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Insidious Progressive Marxist creep of political upheaval and destruction of our American way

To My Fellow Patriots

By Sandy Stringfellow Sunday, May 30, 2010

It’s been slowly, patiently, systematically climbing to a crescendo, building upon its successes over the past one hundred years; the insidious Progressive Marxist creep of political upheaval and destruction of our American way.

Today, having arrived at the crossroads of destiny, we face the shocking results of this subterfuge; our beautiful representative republic perched on the precipice of an abyss, teetering with dangerous uncertainty.

There are many reasons, but really no excuses for our having allowed this to happen.

It is a time for choosing, and we as American individuals have the most obvious and far-reaching choices to make in the history of our representative republic.

Our president, whom I dis-affectionately refer to as King Barry, has installed what Mark Levin labeled a “soft tyranny.” We are being ruled as if we were a seventeenth century monarchy, our constitution shredded, our individual liberty threatened with extinction, our property ownership rights on life support, the fruits of our labor taken at the point of a gun; every vestige of freedom under relentless attack.

The choices in front of us are defined by what we are going to do about stopping it, and whether or not we have the moral courage and sustained political will to stop it.

The “thousand years of darkness” Ronald Reagan spoke of in his famous speech isn’t hyperbole.

There’s a tangled web stretching back to the early 1900’s involving Progressives and Marxists, but the simple unvarnished truth is that King Barry and his Czars are, quite literally, working double overtime to destroy our capitalist economic system (among other things) and thereby bring America to her knees.

Elections this November are the most important elections in the history of our republic

I believe the elections this November are the most important elections in the history of our republic, for the obvious reason that our very existence has never been more vitally threatened from within.

What we are witnessing today is exactly what our Founding Fathers warned us about.

They knew America would unlikely be defeated by a foreign enemy, but that our form of government could be corrupted from within and destroyed covertly by those with the necessary resources and protracted vision to sustain their endeavour.

King Barry has repeatedly stated that he intends to “transform” America

King Barry has repeatedly stated that he intends to “transform” America, but he never says why, how, or into what. Rather, we hear the usual flowery vagueness and soaring teleprompter rhetoric.

In point of fact, King Barry continually reveals, in a most unambiguous manner through his actions and policies, that his goal is a one world government, and right now he’s winning the game.

One doesn’t require a Bilderberg group or a rendezvous for secret meetings at the Bohemian Grove to see where America is headed.

It’s happening right before our eyes in real time; the facts and evidence documented, alarming, and unequivocally clear.

The International Monetary Fund now dictates to a growing number of countries comprising the European Union how and where they will spend the money they’ve borrowed to stay afloat in a sea of red ink. It is borrowed money they have no way of paying back.

Their ratio of debt to GDP is not very different from our own, yet King Barry continues to spend money we don’t have as if there will be no tomorrow.

King Barry and his George Soros-funded support groups have become so brazen and arrogant they no longer bother trying to hide their motives or methodology as they ramrod a Progressive version of “change” down throats.

Our mainstream media continues to remain duplicitously silent

Meanwhile, as this comic/tragedy unfolds, part Twilight Zone and part theatre of the absurd, our mainstream media continues to remain duplicitously silent.

As for our Congress, those august statesmen sworn to uphold our Constitution, it can be said, with few exceptions, that instead of hearing the sonorous strains of outraged indignation and a call to action, we hear the steady sound of…crickets.

Ladies and gentlemen, if America will be saved, if we believe America is worth saving, it will be up to each and every one of us to ride to the rescue. Nobody else is coming; we are the cavalry.

I can not bear the burden of knowing what is happening to this greatest of countries, and fail to do everything I can within my power to prevent the destruction of the America I so deeply love and cherish.

How much blood has been shed since the first Continental Army of George Washington was formed, in order to “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity”?

How many brave, dedicated, selfless, patriotic men and women have made personal sacrifices so we could enjoy a “more perfect Union, established Justice, and insured domestic Tranquility” to pursue our own individual happiness?

As Thomas Jefferson once said, “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

I totally agree with the venerable Mr. Jefferson, and that’s exactly what we are in the process of losing; the priceless gift of this republic from our Founders, a gift that has been squandered through apathetic indifference, self-absorption, and ignorance of history, a subject no longer taught in our dumbed-down, politically correct, feel good, equality-of outcome educational institutions.

Regarding political correctness: is there a more effective tool utilized by the Progressive Marxists to undermine and ultimately destroy America than “political correctness”?

It’s permeated every facet of our lives, every institution, like some malicious gas, yet this unbridled form of intellectual and behavioral censorship barely gets mentioned as an implement of indoctrination or stimuli of conditioned reflex.

This quote from Edmund Burke on history: “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.”

And also this quote from Burke: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Mr. Burke, a British philosopher and statesman (1729-1797), was an erudite fellow who understood human nature rather well.

He may not have been able to perfectly visualize the soul-rotting effect of pop culture, the compliant and sycophantic King Barry-worshiping media that secured his coronation, the studied, devious cunning of the Progressive movement as they gained control of education, re-wrote history, minimized and disparaged our Founders, and diminished the significance of the U.S. Constitution by implementing the practice of trans-national “case law” review instead of looking to our own constitutional law for relevant jurisprudence.

But Mr. Burke did understand that people were far more similar in their behavior throughout history than they were different, and that left to their own devices, those who attained power would do what ever was necessary to sustain that power at the expense of others. Mr. Burke understood perfectly well that the history of the world has been one of tyranny.

There was another thing the Progressive movement knew they must accomplish if they were to succeed in their bloodless coup, perhaps the one thing most important to achieving their revolutionary plans; they removed God from the public eye and public awareness.

Over time God was relegated to the back bench of the public collective consciousness through political correctness

Not overnight, but slowly and systematically over time God was relegated to the back bench of the public collective consciousness through political correctness, immoral excesses, T.V., media blitzes, the academic intelligencia, a narcissistic compulsion for hipness, instant gratification, drugs, pornography, and the ACLU.

We became a secular society fixated on pursuit of material baubles and trinkets to define our happiness, worshiping at the alter of conspicuous consumption as we struggled to keep up with the Jones’ and validate our spiritual insouciance.

By contrast, in the early 1900’s, while working his way through college as a part-time journalist, Napoleon Hill began a study of American exceptionalism that would become his life work.

In numerous interviews with Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, and many other creative and industrial giants from that era, he began to identify certain common traits that were rudimentary to their success.

He realized that, among these, was the widely held belief that thoughts were actual “things”.

The quality time he spent with these individuals led to his theory of the “mastermind principle”, literally a synergistic tuning of sympathetic thought-induced vibrations from like-minded people, working together in a spirit of cooperation, who are equally dedicated to achieving a specific positive goal or result.

To further illustrate the credibility of his “mastermind principal” theory, he observed that the most profound example of its application in human history was that of our Founding Fathers as they worked to bring forth our republican form of government.

For these greatest of patriots, it was a spiritual quest of the highest order, and they continually invoked the power of “Almighty God” to guide them, strengthen their resolve, and help them every step of the way as they pledged their “lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor” to establish our Constitution and the United States of America.

I believe Glenn Beck, ever the trail blazer, thinker of the unthinkable, and patriot extraordinaire in his own right, is absolutely spot on with his assertion that the collective spiritual re-awakening of America and the restoration of personal honor and integrity is of paramount importance to our political success.

Everyone has room for improvement, and we all need to be at our very best on every level for the task at hand.

We have an opportunity this November, through the ballot box, to begin to right our ship of state.

It’s crunch time, and we need a sweeping conservative victory

It may quite possibly be the last opportunity we have in our lifetime to affect a legitimate reversal of the stunning and almost incomprehensible amount of damage inflicted by King Barry and his court of jesters.

He’s moved so far and so fast, with very little resistance, to secure our national demise, that it would be a tragic mistake to under estimate the critical imperative of establishing a conservative mandate for the 2010 November elections.

It’s crunch time, and we need a sweeping conservative victory if we are to leave an America for our children and grand children that bears any resemblance to the America that has traditionally been a beacon of light for all freedom loving people, both at home and around the world.

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