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Who is Bari M. Shabazz?

This website ( is a concise and high intensity hub for information and evidence suggesting that Obama’s real name is Bari M. Shabazz, his real father was Malcolm X. Shabazz, his publicly-released birth certificate does not match what Hawaii gave him, and much of his biography was fabricated.
The most comprehensive source of info about these allegations regarding Bari Shabazz is found on the “Terrible Truth” subscription-based blog, which costs $5/month. We are not associated with that effort. On November 2, 2011, that web site’s creator, Martha Trowbridge, first identified the original birth identity of ‘Barack Hussein Obama II’ as Bari M. Shabazz.
Currently, the proof of fraud by Obama includes some evidence that is absolutely 100% indisputable. However, the proof that Malcolm X. is Obama’s real father is mostly circumstantial evidence which has NOT risen to the level of indisputable (yet?), but is still very compelling. Also, while it is recognized that Frank Marshal Davis was a mentor to Obama, we believe that there is MORE evidence supporting Malcolm X as the real father than there is supporting Davis as the real father. New information on this topic continues to be revealed, and this site is frequently updated accordingly! Please bookmark this page, revisit it, “facebook” it, and please support this page by linking to it! Or, if you are rolling your eyes right now, scroll down and examine the evidence below... and check out the photo to the right... the claims on this page are extremely well documented.
It is known for sure that:
  • some claim that Obama is Malcolm X’s “love child”
  • And there really DID exist a person named Bari M. Shabazz who lived in Hawaii during the early 80s and claimed to be from New York. He got into a terrible car accident, which is documented on an official Hawaii government web site. A copy of that on-line report can be viewed here. As shown, this person was ordered to show up at a court date with his New York driver’s license. He never showed up and became a fugitive of the Hawaii law. Then, several years ago, someone went out of their way to close that case. This much is known for sure.
  • As shown in the video found here, Obama and Malcolm X look EXTREMELY alike... much more so than the resemblance between him and either Barack Sr. or Frank Marshall Davis! WITHOUT EXCEPTION... those who laugh that off... stop laughing when they hit PLAY on THIS video!
  • Malcolm X’s last name was “Shabazz”
  • Malcolm X’s confirmed children go by that same last name, “Shabazz”
  • Bari M. Shabazz’s first recorded residence, while an infant, was a 3-minute drive (or 8-minute walk) from Malcolm X’s home at that time.
  • Bari M. Shabazz (allegedly) died, but the death report has indicators that show that his death wasn’t “verified”, and has lingering “inconsistencies” UNANSWERED QUESTIONS: Why was there NOT a death certificate? Where/how did the death occur? Where is the grave/body? Was the fact that this poorly documented “death” occurred just before Obama’s first run for public office a coincidence?...or was Obama “tying up loose ends”?
  • Barack Obama went by “Barry” when he was young. Could there be a connection between the extremely phonetically similar “Bari” and “Barry”?
Many believe that Barack Obama’s current name is one big identity theft:
  • Barack has a series of identity “issues”, such as having a SS# from a state in which he has neither lived nor worked. Many were convinced that the article attempting to refute this gave adequate answers. However, ACTUALLY... that article defending Obama’s SS# has been thoroughly debunked!
  • Obama fails E-Verify. This is the instant database check that the Federal Government set up for employers to be able to check and see if a potential employee is an illegal alien. If such a potential employee tried to get a job sweeping the floors at a grocery store, he would be denied such a job due to failing E-Verify! Yet Obama can fail and still be POTUS?
  • Barack’s own selective services registration card was forged, which is a felony crime. A 3-minute video explaining the main problem, and demonstrating the method of forgery, is found here. A very long and detailed write-up is found here.
  • There are numerous accusations of fake photoshopped family photos! Until now, most of those photos REQUIRED a trained eye to see any problems. THEN... the photo on the right side of this page was spotted on Obama’s OFFICIAL FP page... where evidence of fake family photos is clear to even an average observer.
  • Even web sites that make fun of those who question Obama’s identity, like and even Obama’s own official web sites... (and Wikipedia) ...ALL!!!... had the WRONG birth hospital listed on their web sites just a few years ago. And yet, the birth certificate released by the White House clearly shows a birth hospital listed. Could it be that, at some point, someone didn’t have their story straight? If it was on the birth certificate, which allegedly has existed all along, how could such a mix-up happen?
  • Classmates of Obama at Columbia University who graduated the SAME year and were in the SAME major state that they had never heard of Obama. Fox News interviewed 400 students from Obama’s class at Columbia and no one could remember him. Could THAT have something to do with him keeping his college transcripts sealed? If Obama’s OWN literary biography stated FOR 15 YEARS that he is a Kenyan, would it be THAT farfetched that he might have misrepresented himself as either a Kenyan or Indonesian citizen in some of his earlier college applications--and maybe even embellished SOME of his academic history, too? (We do not think Obama is a Kenyan, we just think he makes things up as he goes along, depending on what identity/info helps him at the time.) PS - The Snopes article which tries to refute this makes a critical mistake in that it counters the most extreme version of the Columbia accusations... that Obama never attended Columbia. In debating terms, that is called fighting a “straw man”, not your actual opponent’s actual best arguments. To set the record straight, Obama probably DID take some classes there, but likely did not graduate with the particular degrees he claimed and/or was enrolled there as a foreign exchange student. Given the evidence, it is unlikely that he sealed his transcript just to hide a few bad grades. (btw, snopes fights MANY “straw men” these days...)
  • Incredibly, while Hawaii officials DO claim that they have given Obama a copy of his birth certificate... to this day, NOT a single Hawaii official has EVER confirmed that the birth certificate released by the White House is the SAME one they provided Obama. Yet, this question has been asked repeatedly over the years. This is OFTEN used as a bait-N-switch in news articles. Many news reports discuss the certificate released by the White House. Next, they will mention that Hawaii says they released a valid certificate to Obama. This makes “birthers” seem stubbornly ignorant. However, the accusation is that Obama altered his certificate to something DIFFERENT from what he was given by Hawaii. And, Hawaii officials REFUSE to answer THAT question! Those news articles which do this bait-N-switch are very misleading. Even assuming that Obama was NOT born in Kenya (and we do not think he was born in Kenya), then that does NOT make fraud with his birth certificate go away.
  • Additionally, it has since been learned that the standards for obtaining a certificate in Hawaii is so low, it is an absolute joke. For example, someone can obtain a Hawaii certificate who does NOT even quality for U.S. citizenship under Federal guidelines. For example, someone born on foreign soil with parents who are NOT U.S. citizens can obtain a Hawaii birth certificate if only their NOT-citizen parents were paying rent and taxes in Hawaii at the time of that person’s birth. Federal guidelines state that such a person does NOT qualify even for citizenship... yet, unlike all other states which play by the rules, such a person CAN get a Hawaii certificate. This means that that even a NOT-fraudulent Hawaii certificate does NOT (by itself) verify U.S. citizenship!
Did you want to share this info, but WITHOUT the "Shabazz" angle? We now have a Shabazz-less mirror of THIS web site over at
Less substantiated, but quite shocking, evidence here:
  • Supposedly, a computer software contractor visiting Russian in 1992 (again, 1992!!!!) was lectured by a Russian about how Obama would become America’s first communist president. Details here.
  • A high-profile volunteer for Hillary Clinton’s campaign made some SHOCKING claims about Obama in this interview. Her testimony seems VERY credible. The ONLY reason this goes into our “less substantiated” category is because some of her claims are so extremely disturbing as to warrant disbelief. Have you ever heard someone say, “If there was something going on with Obama, wouldn’t Bill Clinton have revealed it at a press conference when Hillary was running?”. This video answers that question head-on.

    SUMMARY: According to Bettina Viviano, it was considered common knowledge within the Hillary campaign that Obama had huge eligibility problems. Then, just as some of this MIGHT have surfaced, Arkansas Democratic Party Chairman Bill Gwatney was murdered two weeks before the Democratic National Convention in Denver. HERE IS THE UNCONFIRMED PART: What this lady claims... is that Bill Clinton and Bill Gwatney were VERY good friends... maybe even BEST friends. She then goes on to claim that his murder was a warning about what would happen to Chelsea Clinton if Bill and Hillary started revealing that Obama might not be eligible for office. Again, hard to swallow... but watch this video and see for yourself. If false, she is CRAZY for wanting to create enemies out of these people. But if true, then she is a brave patriot. Is her testimony truthful?... YOU decide.
BONUS material:
  • here is a documentary about abuses and fraud used by Obama operatives in the 2008 Democrat primary to defeat Hillary Clinton. MANY eyewitness accounts! Hillary would have probably won the 2008 Democrat Primary if it had been conducted fairly. (When you get to that page, click the tiny “play” icon at the bottom left corner of the inset movie box to play the movie.)
Are those troubling facts? Or, bizarre coincidental circumstances? The question remains... Who is Bari M. Shabazz?
PS: The name is NOT spelled bari shabbaz, it is spelled Bari Shabazz. And his FULL name is Bari Malik Shabazz
ALSO: For the record, if all these facts do point to the most sinister of conclusions, then this would mean that Obama was NOT born in Kenya.. AND... had a U.S. citizen as a father. Does that make him a “Natural Born Citizen”? Possibly! Yet, that would also mean that he STILL wasn’t born in Hawaii and his birth certificate would STILL be a forgery... and so many felonies would be broken with the identity theft fraud, it would be crazy! So, if true, why would Obama have stated in his literary biography that he was born in Kenya? Simple... at the time, presenting himself as a Kenyan helped him. He does stuff like that often!

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