Friday, April 8, 2011


Dear Friends and Fellow Fighters for the Preservation of Our Constitution,

As several of you may know already, State Representative Carl Seel, Kelly Townsend, and myself met in Donald Trump's office in NY today with Mr. Trump and his chief executive Michael Cohen.

We had three goals going into the meeting and I believe that we met all three to the best extent possible in a 30 minute meeting (actually 20 because Mr. Trump took a call from Newsmax during the meeting).  The goals were 1) to obtain Trump's stated support for the current Arizona Eligibility Bills, which will come to decisive votes this coming week or the one after.   2) To find out as much as possible what the Trump Organization already knew and what they still may not know about the entire eligibility issue, and 3) to get a committment from him to come to Arizona to speak with the Governor, other public officials and the public.


Goal # 1 .....  Met in total, permission received to state his support for the bill publicly!!
Goal # 2 .....  Met within the time constraints.  The discussion trend allowed me to ask Mr. Trump right after he was speaking about the Kenyan grandmother,   
                    whether he knew about the Kenyan Assemblyman, (James Orengo) who stated on their Assembly floor so that it is documented that Obama was a son of their
                    soil.  He apparently did not know of that and asked me to send him the documentation.  Anyone who has it readily available is welcome to send it to me so that
                    I can forward it.  Even more importantly, I also had the opportunity when we were discussing whether a real long form birth certificate actually exists to do
                    two things.  I mentioned Tim Adams, the Hawaiian election clerk and recent affadavit and ALSO asked whether he, Trump, was going to take the issue beyond
                    the birth certificate and place of birth to the question of NATURAL BORN CITIZENSHIP.  He asked me to explain precisely what that was and I then got to recite
                    the precise clause from Article II, Section I and explain what the founders meant by it; and where they got the concept from, that being Vattel.  He said that he
                    liked the way I was explaining it and gave me another "homework" assignment to send him more information about it.  Also, at some point in the discussion,
                    the false social security number belonging to someone from Connecticut born in 1890 came up and so they are aware of that situation to some extent - maybe
                    not all the way to the FOIA actions and suits filed vs. the Social Security Administration by Orly Taitz.  Time did not allow getting into the issue to that
Goal # 3 ....   Met, very largely in total.  Donald Trump has agreed to come to Phoenix probably in June and asked that Carl, Kelly, and myself be his "point men" when he
                    does come.

Other items to possibly discuss that were on my personal "checklist" included the Pelosi Dual Nomination Forms constituting Election Fraud; the Secretary's of States allowing anyone and everyone on ballots i.e. Roger Calero;  McCain's role in Senate Resolution 511; Terry Lakin and Theresa Cao (more on her below) the Congressional Research Service Report; the Newspaper Birth Announcements; the Selective Service Registration; Pastor Manning; and the Barnett vs. Obama case now going to be heard in 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.  I'M SORRY BUT TIME AND DISCUSSION TRENDS DID NOT PERMIT THESE TO BE DISCUSSED.

There were at least ten to fifteen television cameras there and Carl Seel did about a ten minute interview with them and the press.  At the end of that line was a lady who appeared to be a press member but turned out to be Theresa Cao.  For those of you who don't know who Theresa is and her story, I don't have time here to get into it but she is an American hero and came all the way from DC by train this morning to see what was happening with this meeting.  I had the pleasure of not only meeting her but taking her to lunch with us!
  Thanks - Jeff Lichter


  1. I have never met Theresa Cao, but she fills me with pride to be a fellow American.

  2. Did Mr. Trump ask whether his children were NBC, defined by Vattel? I think it's important for your "homework", that you make clear to Mr. Trump children with only one citizen parent (Sotero, Mr. Trump's kids) can't be President. Using his children as an example would make it easier to explain, I think.

  3. Everything you need to know about Presidential eligibility.

  4. Jeff:

    Please do your best to get Donald Trump, Mario Apuzzo, and Charles Kerchner together as triple guests on either the Jeff Kuhner Show-570 WTNT Wash DC as they are jointly known to him having been interviewed there last year or (now that the dam is breaking) Rush Limbaugh (radio) or Hannity (TV). The three together can be FAR more effective than any single person.

    If Donald doesn't go for the three in one, then PLEASE try to set up some sort ot none to nose with the three of them as Apuzzo and Kerchner have massive amounts of legal essays and background knowledge about the eligibility that Donald is only begunninng to realize is "out there".

    If it will help the following is a copy of a post I made on Sharon Rondeau's "the Post & Email" to both Lucas D. Smith and Sharon but which was directed at you for a possible contact with Donald Trump. Here 'tis"


    "Lucas D. Smith:

    From the reports so far, it seems as though The Donald is not aware of how much information is actually “out there” … for example of your sending a copy of the Obama Kenyan BC to each and every member of Congress along with a description of how it was obtained.

    He also doesn’t know that Michelle O. herself has said in a public speech that hubby was a Kenyan – just to mention a few things.

    Also someone should get to him the Mario Apuzzo website – or better yet a nose to nose
    meeting with Mario and Charles Kercner plus the link to their dossier of evidence which is very extensive … here:

    or even just the Apuzzo website which has a massive amount of eligibility information. Even if The Donald hasn’t the time or inclination himself, he could certainly assign his trusted staff members to read and assimilate.

    He could even watch these short videos which are STILL current:

    Three Little Words ttp://

    Merry Christmas OmeriKa!!

    And Sharon – perhaps you could get this post to Jeff and/or Donald Trump himself. There is a massive amount of information on the Apuzzo website and a nose-to-nose would be the best possible communication and Donald doubtless is not completely aware of the content of the various lawsuits.


    The "heads-together" approach could help our country greatly.

  5. "FEAR".. never makes us great, with a single goal to uncover & expose the Truth... We the people one & all who have spent years replaying each & every crumb we got a hold of made us stronger AMERICANS. Bless everyone, we have become extended family forged at the HIP by choice. You've been powerful forces for the good of all our souls. Knowing we never weakened, never ran & never LIED nor harmed anyone. I'm so past ready to end this disgusting JOKE... Ready to made it right. Obama the clever, sneaky human won't be happy to give us what's demanded from DAY ONE...but planned his books would cover up much & smooth over us "typical white folks" & others. My friends still live in "don't ask, don't check don't admit that it could be so...but they love to bash bush bush bush...I can't say they are wrong....but that was THEN! I changed parties & will do it again to STOP the one I trust less. Staying flexible & prepared.
    Master living in the moment, protecting & being clear with extreme
    intent & awareness. Help vote in AMERICAN'S that progress us all for work & play time. The world has changed. Are you aware of that fact? Yesterdays are gone. Such a pity..... I will be judging the next person coming to LEAD & PROTECT USA & make us respected, admired as I did BBHO (before barack h obama) for the MAN/WOMAN on their message, track record, family, friends & much more.
    Of course a "NBC" who was born legit 100% 1st always...I love the USA.
    Many DEMOCRATIC voters measured OBAMA'S value to run our county without the PROOF that he was in fact LEGAL & not a USURPER.... If his Dad is BHO SR. born in Kenya as were told & weren't allowed to discuss the facts due to pelosi/reid/obama & "our desciteful drive-by-media"....even today covering up the truth....we believe to be lies?????!!!!
    HIS handlers did one heck of a job tricking YOU ALL big time! Please don't play with our county & please do your homework from this day forward & not just go for the yummy smooth icing.. GOD BLESS! PEACE 2 all

  6. Read what Paul Ehrlich's book says on How to control the US Population go to page 2 of this PDF , Paul R. Ehrlich says we in USA have to be forced into the idea of population control for them to then be able to be a good model for the rest of the world " , Paul R. Ehrlich , adviser to Obama and the Co Author of Eugenics with Obama's Science Czar John Holdren , in this PDF called How to Control the American Population Bomb , these are the guys that had the Health care Bill all ready to go that Congress didn't need to read , they were told what their duties were , just Vote for the sake of saving earth from Humanity like is said ;*2YAwbJKNA0ynjqNMPkAWc364um0hFryXrnCiwz7Aj0us0lz6nMDxpOErKkoOFI1yQyJxaBvmUtOCg37l0c/14211548HowtoControltheAMERICANPopulationbyPaulEhrlichThePopulationBombBrentJessop.pdf

    you know these guys are NOT Fooling around this time , they are going for broke and if we the people hesitate one second we LOSE our time to sustain LIBERTY in the USA because I can tell you this we will lose the 50 stars on the flag to a One Star state . Ted Turner says there is a Problem and that this is causing Climate
    Change , TOO Many people - the wildlands project

    Watch this video of Henry Lamb on UN agenda 21 , , and watch this most recent video on the UN takeover of USA property rights on the same Agenda 21 ,
    UN Declares War on Property Rights - Most of the USA would be Off Limits to Americans

    We the People need to ask ALL candidates about this , if they are for it have Pushed elections of any Conservatives that are for this , like Alex Jones says Sarah Palin helped elect Rick Perry who is a Supporter of UN Agenda 21 policies and Is implementing Cap and Trade Tax increases at the state level in Texas , Jones showed that Texas News paper evidence so whats the deal ??? Everyone of these People who seek the Mantle need to be asked Is this agenda that has been in the works now for decades , and that REAGAN in the Past 40 Years is the ONLY president that Rejected the UN Agenda , Is this Sarah Palins or any other Candidates plan to continue to pursue I have only Heard Ron Paul come out and talk about this .... and its here and being Implemented ON OUR USA and we Need those who we can Trust Will not sell us all down the river on the Idea that the world has PEAKED in human carrying capacity and to save their own is why they are continuing to pushing this UN agenda policy ???

  7. FEC Investigators Digging Into Obama's 2008 Campaign

    FEC Investigators Digging Into Obama's 2008 Campaign , audit the federal reserve and trace the Foreign Bailout funds taxpayers on on the Hook for that went to donations by Foreigners to Obamas 2008 Campaign

    FEC will have to Audit the Federal Reserve to track the Donations through this allocations of Funds that was Given to the foreign Investors , because I bet the Federal Reserve bail out of foreign investors was the same Money that was Donated to Obama's 2008 campaign , and they are getting ready to do this again for 2012 !!!!! Audit the FEDERAL RESERVE to see if Obama's 2008 foreign campaign Donations were funded by USA taxpayers Indirectly through this foreign bailout starting in 2007.
    Bernanke says in this Video that they started bailout out Foreign Investor in 2007 .

    9 TRILLION Dollars Missing from Federal Reserve,Fed Inspector General Can't Explain

    Alan Grayson: "Which Foreigners Got the Fed's $500,000,000,000?" Bernanke: "I Don't Know."
    WE the People deserve to Know if these Federal Reserve Taxpayer Obligated Funds ended up being Routed through the foreign Donor Channels that came into the Obama Campaign in 2007-8 , because this will happen again to help fund Obama's 1 Billion dollar goal .

    Why is there a Media Blackout on this Important Information ???

    has FEMA been talking to the States about this , have you heard anything ??? This is a FEMA directed activity , and they already have a 2.3 million people 11 state drill planned for the next week coming up .. where's the Media on this and what are they anticipating ????

    Take a Look at the map details in this link , look what the Navy is showing on a New USA Map have a Major earthquake . the Links above came from this Link .


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