Monday, June 17, 2013

It was the Republicans failure to win Hispanic votes in 2012 that sent some in the party running to do business with the Democrats in the Senate to pass immigration reform early in the president’s second term. The odds are that the GOP will have their fingerprints on a bill that is likely to pass and that will doom them to permanent minority status.

Immigration and America’s political future
By Richard Baehr
Several years back, Mark Steyn, in his book, "America Alone," described the forces that were assuring a decline of European civilization. Most prominent among them was a sharply declining birth rate, below the replacement rate in every country in Europe, and approaching one birth per woman of child bearing age in some countries.
The second threat came from a high level of immigration from Muslim countries, providing new citizens who by and large did not assimilate, some of whom were a violent threat to the state. The new immigrants had a much higher birth rate than the native population of European countries, assuring that over time their share of the total population of each country would rise. Steyn believed that America alone still had the ability to defend the West and western values, but it too was in a state of decline.
At the time Steyn wrote his book, no European nation, other than several of those created from the former Yugoslavia, had more than a 10 percent Muslim population (France the highest), and Russia was the only European country where the population was actually dropping.

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