Sunday, February 28, 2010

9/12/10 GOING TO DC

Last September 12th when I was in the crowd listening to the speakers on the Capitol steps, one of the Tea Party speakers took a moment to announce the Capitol Police had estimated the crowd at 1.5 million and still growing at 2 p.m. One officer told the speaker, it was the largest crowd he had witnessed in 20+ years of service, bigger than any inauguration, including Obama's. About the same time a news helicopter was seen overhead slowly flying a circle above the throng.

While standing in the crowd I recall overhearing two men directly in front of me discussing the crowd size.

The mainstream media will probably say the crowd is 50,000. that's O.K., next year we'll all come back with a friend.

Funny the things that stay with you.

Put me down as going back next September, but instead of just one friend, I'll be there with 4 friends. East Coast, West Coast, South Coast we're going.

Last August those around me would ask "What if after you get there, and the thing is a big flop?" "No matter" I would say "If it's just me and a dog, I'm still marching."

All of us went on faith, every one of us. We showed up at the appointed time, in the appointed place, and were repaid far beyond any expectation.

Patriots from all 50 states, were present, one citizen I learned had flown from Australia. I thanked and was thanked, for showing up. We all replied "Wouldn't have missed this for the world....America is just too important not to be here." That was why we found a way to make it. All of us would have rather spent our money on something else. We would have all rather spent our time doing something more pleasant. We chose to be there representing all Americans who still believe. We knew not everybody that wanted to be with us were present. We all had loved ones and friends that just flat couldn't be there. When I saw a man in a wheel chair wheeling himself down Pennsylvania Avenue with us, I considered how hard it must have been for him to have travelled the distance he came and the money he was sacrificing from his personal care. Parents were pushing strollers, there were elderly that had a hard time walking the 1.4 mile length of Pennsylvania Avenue but they came, and nothing was allowed to stop their being in Washington that day. Orly Taitz was there, giving ever more on top of what she has already given to her adopted country. Stories were all around me. American Patriotism, for the eye to behold,that rivaled any event in our nation's history.

Like I said, I am going back 9/12/10, six weeks before the mid term elections. Consider the statement millions and millions can make just as the country goes to the ballot box.

Now is the time to spread the word, and begin planning to attend this gathering.

Nothing will stop me. Will anything stop you?



  1. Steve,just yesterday we here in central N.Y.watched the movie"Tea Party,the documentary"
    after it we all decided that this new year was going to be even greater for our movement than the past one was.Also we are going in an even greater force to the next Sept. Rally at the capitol.
    Our group is in full strength of over 300 families and even more determined to take back our country.These liberals ain't seen nothin yet! know where I'm from.

  2. That's great Charlie. I knew you will be there too. There will be others from this blog as well.

    Maybe we can arrange a time and meeting place for all of us to get together when in D.C.



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