 2 year -old...Is this how Obama started?

Too unfit to run: Two-year-old who smokes 40 cigarettes a day puffs away on a toy truck

By Mail Foreign Service

Taking a deep drag on his cigarette while resting on the steering wheel of his truck, he looks like a parody of a middle-aged lorry driver.

But the image covers up a much more disturbing truth: At just the tender age of two, Ardi Rizal's health has been so ruined by his 40-a-day habit that he now struggles to move by himself.

The four-stone Indonesia toddler is certainly far too unfit to run around with other children - and his condition is set to rapidly deteriorate.

Truck on bad habits: Ardi Rizal sits smoking on his favourite toy at home in Musi Banyuasin, Indonesia

Truck on bad habits: Ardi Rizal sits smoking on his favourite toy at home in Musi Banyuasin, Indonesia

But, despite local officials' offer to buy the Rizal family a new car if the boy quits, his parents feel unable to stop him because he throws massive tantrums if they don't indulge him.

His mother, Diana, 26, wept: 'He's totally addicted. If he doesn't get cigarettes, he gets angry and screams and batters his head against the wall. He tells me he feels dizzy and sick.'

Ardi will smoke only one brand and his habit costs his parents £3.78 a day in Musi Banyuasin, in Indonesia's South Sumatra province.

But in spite of this, his fishmonger father Mohammed, 30, said: 'He looks pretty healthy to me. I don't see the problem.'

Ardi's youth is the extreme of a disturbing trend. Data from the Central Statistics Agency showed 25 per cent of Indonesian children aged three to 15 have tried cigarettes, with 3.2 per cent of those active smokers.

The percentage of five to nine year olds lighting up increased from 0.4 per cent in 2001 to 2.8 per cent in 2004, the agency reported.

A Strange Wind Blowing

from KOOK'S

There is a strange wind blowing, can you feel it? I am reminded of the old, supposedly, Chinese proverb, "may you live in interesting times". There is no mistaking that, the times they are a' changing.

Europe is disintegrating right before our eyes. A fabricated construct of people who do not even necessarily like each other, not only, from country to country but sometimes, even, region to region. In it's ashes we will probably see the emergence of a hard left. The Europeans will never abort communism - they, after all, they invented it. Our notion of "saving" Europe from communism was a seventy year foolish quest, which will now end. They lust for communism, and they will get it sooner than anyone thinks. It is 50 years too late and justly deserved.

North and South Korea are on the brink of war. Nuclear powers, both. Let us not forget we have 28,000 troops on the border of North Korea and we currently have no leadership. None. What happens when Korea goes hot and 28,000 US troops are caught in a crossfire with no leadership or support from Washington?

Oil is leaking into the gulf, Israelis are performing frequent and serious bomb shelter drills with their citizens, The US is on the verge of economic collapse, Japan is even worse off , Venezuela is taking full advantage in South America and I do believe we are nearing the first battle salvos of the war of the Southwest, if they haven't occurred already.

The world is going to hell and Obama is driving us there on the short "green" ethanol fueled bus. Not only that, without getting too much into his psychology, which is an endlessly fascinating subject for me, Obama is giving the impression of someone who is about to unravel.

What does America look like when the dust settles? That is the question that determines the fate, not only, of Americans but of the entire world. America, the concept, is an anomaly, not just in recent history but in human history. Actually, the American 20th century was entirely an abboration in the history of the world. Think about this, at one time we had 80% of the world’s GDP and not even 10% of the world’s population. Americans really have been spoiled like no other people with peace, prosperity and a bubble that allowed a spoiled warped perception to take hold.

All that is ending. We will lose our innocence and ignorance in the next decade. Serious damage is being done to the country.
Most places, you can’t walk outside, or turn on your television and see the damage yet, but it is most certainly taking place. This is a battle to determine which belief system will prevail—individual freedom, or “shared sacrifice”.

They do not call it communism when it comes. Communism starts in meeting halls and in union marches. It won't come with tanks rolling down the streets or midnight raids, that all comes later. Today's communist party consists of about 25 people and a xerox machine. Almost nobody is a formal communist any more. By virtue of leftist infiltration of the educational system going back 70 or more years, people have been taught to believe everything the communists believed in, while laughing at the idea they are communists. Mere use of the label provokes laughter.

This is the international globalist communist revolution the left planned for since it's inception. The chaos all around it is it's oxygen. Freedom is very fragile and Americans, by-and-large, have grown extremely arrogant. Much more prideful than the founders and more than our own grandparents who feared and loathed communism for good reason.


The Sestak Controversy

by Pejman Yousefzadeh

I invite those who believe that the controversy over whether Joe Sestak was offered a bribe to get out of the Senate race with Arlen Specter was resolved with this sparse memo to imagine what their reaction may have been if they were told a Republican Administration enlisted a former Republican President to encourage a candidate to drop a divisive Republican primary challenge by offering said candidate an unpaid position–and that this was the extent of the Republican Administration’s effort to persuade the candidate to drop his primary challenge. Would they believe that this explanation–finally offered after months of speculation, unanswered questions, and statements from the candidate himself that indicated that something of greater value may have been offered to him–finally puts the controversy to rest?

Come on.

I certainly want to hear from Congressman Sestak as to what he was offered in order to drop a primary challenge, and who made the offer to him, though I won’t be surprised in the least if he decides that the best thing to do–after having unwisely raised the matter in the first place on his own by speaking about the White House’s efforts to get him to drop his primary challenge to Specter–is to fall in line with what the White House is saying. In any event, an independent investigation is clearly needed. After all, does anyone really think that the White House’s persuasion efforts resulted in a single conversation between Sestak and Bill Clinton about a single job offer?

No anti-American, anti-Christian, racist,, deceitful phony president should have numbers this good...Wake-up America...USURPER IN THE WHITE HOUSE!

Obama Admin May Have Illegally Spent $10 Million Promoting Abortion in Kenya - By Charles

Was the reason … hush money to the government of Kenya to stifle comments like these?

Kenyan Ministers Orengo & Khalwale: Obama “born in Kenya”-”not native American”-”should repatriate”

Or was it simply using our taxpayer money to help his “homeland”, as Michelle Obama said of Kenya …

A Catalog of Evidence - Concerned Americans Have Good Reason to Doubt that Putative President Obama Was Born in Hawaii



The Sestak Affair
By Doug Hagmann

image“This is punishable by prison. This is a felony.” – Rep. Darrell Issa

Due to the recent equivocations from the Obama White House and the apparent unwillingness by the mainstream media to investigate this matter, the majority of Americans are unaware of the seriousness of the Obama administration’s alleged actions involving Joseph Sestak.

If proven, the reported actions of the Obama administration are clear violations of three federal laws. The impact and fallout from documented violations, as well as the refusal of the Holder Justice Department to appoint a Special Counsel to investigate this matter, have the potential to eclipse the Watergate scandal of the early 1970’s – it is that serious.


American Politics

Obama’s Pretense of Leadership When and Where there is none

By Sher Zieve
Obama is now ‘leading’ only the Marxists and the intellectually challenged

What Is It About the Sestak Mess That Sounds So Familiar?

By John Lillpop
Rahm Emanuel, Sestak fiasco, Rod Blagojevich

LMAO...O'Reilly it's your turn...Come on PINHEAD...ask your viewers!...Oh so funny!...

Fox host Van Susteren asks blog readers to gauge her intelligence

For journalists, hate mail comes with the territory. And it can come at any moment, with critics instantly shooting off emails when someone ticks them off on a blog or on the air.

Fox News host Greta Van Susteren has surely received audience complaints before — but a recent email exchange irked her enough to take issue with it on her own blog. And in a move that Fox executives probably would have tried to discourage had they been consulted, Van Susteren also urged her blog readers to weigh in on the central point raised by her correspondent: that she is, well, rather dimly lit.

It all started when Brian of Tahlequah, Okla., told Van Susteren she had a "mind like a seive" (yes, it should be "sieve"). Brian didn't stop there: He also wanted the host to know that her "brain is empty."

"Matter of fact, it is so empty, if you put a pea in your skull it would rattle around like a BB in a boxcar," he wrote.

In her blog post, Van Susteren responded with a few questions — and several question marks. "Why does Brian watch if he thinks I am so stupid?" she wrote. "How stupid is that????"

Perhaps expecting fans to rally around her, Van Susteren polled the audience as to who's dumber: Van Susteren or the guy watching a show he doesn't like. As of this writing, after more than 12,000 votes, the results aren't in the host's favor: 67 percent of respondents say Van Susteren is dumber.

Still, she can probably take comfort in the performance that a Fox colleague, Clayton Morris, turned in on Friday's "Fox and Friends" broadcast. Reading an unrevised cue card in faithful Ron Burgundy style, Morris twice referred to himself as co-host Steve Doocy, at the beginning and end of a segment he was announcing. Perhaps the next poll on Van Susteren's blog will invite readers to pit Morris' intellectual heft against her own.

Bank Robber or Terrorist Money Man?


For the rest of the story check out my comments at the end of this article.


Slain gunman ID'd as ‘Reckless Robber'
FBI links Katy man to rash of recent bank heists

May 29, 2010, 12:44AM
A surveillance image shows a suspect believed to be the "Reckless Robber" at a Spring Wells Fargo Bank in April.

A Katy man, now identified as Mouafak Kazzaz, was behind a rash of bank robberies throughout Texas that ended last week in a deadly shootout with Fort Bend County sheriff’s deputies, FBI officials said on Friday.

FBI investigators had been looking for Kazzaz, 26, since they linked him to an October 2008 hold-up of a Compass Bank branch at 204 W. 19th. Dubbed the “Reckless Robber,” Kazzaz was believed to be responsible for at least eight additional bank robberies in the Houston area and about 10 more in Dallas, Austin and San Antonio.

FBI spokeswoman Pat Villafranca said the identification of the dead bank robber as Kazzaz was made partly through interviewing eyewitnesses.

FBI Bank robbery task force members gave Kazzaz the Reckless Robber nickname because he usually kept his finger on the trigger during the hold-ups and on several occasions pointed pistols at the heads of bank employees. He also gave his victims time limits to comply with his demands for cash, officials said.

Kazzaz relied on disguises to change his appearance. He was reported as being bald during some of the robberies while having hair that appeared to be painted silver or white during others. Kazzaz also was known to wear a fake mustache at times, officials said.

On May 22, Fort Bend County sheriff’s deputies spotted a van matching the description of a vehicle used earlier that day in a robbery at a Bank of America branch near Grand Parkway and U.S. 59, officials said. Deputy Charlie Scott ordered the van to pull over. The doors suddenly flew open and Kazzaz began shooting at the deputy with an automatic rifle. A barrage of rifle fire raked the deputy’s patrol car.

Scott was hit twice in the wrist and had a grazing head wound. Kazzaz lead law enforcement officers on a running gun battle that lasted about 20 minutes, officials said.

The chase ended when the van crashed through a fence along West Bellfort. Another deputy fatally shot Kazzaz, officials said.

Although FBI officials said they are confident Kazzaz is responsible for at least 20 bank hold-ups in Texas, the investigation will determine if he is linked to still other cases.

In February 2006, Kazzaz pleaded guilty to unlawfully carrying a weapon. He spent two days in jail and paid a $200 fine. Kazzaz also received two years probation and paid a $500 for drug possession, according to Harris County criminal records.

Notice it took a week to get this story made public.

Sugar Land where I live, is one of many suburbs of Houston, as is Katy the alleged home of Kazzaz. We have a fairly large middle eastern population in this metro area.
This is the first middle eastern bank robber I have heard of in this area, and I've lived here since 1976.

I heard about this several days ago, from my next door neighbor.

My neighbor has a son who recently joined the Sugar Land Police Department, the department that responded to this incident, along with the Ft Bend County Sheriffs Department.

His son is a recently discharged, 12 year army vet, with multiple tours to Iraq. The son is around 30 years old. What I was told about this incident by my neighbor came from his son.

There were three bank robbers involved in this running gun battle, through the streets of Sugar Land. An AK-47 full auto was used by Kazzaz and he fired from the open back doors of the van. Kazzaz and the others eventually abandoned the van, ran into a wooded area, where Kazzaz committed suicide instead of being taken alive. One other robber was wounded, and the third gave up.

A woman driving in traffic was caught in the machine gun fire. She was shot through both hips as a bullet passed through her car.

Nationalities were not mentioned, but Kazzaz doesn't sound French to me. Interesting the FBI gave such a shallow account to the media. When taken with the recent (month old federal court unsealing) of the DHS Texas Mexico border area terror alert regarding Somali Al Shabaab/Al Qaeda coming in by the hundreds, we need to start getting alert, not just Texas.

Obama is going to keep covering for his muslim brothers, by muzzling the FBI.


Arizona No Longer Alone, Helloooo Massachusetts

Racists pass strict illegal immigration bill - in Massachusetts?

May 28th, 2010
The American Thinker
Rick Moran

They must be racists. The bill is pretty tough on illegals:

With one lawmaker citing President Lincoln’s respect for the rule of law, the Massachusetts Senate passed a far-reaching crackdown this afternoon on illegal immigrants and those who would hire them, going further, senators said, than any immigration bill proposed over the past five years.

In a surprising turn of events, the legislation replaced a narrower bill that was passed Wednesday over the objections of Republicans.

The measure, which passed on a 28-10 vote as an amendment to the budget, would bar the state from doing business with any company found to break federal laws barring illegal immigrant hiring. It would also toughen penalties for creating or using fake identification documents, and explicitly deny in-state college tuition for illegal immigrants.

The amendment would also require the state’s public health insurance program to verify residency through the Department of Homeland Security, and would require the state to give legal residents priority for subsidized housing.

The amendment will now be part of negotiations with the House as part of the entire state budget.

Supporters, especially Republicans, struck patriotic notes and spoke of the sanctity of the law as they spoke on the Senate floor.

“It was President Lincoln — and I’m going to paraphrase here — who suggested that respect for the law should be preached from every pulpit taught by every mother to every child,” said Senator Bruce Tarr, a Gloucester Republican.

Friday, May 28, 2010


So Obama was standing at the sink shaving, when Malyia pops her head in and asks "Daddy, have you plugged the hole in the ocean yet?" Righttttttt. "Yes dear but I need to fix this dripping faucet too while I'm at it, after all I'm still dad, hand me those channel locks."

Were there any violins playing, fuzzy kittens nearby or Lady and the Tramp smooching down a spaghetti noodle. Speilberg should have had his cameras rolling.

Give me a break. Let's see, a butler up and down stairs, a platoon of chefs,room service 24/7, maids and house cleaners, a personal shopper, a tailor, a food taster to make sure his food isn't poisoned, a barber, a make-up artist, a masseur, a personal secretary. Do you think Obama even flushes his own toilet?

When he flew to London he had to have a staff of 500 come along with him, just to shake hands with the Queen and give her an Ipod.

So this chump shaves his own chops, surrree cuts his own hair too.

Heartstrings, pity moves, smoke and mirrors, tar ball photos, when will they stop trying to play us.


Ooooo , Poor Thing, I feel sooo bad for her

'No God' comment adds up to no job for fired math teacher

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — A math teacher fired from a Fort Dodge Catholic school because she joined an atheist website and noted on Facebook that she didn't believe in God said Friday she never imagined it would lead to her losing her job.
Abby Nurre, 26, was fired last December from St. Edmonds Catholic School. She was hired in August.

Nurre said she was called into the principal's office just before winter break and asked about Atheist Nexus, a social network that bills itself as site for "nontheists."

She said she registered on the site on her personal computer at home. She noted a New York Times' article reporting the government had spent $2.3 million on prayer research since 2000 and added the link.

"I never thought something like that would jeopardize my job," she said Friday from Phoenix, Ariz., where she was applying for teaching jobs.

Nurre was suspended by Monsignor Kevin McCoy and later fired by the school board for violating a policy that prohibits employees from advocating "principles contrary" to the teachings of the church.

St. Edmonds took the "appropriate action," Kristie Arlt, spokeswoman for the Sioux City Diocese, said of the math teacher.

"The main thing is that she stated she didn't believe in God," Arlt said. "It's pretty hard to put that same teacher in front of students in a Catholic school system."

Nurre said her views constantly evolve and that she is constantly trying to expand her knowledge, whether on religion, astrology, fitness or politics.

"I just like learning about it. I don't see why that should cause someone to get fired," she said.

Nurre's case was first reported by The Des Moines Register on Friday detailing her unemployment benefits case, which is public record.

The Register said that during her unemployment hearing, the school's business manager Tim Hancock testified that Nurre had violated the principles of the Catholic church by joining Atheist Nexus.

"She should be denied unemployment benefits for being a member of an atheist Web site," Hancock said.

A judge later ruled that Nurre was entitled to unemployment benefits because the school failed to prove misconduct.

"It still doesn't take back anything that happened," Nurre told The Associated Press. "I never got to say goodbye to the kids."

After she was hired by St. Edmonds but before school began, Nurre said she filled out a list of 100 "Truths" questions on Facebook, using her personal computer. One questions asked "Do you believe in God." She replied "no."

Her Facebook page was accessible to designated friends but not students.

Nurre said she doesn't know how school administrators learned about the atheist website or her Facebook page.

"I felt like my privacy was violated," she said, adding that the school hadn't mentioned the Facebook poll until the unemployment hearing.

Nurre said when she was hired at St. Edmonds, she was asked if she was a Catholic. She said she wasn't. At school, she attended Mass and participated in prayer.

"I was fine with that. I've always done that," she said. "I'm not an atheist. I'm not a Catholic. I'm not a Christian. I'm somewhere in between."

She said she still wants to be a teacher but that she no longer wants to work in a Catholic school.


The Obamination: SPECIAL REPORT from WAYNE MADSEN: Obama a Gay bi-sexual

American Grand Jury

Disclaimer: This came from a pay-per-vew site so I only posted an excerpt. (David Crockett note: I decided to follow the same policy as The American Grand Jury and for the same reasons) This story is a bombshell. Read what one viewer had to say:

I can’t believe the WMR report for today. You have to read it. It is a pay-for service so I don’t feel good about cutting and pasting the whole thing, I will give you a snippet from it. Almost every paragraph in this report is a bombshell. Now Madsen is a little bombastic and I don’t take everything he reports as anything other than “hmmm, could be interesting if true”, but if he is only half correct, the report is a major event.

[

Atty Mario Apuzzo; Obama’s “Natural Born Citizen” Status: Is It Place of Birth or Parentage that Controls?

Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 provides: “No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained to the age of thirty five years, and been fourteen Years a resident within the United States.” The current debate is whether Putative President Obama is a “natural born Citizen” under this Presidential eligibility article.

There has been much confusion regarding the role that Obama's place of birth (represented by his birth certificate) or parentage (represented by his alien father) plays in his being a "natural born Citizen." A “natural born Citizen” must be born in the United States or what is deemed its equivalent. This is called the jus soli requirement. We know that while Obama maintains that he was born in Hawaii, there exists a considerable amount of evidence that he was born in Kenya. Some argue that Obama has to date not yet conclusively shown that he was born in Hawaii and that on the contrary, he was born in Kenya. They argue that since Obama was born in Kenya, he is not and cannot be a “natural born Citizen.” Hence, some focus on Obama's place of birth as the only factor that needs to be considered in the question of whether he is a "natural born Citizen." However, as I will explain below, being born in the USA is only one part of the issue. Being born in the USA is a necessary but not sufficient part of being a "natural born Citizen."

The original and only definition of an Article II "natural born Citizen" is that one must be born in the country, or what is deemed its equivalent, to citizen parents (mother and father). Emer de Vattel, The Law of Nations, Or, Principles of the Law of Nature, Applied to the Conduct and Affairs of Nations and Sovereigns (1758), Section 212 (“The citizens are the members of the civil society: bound to this society by certain duties, and subject to its authority, they equally participate in its advantages. The natives, or natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens. . . .”). As we can see, this definition contains two factors, place of birth and parentage or what is known as the jus soli and jus sanguinis factors. While Obama's mother was born in the United States and was a "natural born Citizen," Obama has admitted that under the British Nationality Act 1948, when Obama was born in 1961, his father, who was born in the then-British colony of Kenya, was a British subject/citizen and that Obama himself by descent from his father was also born a British subject/citizen. Hence, since his father was not a United States citizen when Obama was born and he himself was a British subject/citizen by descent from his father, Obama is not and cannot be a “natural born Citizen.” Given Obama’s admission, some therefore focus only on Obama’s parentage (alien father) factor and maintain that it is not necessary to know his place of birth wherever that may be because Obama is not and cannot be a "natural born Citizen" because his father was not a United States citizen when Obama was born. Under this argument, Obama is not a “natural born Citizen” because he is missing the parentage factor, a necessary condition found in the original and only definition of a “natural born Citizen.”

The Fourteenth Amendment citizenship clause also causes further confusion in the Obama eligibility question, for some incorrectly ascribe a controlling effect to it. The Fourteenth Amendment requires that one be born in the United States and be “subject to the jurisdiction thereof” in order to be a born “citizen of the United States” thereunder. The way that the Amendment’s “subject to the jurisdiction thereof” clause is currently interpreted, it does not contain any parentage requirement. But a simple reading of the Amendment’s text shows that it only deals with a “citizen of the United States” and not a “natural born Citizen.” Hence, showing that Obama is a Fourteenth Amendment born “citizen of the United States” (the Fourteenth Amendment born “citizen of the United States” standard) without more is not sufficient to demonstrate that he is an Article II “natural born Citizen” (the Article II “natural born Citizen” standard). Nevertheless, Obama must at least prove that he is a born “citizen of the United States” (born in the United States) before he can prove that he is an Article II “natural born Citizen."

What this means is that proving that Obama was born in the United States is a necessary condition for proving that he is a "natural born Citizen" but is not a sufficient condition. Hence, that Obama may have been born in the United States does not necessarily make him a "natural born Citizen." Rather, with his being born in the United States being a necessary condition, his not being born there would disqualify him from being both a Fourteenth Amendment born “citizen of the United States” and also an Article II "natural born Citizen." In such a case, he would be disqualified from being President. But since we might in the end learn that Obama was born in Hawaii, it is not wise to rely solely on the place of birth factor when questioning whether Obama is a “natural born Citizen” and to completely disregard the parentage factor contained in the original definition of a "natural born Citizen." Likewise, since the United States Supreme Court has yet to rule on the definition of an Article II "natural born Citizen" within the context of a case raising the question of whether a person is eligible to be President and Commander in Chief of the Military, it is not wise to rely only on the parentage factor when questioning whether Obama is a “natural born Citizen” and to totally discount the place of birth factor.

Please note that the Kerchner et al. v. Obama/Congress et al. case which was filed on January 20, 2009, after Congress confirmed Obama but before Chief Justice Roberts swore him in, and which is currently pending before the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia with a tentative oral argument dated of June 29, 2010, argues both the place of birth and parentage factors.

Mario Apuzzo, Esq.
May 28, 2010
#### Source.

Kerchner v Obama Appeal - Motion for Leave to File Supplemental Appendix Filed 10 Apr 2010 w/Appx