Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Tammy Bruce and Sean Hannity: Conservatives who continue to look the other way re: Obama's Phony "Birth Certificate" and Birth Narrative

Hannity, Guest Avoid 

Issue of Obama Birth 

Certificate Forgery

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by Sharon Rondeau
(Nov. 10, 2018) — During Friday night’s edition of “Hannity,” guest Tammy Bruce called the idea that Barack Hussein Obama was not born in the United States “absurd.”
Bruce is a radio show host and writer who frequently appears on the show, which airs weeknights at 9:00 p.m. ET.
Host Sean Hannity’s interview of Bruce and commentator Deneen Borelli took place during the last eight minutes of the show in response to reports of Michelle Obama’s forthcoming book, “Becoming,” in which Obama reportedly wrote that she “would never forgive” Donald Trump for questioning her husband’s presumed United States birthplace. Obama additionally claimed that Trump’s questioning of her husband’s eligibility to serve as president placed her family in danger.
In early 2011, Trump publicly called for the White House to release Barack Obama’s “long-form,” or detailed, birth certificate said to be in the custody of the Hawaii Department of Health (HDOH).
Obama has publicly claimed a birthplace in Hawaii for many years, while at the same time mainstream media sources reported him as born in Kenya or Indonesia.  On a trip to that country this past July, Obama identified himself as “from Kenya.”

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