Friday, January 20, 2017

Viva la Trump: Washington is liberated! 

by Larry Klayman

WASHINGTON – Its been a long eight years since the first inauguration of now former President Barack Hussein Obama, a man who fooled the masses into being elected as a visionary black man for all people. Instead, over his reign, marked by his racial hatred toward whites and his favoritism toward his Muslim half over Christians and Jews in particular, the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C, felt to me as if it were under “occupation” by hostile “foreign” forces. Indeed, on my many trips here over Obama’s two terms as president I would often remark to my colleagues on the way to court proceedings that it seemed to me the government buildings were taken over by hostile “space aliens.” I simply no longer felt a part of our country’s body politic. While I could not fully put my finger on it, there was something terribly evil lurking under the surface of this, one of the most beautiful cities on earth.
And, today, with the inauguration of Donald J. Trump as president, a dark cloud has been lifted that had hung over Washington during the Obama years. There is a renewed happiness and vision – and while it is rainy, in my heart the sun is shining. My sentiments remind me of that that day on Aug. 25, 1945, when another beautiful great city, Paris, was liberated from the Nazis. Newsreels at the time depicted the glee and pride of the French capital and nation, which too had had a fascist cloud removed by the Allied Forces and the French Resistance (link and embed You Tube video I will send). This irony is more than palpable!
The liberation of Washington has been a long time coming. While Obama and his leftist, socialist, pro-Muslim, anti-Christian, ant-Semitic, generally atheist, pro-illegal immigrant, pro-radical gay, lesbian and transgender, and pro-radical feminist comrades had terrorized and sought to enslave not just me but hundreds of millions of Americans, and brought the nation to its proverbial knees with their intentionally destructive governance intended (with success) to cut the United States “down to size” in world stature, the prior years since President Ronald Reagan had left office were not so great, either. Presidents Bush 1 and 2 were by and large failures as our chief executives, and the people’s enthusiasm for their stewardship of America was lukewarm at best.
But nothing could ever have been imagined by our Founding Fathers and framers of the Constitution like one Barack Hussein Obama and his hateful wife, so infected with venom and reverse racism that it dripped minute by minute from their lips and actions!
In the many months leading up to the election of Donald J. Trump as president, the country faced the prospect of being permanently destroyed. The Wicked Witch of the Left, Hillary Clinton, a white woman every bit as evil as the black man Obama, was running to occupy the White House once again. I had fought her tooth and nail, along with her degenerate husband, for decades since Bill first won the presidency in 1992. In so doing, I and others peeled back the many layers of Clinton corruption. Indeed, I used to quip that there was no crime beneath the Clintons. The Wicked Witch even attempted to steal White House furniture on the Clintons’ way out the White House door in 2001, as she later “jacked” State Department furniture and government property when she stepped down as secretary of state in 2008, to plan and undertake her quest for the presidency.
But with the grace and will of God, who I continued to have faith would not allow Hillary to assume the reigns of power – who to win votes had promised to wrap her administration in the shroud of another eight years of Obama-type rule – a man who committed to deconstruct the capital that had become so corrupt was miraculously elected as our 45th president of the United States. And, while no mortal man can ever be our Messiah – there is only one Jesus Christ – We the People now have hope that the republic, typified by Washington, D.C., is on its way to being restored to what President Reagan often called that “shining city on a hill.”
Without sounding too schmaltzy, a Yiddish phrase my mother, Shirley Klayman, used to say – which roughly translates into being too sentimental but not exactly – I am proud to be an American again. So take that Michelle Obama: For the first time in eight years, since you and your husband took control of our country, I am proud to be an American again.
The Obamas and the Clintons, furthered by the “National Socialists” in the leftist media, are on the defense for now, but we must remain vigilant and never let them reoccupy our nation’s capital. Just last Thursday , the Clinton News Network (CNN) ran a piece criminally suggesting ways to assassinate our incoming president with some glee, pointing out that if this occurred before he was sworn Friday that an Obama Cabinet member or other Obama government official could assume the reigns of power. This despicable display of Nazi-like behavior, which should have resulted in the Secret Service arresting CNN executives, again underscores and serves as a wake-up call that the evil around us has not left town.
Thus, I and others will be the “watchman” and take whatever legal actions are necessary to keep enemies at bay to allow for our new president to try to succeed, with his administration, in “Making America Great Again.” And, while I will be critical when necessary, we must allow our 45th president, with our support and God’s grace and blessing, the chance to succeed – as this is likely our last chance to restore America to greatness!
Yes, today I am a proud American again! We the People have risen up and thrown off the yoke of Obama-Clinton slavery and corruption, much like the Allies and French Resistance did during World War II.
Washington, D.C., like Paris, has been liberated from the forces of evil thanks to our collective successful resistance.
God bless the United States, as He is and will always, as celebrated with the inauguration of our new president, be with us!

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