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Intro person warned reporters not to get off topic and harrass the posse, but to focus on the facts of the Obama eligibility findings.

Mike Zullo, Chief Investigator,  made most of the presentation.  He continued to build an airtight case that the birth certificate is a fraud.  He lamented that this is not national news. Although he added to the body of knowledge demonstrating Obama fraud, this is not a real blockbuster.  As far as we’re concerned, “Obama’s”  NOT proven eligibility.
Conflict in the federal coding process for federal statistics vs. putative “birth certificate” image.
Digital forensics indicate document was tampered with. Scanning results would be inconsistent with the results of this apparently fraudulent document.  Over 600 tests performed. We do not believe this doc. could withstand digital scrutiny.
There are also non-digital issues with the document. The strange pencil numeric markings were explained as vital statistics codes.  Ms Verna K.L. Lee, the 95 year old former clerk on the putative Obama birth date of Aug. 1, 1961, confirmed how docs were coded by batch, then sequential, for federal census and other statistical processes. For example, code 9 indicated data not supplied by the parent.  ”African” not used by federal govt. as a racial designation. All codes were checked. Some are inconsistent with actual data on the document.  
Hawaii had provisions for registareing unattended births, out of state, or even out of country. There was also a procedure (1955-1982) for registering NON-Hawaiian births on Hawaiian birth certificates, under certain conditions. SA Hawaiian birth certificate, therefore, does NOT prove Hawaiian birth. Kap. Hospital has not cooperated in verifying Obama birth.  Many Japanese used this to get Hawiaan b/c’s.  Theoretically, a parent had to prove legal residence, NOT citizenship. No time limit. Zullo described the applicable law as “a national security issue.”   He recommended Congressional action on this issue. A letter of the time the law was passed recognized the risks inherent in this law, as later identified by private parties and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s office.  
Zullo also lamented the media hararassment and unfairness. For example,  a deputy was sent to accompany Hawaii and his cost was billed to the county, with an attempted reimbursement from the posse fund, which was refused (for political purposes). Media jumped all over it, claiming Posse was publicly funded (I don’t think there’s anything wrong with public funding for this matter of great public interest).
Nagamini refused to confirm that the White House BC image was the same as the Health Dept. file copy.
The putative birth hospital refused to cooperate with the posse and threw them out. There was a handwritten register outside the delivery room at Kapiloni Hospital, which only had about 60 beds in 1961. Zullo unable to secure it from hospital.
Deputy AG says Onaka couldn’t talk to them. Deputy AG was “hiding behind statutes,” dissembling, hinting it wasn’t released, but claiming he has a birth certificate. Refused to confirm or deny that it was the same.
Zullo stated that a document alteration is a forgery. He pointed out that birth certificates are only prima facie evidence.  AZ Secretary of State Bennett accepted what is flimsy, incomplete data, without an actual image of a real document. He said, “as far as we’re concerned, this document proves nothing.”

Obama’s birth record should have been processed in the same batch as the Nordyke twins (born in Kapaloni Hospital within a day), if he had been born in the place and time claimed. Newspaper notices were not as systematic and reliable.  Have no other corroborating medical records, not even a baby picture available. “We don’t have any reliablle information as to where this event took place.” Info on doc. in conflict with itself.
Arpaio: show us the microfilm (of documents).  (This would help confirm event and is very hard to forge)

Media Questions:
CBS: How do you expect us to believe anything? You are in business as conspiracy theorists.
More questions about Zullo’s background. ullo briefly review experience. Arpaio briefely referred to his 50+ years and challenged anyone to question his qualifications.
If this is areal investigation, why isn’t aprosecutor handling it?  Arpaio: About time Congress looked at it. You’re going after the messenger.  Look at the evidence.
Why do this investigation instead of sex crimes (allegedly a huge case backlog)?  Arpaio: You don’t seem to get your story straight.  
One citizen reporter said if the requested docs were simply provided this would already have been resolved.  
Verna Lee conversation recorded. Zullo: yes, telecon. Her description correlated with Mr. Bennett’s description of procedures. Corsi called as a reporter.  
Did you offer any money for info?  No.  
Zullo: Corsi was offered to Sheriff’s office. Much info discarded. Sheriff’s office brought it to higher level of proof.
Zullo: we identified ourselves as official investigators. Most people did not want to talk to us.
 Media: Are you accusing “Prtesident” of a crime?  Zullo: doc is aforgery. We don’t know who did it.
Media: What do you want to happen?  Zullo: maker of the doc brought to justice. We don’t even know if Obama knew or where he was really born under what name.
Channel 5 Phoenix: Would you have deputy pull Obama over to check his citizenship?  Refused to dignify it with an answer. Press release and report will follow.
Press release on mcso.org
end of contemporaneous report- 7-17-12, 6:45 PM ET


  1. Way to go Joe!! Great PI work confirming what most of us already knew....there is an USURPER in the Whitehouse!!

  2. Thank you Sheriff Joe for standing up on this most important issue. Sorry I didn't see your video but WND didn't respond after I registered. So what about the Connecticut social security number? What about Obama's official bio stating for 16 years that he was born in Kenya? What about Obama's college records that would show that he was a foreign student? What about turning this fraud over to a prosecutor?


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