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2010...Happy New Year?...ONLY IF AMERICAN PATRIOTS UNITE!...

America must fight against the unholy Trinity that threatens to destroy us

The Revolution is on in 2010

By Dr. Laurie Roth Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year everyone! This year brings us huge challenges but we are Americans and I’m not sorry for that, I’m humbled and proud. We can reinstate the real vision of who we are, call upon the real God for help and stand up for the confrontation and battles to come. We can survive and we will heal up. We are Americans not yesterday’s news. We are still the light of freedom on a hill. We need a new light bulb, Not a new light!

First weapon used against us in the unholy Trinity

Huge Government controls (communism) cloaked in the cover and contrived neediness of environmentalism/climate change and global warming: Prepare for the manipulated battles this coming year with Cap and Trade from this President and congress. Most of us have looked for some time at the real science and observed the lack of and destroyed data. Thousands of real scientists have stated on record, even signing petitions verifying the complete fraud of global warming and its related science. We know it is false and just a pathetic excuse to seize control of us. We must track these efforts and have a zero tolerance policy for these efforts.

The other Government control battle in our face the next few months is the communist and anti constitutional health care bill congress and this President are planning to cram down our parched throats.

Second weapon used against us: Radical Islam

Islam has always wanted control of the world. Financed and radical groups since the 1920s have taught, preached and pursued a worldwide Caliphate of control. Their taught and known methods of doing this include silent and violent jihad world wide. The fundamentalists study and know our sensitive, our legal loopholes and ways to intimidate and scare us. Only on Christmas we saw the latest horror show on flight 253 by a wanna be Islamic martyr from Nigeria. It was a miracle the plane didn’t blow up.

The organized Islamic terrorist groups are like body parts of the mother alien and yes I’m talking about the classic horror show! They pursue the same thing. Identify and exterminate infidels and infiltrate and control systems of leadership and Government structures. They continuously cry “victim” when focused on. The law suits and name calling are bread and butter for them. They are still nevertheless the enemy and we have mental illness and are classified Islamaphobes for noticing.

Third weapon used against us: Running away from God

We are the only country in the world based on a unique foundation of Judeo/Christian principles and founding documents . The significance of this is not merely Religious and Christian but has provided the only real and lasting mechanism available to model, keep and preserve freedom in the world. Did you hear me Obama? We aren’t just a light on a hill for freedom but still the only real hope for freedom and achievement in the whole world. If America is destroyed and completely neutered as this administration and the UN wants……MILLIONS AROUND THE WORLD WILL STARVE, BE TORTURED AND DIE. Take that and chew on it a moment!

America has always been and continues to be in the crosshairs of Dictators, i.e. socialists, communists, terrorists and “other controllers” due to one major, systemic clash. We view freedom for each individual a pre ordained gift and right from God. They view freedom as a borrowed and assigned privilege from Government. The two ideologies clash to the point of bloody wars because the God’s are different and don’t mix.

Big Government lovers and those who wish to be Gods themselves have successfully pushed God out of our schools and stolen our religious expression and rights. They have made immoral and sexual, acting out the norm. Up with gay marriage and up with whatever feels good sexually regardless of the consequences.

Remember the 3 biggies we are battling in 2010

  • Socialist/communist take overs
  • Islamic radical attacks
  • Our moral meltdown

Don’t worry our attack plans are powerful

Mid Term elections

We must clean house with this Administration and congress. We have to make the mid term elections kick some total booty. So far so good. I predict conservatives will take back the House. The way things are going with early elections and trends watch out Senate. At the very least we will put a huge dent in the Senate as well. We can’t sit back, get cocky or brag. We will do this but we must find our voice, vote and get behind conservatives all over the place. Just focus.

Push for State Sovereignty and power

Rep. Matt Shea from Washington, my liberal state, has been working diligently with several other legislators from other states and have put forth a constitutional, legal and powerful plan to secure 10th amendment rights. I have written about this plan in previous articles and you can read all about it at

Conservatives have to get their act together

Republicans and other conservative groups must focus and find candidates that not only can compete and do well in debates and the media but who really do have integrity, a commitment to our constitution and courage to serve. Anyone can find a pretty person and great speaker. Every tyrant I can think of through out our last 100 years was a sensational PR wizard and speaker.

America must put a wall of protection against Fundamentalist Islam

It is high time America does more than ‘ review ’ homeland security and watch lists. We must boldly define the enemy as Fundamentalist Islam, taught here and throughout the world. Once we find the courage to declare publicly the truth about the enemy we must then decide vividly and in media to go after Islamic clerics, known Islamic training camps in the US, Islamic agencies that work against our country and Government, ID sleeper cells and their allies.

We must have focused airport screening requirements. Those flying in who are Muslim and/or coming in from any Muslim country must go through El/ Al type security screening, referencing and cross referencing before they are even allowed into our air space and into our airports.

If we and peace loving Muslims are to feel safe in America we must take the gloves off and not only have more air marshals on planes but have our own version of sleeper cells……officials dressed in civilian clothes dropping in and out of mosques and Islamic compounds across our country. There is zero excuse to allow even one mosque or Islamic center to exist in our country that teaches or preaches Jihad in any way. I say shut them down immediately or arrest those involved. How about both!

We must also profile Muslim connections and behavior more closely and without fear in our military. There have been way too many attacks by Muslims against other military since 9/11. See what politically correct sensitivity gets you? A big fat coffin!

We must find God again

There are many in this country who want to find God. The ACLU wants to find God alright so they can sue Him. I would love them to find God as well. That would be a great day in court!

Our country has become the beacon and hope for freedom and prosperity around the world mainly due to our Christian beliefs and values. It is fraudulent and a betrayal to achievement, hope and freedom to deny this. We must stand and fight vividly state by state for our freedom of speech, religion and expression.

We must demand a big NO to any fairness doctrines, restricting conservatives and religious people in media. No to redesigning our marriage laws by throwing God out and allowing gays, groups and animals to get married. No, to calling ongoing murder of children…abortion and a choice.

We all know in our hearts what is right and wrong. We all know what real freedom AND responsibility look like. We also have known and still know deep in our hearts who the real God is and what He wants from us.

2010 brings us many challenges but we can and will win as we confront and battle the push to Big Government, Islamic attack and moral downfall.

Let America be a bold and liberating light on a hill in 2010

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  1. Happy New Year Everyone,
    This is a very factual,truth bearing,and enlightening way to start this year.What an excellent article!
    The unification of tea party like groups is the thing that will solidify our voting block in 2010.!! It will bring unity to our nation that will conform us all to the very well put content of this atricle.
    I have written several times to tea party leaders begging them to see and understand the potential in the power[clout] of being united!! not in name but in purpose!!
    We all are aware of the many likeminded groups,912'ers,Patrick Henry Caucus,Freedom Force.US, etc.[to name only a few],AND THERE ARE MANY MANY MORE.
    When are we going to see??
    If those of you who read this,would convey this concept to your group or those who you are in contact with,this will make the difference in the outcome of all of our efforts.
    There is not one thing I personally disagree with that is posted on this site,[I am in complete agreement with all of it]...Yet I am only one BUT if we all were to unite in our beliefs and understanding [as we probably do] and I think there are about 50 people who are connected in some way to Give Us Liberty.
    NOW WE have power [strength in numbers]!!
    Do you see what I mean?
    I wish there was someone out there who could or would get behind this concept and get the year started off with a mighty ROAR of
    Any coments appreciated here!
    Thanks, Charlie


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