Saturday, February 2, 2013


Retired US Army Captain Pamela Barnett speaks out loudly and clearly: Barack Obama was never vetted. Somehow we have a 'President' who couldn't pass a background check for most jobs in America and he's running the country, straight into the ground. No wonder Barack Obama's VERY 1st executive order was permanently sealing his own records.

Pamela Barnett, author of 'Obama Never Vetted: The Unlawful President" and investigative journalist, broke the stories that Obama lost his U.S. citizenship and Obama lied regarding the alleged killing date of Osama Bin Laden.

She is an activist leader and supporter of others in the Obama eligibility and Obama Forgery-Gate campaigns. More about Pamela below the video.

She is a retired Army Captain and former battalion intelligence staff officer that has proven Obama's background and legal status were never verified by any federal agency and that he would never qualify for a national security clearance if he were required to pass one. She is director of, editor of, President of, Inc. Please subscribe to email updates to her websites and you can also follow her at Facebook and Twitter.
Twitter - @obamachallenge

Obama Never Vetted: The Unlawful President, is an historic, extremely important book that should be read by all Americans to understand the loopholes that allowed Obama, citizen of other countries that would not pass a national security background check, to usurp the U.S. Presidency and endanger all American citizens. It is currently available for purchase at, but may be selling very soon at Barnett will post on her websites when her book is available for sale in paper format. Barnett is not completely satisfied with the reproduction of documents on the Kindle format so you may email her proof of purchase to pamelabarnett and she will send you a private website link of the pdf version of her book for no additional cost.

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