Wednesday, December 30, 2015

GLOBAL WARMING Top 2015 Story No. 5: The Phantom Menace (Of Global Warming) 

The more urgent other problems become, the more our leaders double down on the invented threat of global warming. It’s time to count down the top stories of the year, looking back at the big events of 2015 and reviewing my own coverage of them. We’ll start the countdown with #5, which is the least important of the big stories because it’s not about something that’s actually happening. It’s about how a whole section of our top political and cultural leadership is pretending that something that isn’t happening is actually the most vital and pressing issue of the day. That is pretty important in its own right. I’ll call this The Phantom Menace, which you can consider a tribute to the return of the Star Wars saga, or perhaps an unwelcome reminder of everybody’s least favorite prequel. (It’s a close call between the three, but Phantom Menace had the most Jar‑Jar Binks, so it wins.) I am talking, of course, about “climate change,” the lame euphemism for claims about catastrophic human‑caused global warming.

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