Saturday, October 31, 2009



Nov 11, Veteran’s day we will protest, demanding from Bill O’Reilly to give us an opportunity to respond to his defamatory statements about Obama’s illegitimacy for presidency law suits.

When liberals attack us, people know that they are in Obama’s little back pocket. when people like O’Reilly, who is masquerading as a conservative, pretending to be fair and balanced, are attacking us- it causes damage.

We will be demanding equal time and fair and balanced coverage, not Obama spin.

I need people to help me make signs for the protest.

We also need help with frequent flyer miles.I will fly to NY and right after the protest I will head to St Charles, where I will be a delegate at the Continental Congress Nov11-22

On Monday the 2nd, 7pm I am scheduled to provide eligibility lecture at the bible study group in Laguna Niguel, CA

On Nov 25, 6:30 I will be a key note speaker at the Coalition for Immigration Reform, Garden Grove, CA

On Th the 29th I did pastor Butch show, you can find it in archives

On Nov 8 Danny Marrow Show in Az

Currently 3 cases are on appeal, more to come, I will keep you posted re date, jurisdiction, causes of action and plaintiffs.

What doesn’t break us, makes us stronger. I don’t believe any amount of money can buy the whole country. The fact that Obama sealed all of his vital records, never showed his hospital BC and sits in the White House with 39 different social security numbers, including ss of the deceased and our corrupt elite is aididng and abetting him, is an insult to human intelligence, is a slap in the face of each and every one of you, particularly the veterans, who fought for this country. If you can attend the protest in NY on November 11 or you can help in any way, call me 949-683-5411


  1. To my utmost delight,I just spoke to Orly and told her our group from central N.Y. state are sending down a few folks to be there with flying colors and we will have flyers.
    She asked me if I knew of arestaurant locally where we could meet to have a cup of coffee and I told her it would be my pleasure to buy it!
    SO....PLEASE SEE IF YOU OR YOUR GROUP could back up her efforts to get to O'Reilley!!
    Gary or Steve,could you post a time we should be there and the address we should meet at?preferrably at Fox Studios and the address too?
    thanks, Charlie from N.Y. state
    also if anyone needs to contact me my email address is
    hopefully we can get a ton of people to be there!

  2. FROM:

    Reminder! Protest Bill O’Reilly in NY on Veteran’s day

    Posted on | October 29, 2009 | 20 Comments

    Hope to see you November 11, 12 noon, Veteran’s day

    1211 Ave of the Americas, FOX headquarters, protest Bill O’Reilly defrauding the Nation and defaming decent Americans and are caring a legal battle to unseal all of Obama’s vital records. If you can come, if you can assist in organizing, call me 949-683-5411.

    We need signs, bull horns.

    We are looking for a diner for people to meet and greet before and after the protest.

    Let me know if you can help with transportation, frequent flyer

    Keep in mind, what OReilly did, is more dangerous, more harmful then what some idiots like Rachel Maddow or Keith Obertmann did, since people believe O’Reilly to be fair and balanced.


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