Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Commentary By:
Dwight Kehoe
Editor TPATH

December 9, 2013 ~TPATH~ Can this really be happening?  Is it possible these past five years are just a frightful dream from which we may awaken as those poor souls living in the Twilight Zone never did?

As Judges, journalists, justices, talk show hosts and politicians are handed proof, indisputable evidence, that crimes have been committed, those bringing the charges, providing the documentation, are looked at with glassy eyes and vacant expressions as if they dwell in 
separate dimensions of space and time.

These past five years have been confounding and bewildering as our country has moved from a firm order of laws, justice and morality, where our leaders were held to high standards, even if only perceived,  of honesty, integrity and love of country.  Attributes, which were based upon decades of experience and an unobscured past.

Now, in this surreal, almost mystical opaqueness, a new reality has taken hold as that frightful dream has become a living nightmare.  How in God's name could this country have allowed this to happen?  How could responsible people from both parties, educated journalists and historians, not just permit this, but to have actively worked for it?

Forget for a moment, that the media and others in informative positions of power failed to heed the warning signs and failed to properly vet or ask important questions prior to the 2008 Presidential Election.  

Here are some facts that many knew and most hid prior to the 2008 election:

  1. Obama was not a Natural Born Citizen which the Constitution clearly requires for the office of the President of the United States. His father was not nor ever became a citizen of this country.
  2. Neither of the two hospitals where Obama claimed to have been born would verify his birth there.
  3. Obama refused to release his original birth certificate, his passport and travel records, his college grades and his academic writings (if he had any) for the public to see.
  4. Obama was never asked how it was that he was able to travel to Pakistan during the time it was illegal for American citizens to do so.
  5. Obama never released documents which showed when his name was changed from Barry Soetoro to Barack Obama.  
  6. Obama was using a Social Security number generated in Connecticut where he never lived and records showed it was issued to someone else.  That SSN, when put into the government E-Verify program, failed.
  7. Obama admitted using drugs but was never asked where he got them, how he paid for them, what drugs he used or if he ever sold drugs to support his use of them.
  8. Obama was never asked about the long list of communists and socialists in his family, those who mentored him and those who helped pay for his education.
  9. No one asked Obama, who won his first two elections as state and US Senator using legally sealed information on his opponents, how his campaign got that information.
  10. When he was a State Senator, he refused to sign a bill that would have made it illegal to let a born alive child die, if it survived an abortion attempt.
  11. Obama called for fundamentally changing the best country the world has ever seen and called for a private security force as well funded as the US Military to help carry out that mission.
The results of the four dreadful years which followed were ignored and the same cadre of dunderheads once again buried their collective craniums between the flabby folds of their posterior anatomies and the usurper was reelected in 2012.

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