Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Operation Streamline

Tuesday the 25th, I listened to Senator Kyl offer the Kyl-McCain amendment S-4228 to be attached to the Cornyn amendment S-4202 which relates to Illegal Immigration. These amendments are part of the larger $200 Billion union pension fund Bail Out Bill that is under discussion.

Sen. Kyl is asking for $200 million to expand Operation Streamline. This is a courtroom processing unit program that has detention facilities for illegal border crossers who get caught by law enforcement. Kyl shared some very interesting information.

Arizona is divided into two border control zones, The Tucson Zone which is most of the state, and the Yuma Zone, which is only about 40 miles of the border.Yuma has Operation Streamline, Tucson doesn't have this program.

Yuma experienced a 97% drop in illegal crossings. The only other place Operation Streamline was in place ,( Del Rio, Texas) experienced like results. Over a 5 year period Yuma averaged 118,000 arrests annually. Last year it was 5,000. The negative side, for every 1 illegal stopped, 5 others get away. The progress is marked in that only 25,000 evaded arrest last year instead of the estimated 590,000 annually as have in years gone by.

Of the illegals 17% have a criminal record, 83% are looking for work. Operation Streamline detains the illegals a minimum 2 weeks and a maximum of 30 days. The deterrent comes from lost wages by would be workers during the detentin period. . Yuma is not a preferred crossing point for this reason.

Tucson caught 250.000 illegals last year. The evaders were 5 times as many, 1,250,000. If you apply the 17% to the 1,250,000 you get 212,500 criminals added each year, roaming our streets . Keep in mind this is only Arizona. California, Texas (which is half the 1500 mile border) and New Mexico have their statistics too.

Sen Kyl visited the Yuma sector and asked what were the reasons for the success. An agent listed 3 factors--- enough personnel, 11 miles of double fence, and Operation Streamline.

My article Saturday stated we should detain these people for 6 months, when they get taken out of circulation and lose earnings, they have little incentive to cross.


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