Tuesday, June 8, 2010



  1. Where was this guy back in the fall of 2008?

  2. WHERE and WHEN is "HE" BORN???
    Who bore him?
    WHO IS THE DADDY???? He does NOT look like OBAMA SR. and ANN may NOT BE HIS MOTHER?
    His Grampa may BE his DADDY.....
    WHO ARE HIS sisters and brothers? REALLY?????
    Was his step-grandma right when she say "she saw him born" and IT WAS IN KENYA? Grandma's don't forget these things.... NO ONE DOES>>> and she is still very sharp and mentally cool. I'd bet big on her documented statements that were proven by 2 Kenyans officals who repeated what she was saying to the reporter and signed papers also.
    I have from day 1 and will continue to believe that we have a USURPER in office and MOST have buried the elephant in the room hoping that it will NEVER GET EXPOSED.....BUT maybe??? IT HAS NOW! OBAMA signed papers stating HE WAS LEGAL to run for office and he is not and he was a FRUD then and now....Can we please get him removed and MOVE ON since we all need closure in this disgusting matter. This is NOT a GAME this is our LIVES on the LINE. Pelosi also signed 2 PAPERS and she cheated OBAMA IN.....and she and we know that to be a fact for we have the papers. How DARE this being the 1ST time A FOREIGNER fooled US ALL!!!!!!! LET'S ROLL......PLEASE

  3. It doesn't matter where he was born. By his own admission, his father is Kenyan. This makes him a dual citizen and therefore ineligible.


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