Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Fair Question

"...Trump's trying to not make enemies with someone he may need later (cough, cough)in the future for campaign purposes...." So is Sarah Palin, but you've hung her out to dry, Steve. Why give Trump a pass and not Sarah? In fact, why give Michele Bachmann a pass and not Sarah?
By Anonymous on Obots Steppin On A Rake

Anon, that's a very fair question.

In my opinion, Trump deserves our support more than Palin simply because Donald is the first major player to speak out. For over two years, we have waited on Palin. We have given her every opportunity. Palin could have united the country on this issue like no other, BUT, she chose to view the eligibilty issue as a "low priority distraction". She has become Glenn Beck-i-zed. It became painfully obvious, she cares more for appearance money, than she does for the truth.

Trump has a fortune already, his coming forth could hurt his business, his reputation, and suffer needless public scorn from the leftist idiots. Trump confronted the issue anyway.

Palin "talks" about the foundation---the constitution, upon which our country was established, but will not defend it, "against all enemies both foreign AND domestic". The constitution IS America,it establishes the Rule of Law and guarantees our rights and protections as citizens under it, and if we don't have that, then we have no country or lawful protection. Protecting the constitution is part of Job 1,-"providing for the national defense." Jobs, Budgets, Taxes, Foreign Affairs, come after Job 1. The constitution is the glue which binds us as a nation, without it we are a collection of lawless individuals. Dodge City Baby !

Do I care for Trump's schmoozing with O'Reilly? hell no. Politics in America are not absolute, but you must have a core, a do not cross line. Trump walked that tightrope with O'Reilly, without surrendering his principles.

Thanks for your very good question, I hope my reply was illuminating.


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