Saturday, October 15, 2016

If you believe that 99%+ of the votes are legitimate, think again. The new, modern-day voting systems which await you in the polling place, or a voting terminal which can be accessed from your personal home computer, or your vote trasnsmitted by email or fax are owned and/or managed by private, for-profit corporations who guarantee their "clients" (the princes of industry, barons of banking and business, and the courtesans of commerce) results which they can't achieve through an honest election. According to not only Black Box, but several of the nations within the European Union, the programs within the systems used throughout the free world are compromised to such an extent that they are so fundamentally flawed they allow machines to miscount or either manufacture or lose votes through GEMS applications that enable “end runs” around the voting system.

by Jon Christian Ryter

How Germany banned the use of computer totals to determine the winners of elections in 2009—and how the United States failed to do the same. Shame on us.
In 2009 a German father and son team, political scientist Joachim Wiesner and his sonUlrich Wiesner, a physicist, filed suit in the German Federal Constitutional Court (the equivalent to our US Supreme Court) to ban the use electronic voting machines which tabulate the votes and determine the winners and losers. The father and son plaintiffs argued before the German high court that voting machines are open to massive vote fraud, producing votes from non-existent voters as well camouflaging non-eligible voters who were not citizens of Germany. The Wiesners showed the court how the source codes can be manipulated to produce massive vote fraud, Constitutional judge Andreas Vosskuhle ruled that while the plaintiffs did not produce specific evidence that vote fraud had occurred in the 2005 election which was contested, Vosskuhle agreed that when the source code in the electronic voting machine tabulates the votes, there was no transparency which allows the voter to see what actually happens to his vote inside the computer. Five Germanic states cast their ballots by electronic voting machines in 2005. The electronic voting machines used in that election were the ESD1 and ESD2 from the Dutch electronics firm NEDAP (Nederlandsche Apparanfen).
(See the attached link showing that voting machines which have created between 32 and 36 million fraudulent votes for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012 stole the elections constitutionally won in 2008 by Sen. John McCain and in 2012 from former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney.) The German high court agreed with the plaintiffs and banned the use of computers to count the ballots in Germany's federal elections. Votes cast were tabulated by hand counting the ballots in front of poll watchers to prevent massive vote theft by the computer creating votes which were never cast.

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