Friday, October 30, 2009

Obama lifts U.S. entry ban for those with HIV

Compassion is one thing, borrowing trouble is another.

To have illness in one's own house is burden enough, I know of what I speak. To allow unrestricted travel by those unfortunates afflicted with deadly illness to expose the rest of American society, is not providing for the common defense or respecting our personal security.

Harsh as this may sound, would you wish to be seated on a plane for 12 hours next to someone with contagious leprosy?

Our nation has been introduced to the scourge of HIV, by a promiscuous gay flight attendant who spread Aids far and wide back in the 80's. We need no other outside help.

Before any from the left accuses me of having no compassion or being homophobic, let me tell you, I have had in my home as a guest more than once,a friend who was full blown HIV, I know his story, where he lived, what he did for a living, his family's non support, all of it. His complete lack of practicing safe sex even while being HIV positive. I being hetero, will not go into the details of how I met him, other than through a female who worked in a hospice.

To me the greater tragedy was Virginia and her son Tony, and the man she married. Virginia was a beauty, absolutely gorgeous. Her first husband contracted HIV from a prostitute, gave it to her when she was pregnant with her son to be Tony. She did not know she had contracted HIV. she divorced her husband, but met someone right away, and she infected him.

Virginia was making about $60,000 a year prior to 1996 when I met her. When I met her she and 5 year old Tony were living on $500 a month, in a slum apartment with a 3foot hole in the middle of the living room floor. My ex-wife and I sent them money every month and roses from time to time. She died destitute in 1998. The new man in her life entered the HIV hospice where he tried to drink himself to death. I lost track of him, after I heard little Tony had died shortly after his mother Virginia was gone.

Let us take care of these, we do not need the world's HIV sick bringing in more misery.

Obama only uses this issue for his self promotion.



  1. This is a brilliant parody of rightwing insanity, and I applaud you for it. I particularly liked the bit where you said you couldn't tell us where you knew the AIDS guy from, because you're hetero. And the woman with HIV who stopped being able to earn. Sheer genius! It's like so insane it can't be real yet so close to as loopy as those guys are. Love the collection of nuttiness at right too. Perfect!

  2. Buffalo, N.Y. there's an Aids hospice in rhe downtown district.

    Paul, was a patient at the hospice, as was Virginia's boyfriend.

    Virginia and her son Tony lived in some public housing (slums) near downtown.

    Dr Zen Fuck You.

  3. The US policy is totally strict, but I think there’s nothing wrong if we follow that policy. They have the right to do it to make sure that the people who visit their country have no deadly illness to expose the rest of American society.

    US Entry Waiver


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