Obama Bites Lip Jobs
Image: AP Photo/Susan Walsh
New Hampshire's largest newspaper welcomes President Barack Obama back to the Granite State with a scathing front page editorial today, calling him a "glib, clueless disaster of a President." Written by Union Leader publisher Joseph McQuaid, the editorial says it is an honor for the state to host the President, but proceeds to pummel Obama.
"Listen to President Obama today and he will lay blame on everyone but himself. His only plan will be to spend more money that we don't have.
Four years ago, primary voters here tried to tell the nation that this wet-behind-the-ears socialist wannabe was the wrong man. (They picked Hillary Clinton in the primary.)"
New Hampshire is technically a swing state — though with its four electoral votes, it isn't big enough to attract all that much attention beyond the Republican primary.
Obama is visiting the state to push an extension of the payroll tax — and upstage the Republican candidates in the state.
New Hampshire front-runner Mitt Romney is launching an aggressive campaign to "bracket" Obama's visit with a new ad and several press events.
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