Friday, April 29, 2011

Dear Congress and Fellow Americans…

Dark cloud over the people's White House
In an email thread this morning, a group of friends expressed deep concern that the work Trump has done in getting Obama to release his purported birth certificate has fallen far short of the mark in spotlighting the real issue here:  Obama’s Constitutional ineligibility to hold office.
I share the contents of the thread because it is instructive. But first…
Late late last night I wrote a letter to my Congressman in which I asked him to initiate a request to the Congressional Research Service to explore the history of and thus clarify the meaning/intent of the founders when they included the phrase “natural born citizen” in the U.S. Constitution (Art. 2, Sec. 1, Clause 5).  Not that you and I need an explanation.  We already know.
But CONGRESS must be made aware and given something upon which to hang their hats, so to speak, to take action against this felonious character who sleeps in our White House, sends our brothers, husbands, fathers, etc. to fight – handicapped by ROE that increase their injuries and deaths – in wars Congress has not approved, and has defacto sentenced a decorated military man to prison for refusing to answer the question on Americans’ minds.
I urge you to also petition your Congressional representative to initiate the research.  My letter to Rep. Posey will be found at the end of this post, in case you need some help wordsmithing yours.
So I want to begin this by reprinting (with his permission) the thoughts of David Larocque, retired TWA pilot and listener to my radio program. Those of you who tune in might recognize him as “JetDriver2″ in our chatroom.  David writes:
In my opinion, Trump’s failure to properly present the NBC issue left him vulnerable to just what has happened – Obama’s agents pulled the legs out from under his argument. Even if the new “BC” is a provable fake, the MSM will insist that “Obama released his BC – now what does Trump want?”
Trump has not been listening to the representatives of the Constitutionalists, and he is undermining his case by his use of intemperate language. I do not feel that Donald Trump is capable any longer of helping our cause. In any case, Trump’s personal history, and the presence of individuals on his staff with ties to the left, makes me very uncomfortable.
The unfortunate reality is that we have no one of stature or influence who is willing to defend the Constitution. Congress and the courts have made clear that they will not touch it. None of the major conservative presidential candidates will touch it.
I don’t have an answer to your question. We need to pray for divine assistance to save our country.
Perhaps there is a patriot in the Congress or the courts who has reached the limit of his or her tolerance of the criminality in this administration, and is ready to respond to America’s call for help.
I know that many of you are doing your utmost to spread the word about what is happening, but it does not seem to be changing any minds. We are not breaking down the convictions of those who have dishonored the Constitution. They are demonstrating that they will protect Obama and their leftist agenda at all costs. Witness their outrageous conduct in Wisconsin.
The polarization we are seeing in our country is truly scary. These people are not “fellow Americans” as we have always understood the term. They are fanatical advocates for an agenda which is incompatible with the United States Constitution. There may be no legal or political solution available to us in the short term, no matter how much we expose the lies, the forgeries, the fraud, and the Constitutional violations. They simply do not care about the rule of law, and the press appears to be willing to continue to enable them to the bitter end.
I will set aside some time today to pray for America.
Another participant in the email thread wrote some steps we must now take:
1. Hammer on the Natural Born Citizen (NBC) issue
2. We need to get Trump (or some courageous notable) to speak out on NBC and other criminal issues and enlighten the public as to the complicity of the Congress and the media to suppress the truth
3. Speak out – educate America about Obama’s Draft Registration Fraud – Attention Veterans and Active military!
Trump needs to take it to the next level or pack it in because the Left is going to repeatedly minimize him and make him look foolish. That’s what is happening right now. His talking points right now are quite pathetic. He also needs to have a presentation (press conference with forensic experts) on TV displaying how this latest document is fraudulent AND he needs to tie that presentation in with LTC Lakin case in order to show the American people how despicable/evil it was for Obama to destroy Lakin’s career and have him imprisoned. Let’s face it…most Americans do not even know who Lakin is!  Americans need to be educated!
My Letter to Rep. Bill Posey (R-FL 15)
Congress now must examine Obama’s eligibility under the Constitution. The matter isn’t resolved, and the natives are beyond restless – they’re reaching fever pitch over this — those who are paying attention know it is NOT about the birth certificate per se, but the fact that Obama yet again claims that his father is Obama Sr., a Kenyan and British subject, thereby admitting that he is not a natural born citizen. He’s given us the rope to hang him.
Elizabeth (Letchworth) and I discussed this on my show Wednesday night. Have the Congressional Research Service look into this — I know they already researched it tangentially with the April 3, 2009 memo: Qualifications for the Office of President and Legal Challenges to the Eligibility of a Candidate (Jack Maskell, author), BUT the CRS was not asked to specifically take up the essential issue: the history and intent of Article 2 Section 1, Clause #5.
That’s the critical hasp upon which Obama’s eligibility hinges. According to several experts, he does not qualify to hold the office of president: he is not a natural born citizen. He can’t possibly be because of his father’s foreign citizenship. Thus, at best Obama holds a dual citizenship. At worst, he may be a foreign national. We don’t know. But we believe that’s why he’s keeping his travel/passport/academic records secret. Why he uses the SS# of a dead man who resided in CT. Why his Selective Service Card is based on the fraudulent use of the SSN.
We’ve been ambivalent about Trump’s push for the B/C — on the one hand, it has called attention to Obama’s duplicity and thank God someone has had the balls, the spotlight and the microphone to do it. But on the other hand, Trump’s dogged badgering for the birth certificate has obfuscated the real issue, Obama’s inability through to qualify under the Constitution.
Dr. Jerry Corsi’s book is expected to be revealing, and it is suspected that’s why Obama supposedly flew a White House attorney to Hawaii to obtain “the b/c”.
You and I know it is very suspicious. He is believed to be committing fraud – felony.
God help us, the only way to deal with this mess is Constitutionally.
Quoting from an article by Devvy Kidd, author:
Obama/Soetoro is suddenly moved to pull a birth certificate out of the hat within a few hours, so how come he has spent so much money fighting lawsuits to keep that document concealed? Have any taxpayer dollars been used in the past three years for him to fight producing a “new” long form birth certificate? Questions not easily answered as covered in this piece about legal fees and lawsuits since the putative president took office. However, we know the cost of concealing his real birth certificate (if one even exists, which I doubt) has cost a ton of money just by virtue of the amount of legal hours billed in fighting all the lawsuits over the past three years.
Quoting from an article by Ann Barnhardt, of Barnhardt Capital Management, a commodities and cattle broker:
This Obama problem could be ended NOW. The solution has been presented to us on a silver platter with a big, fat red ribbon wrapped around it. The man went on national television and committed a proven felony. Arrest him, his Marxist witch of a fake wife, Jarrett, Biden, Holder and all the rest, try him for treason and dissolve and nullify the Executive Branch and all of its actions since January 20, 2009. Let the Constitutional chain of succession work, swear in Boehner as a placeholder, and make it clear to him that he will NOT be running for re-election, and reset EVERYTHING with the 2012 elections. THIS IS THE EASIEST WAY OUT. THIS IS THE BEST OPTION. Anything less than this, and I seriously doubt that this nation will survive to the end of this year, much less to November of 2012. We are teetering on the very brink of total economic collapse right this second as it is. It could blow LITERALLY at any time.
Bill, we are depending on our Congress to do the right thing in this matter. If not Congress, I fear the consequences. As I said, the natives are getting restless… and these natives are not “fringe” anymore.

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