Sunday, January 15, 2017


Harold DePalma ·
I am sick and tired of the media revisionist history attempting to rehabilitate the outgoing president.

"You have performed on the highest, most public stage there is, sir, faced headwinds unprecedented in American politics..."

Really? Obama started his presidency with a high public approval, a super-majority Democrat Congress, a politically powerless GOP opposition, and a slavishly supportive media. The first significant headwind Obama encountered was the voters he betrayed by imposing policies completely contrary to what he promised as a candidate and which a majority of voters opposed.

"...and nonstop disrespect from the GOP."

In contrast to the "respect" the Democrats and the Democrats with bylines in the media gave every GOP president after Eisenhower?

"No stench of personal scandal wafts after you as you leave office..."

You mean except for Obama's nearly pathological lying about his policies from Obamacare to Benghazi; granting literally thousands of royal dispensations from following the law to Democrats and their supporters; illegally using billions in taxpayer TARP money to nationalize Chrysler and GM, much of which was funneled to his UAW supporters; funnelling billions more in taxpayer "stimulus" money to Democrats public employee unions and supportive business owners like Solyndra; IRS persecution of political opponents; Justice Department gun running to Mexican drug cartels, resulting in hundreds of deaths - American and Mexican; Clinton committing literally dozens of felony and misdmeanor crimes by illegally storing or providing classified materials to uncleared persons; Justice Department refusing to prosecute Clinton; paying off the terrorist state of Iran to slow walk them to a nuclear weapon after Obama leaves office, resulting in the killing of heaven knows how many in Syria, Yemen and other places where Iranian militias commit mass murder; releasing dozens of terrorist leaders back to the battlefield in exchange for the traitor Bowe Bergdahl or in the name of closing Gitmo, resulting in yet more dead. Etc, etc, etc.

"...and the country is better for your service."

How precisely is the United States better off after Obama and the Democrats raised taxes, borrowed and pissed away nearly ten trillion dollars, took over our health insurance, and imposed a tidal wave of regulations which left the nation in a nearly decade old economic depression - a recession without a recovery. Economic growth since the recession ended in early 2009 is less than a third of a normal recovery and less than during the Great Depression. Small business creation has fallen below business failure for the first time in American history. As a result, job creation is less than a quarter of a normal recovery and less than population growth. The percentage of Americans with any type of work has fallen to levels unseen since women worked at home in the 1970s and the lowest percentage of men have work since they started keeping stats after WWII. Only a bit over a third of Millennials have full time work and this cohort earns 20% less money than did their Boomer parents at the same age.

The economic devastation of the African American community is even worse.

Apart from being the first half-African American elected as president, how on Earth has Obama done anyone proud?

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