Thursday, June 30, 2011

Flotilla II Running In Place--Oh Those Crazy Hebs

With nothing but one crappy news story after another here in America emanating from our dysfunctional, unjust, and illegal so called "government", it is refreshing to write about a government and it's people who are united in cause and deed. Not 100% united, there are always rats among us, no matter where you go, but as close to fully united as it gets. The nation of Israel and her people are of whom I reference.

A happening yet to happen, if it never happens, will make Israeli hearts happier. So far so good. It seems Flotilla II is sending the message," Mecca We Have A Problem "

Presently 10 ships docked in Athens, were supposed to be off the coast of Gaza last Tuesday. Aboard were supposed to be 1500 blockade runners, many of whom were pledged to jihad if stopped by Israeli naval forces. So far the jihadi, can't get to the jihad. Because of the delays, 1150 of the 1500 faithful in Athens have melted away, with nothing to show but backpacks full of dirty laundry. Athens in season costs even if you are a terrorist or terrorist supporter. Over the past week, two Flotilla II ships have had their propeller shafts "sawed in two" by suspected Israeli divers. SEAL TEAM MOYEL jokes are big in Jerusalem today.

Two of the ships waiting to sail as part of Flotilla II are American home ported. One ship is named the " Audacity of Hope" being sponsored by George Soros. Do you ever wonder where Soros hides his pointed Luciferic tail in his trousers?

Cynthia" I'll Punch Your Face" McKinney, disgraced former congresswoman from Georgia, and current pro muslim black activist communist, is part of the crew of the "Audacity of Hate" . Glad she could find the time, what with her visits to support Quaddaffi, meet with Ahmadinejad, and inciting the Arab Spring Breakers, McKinney's been one busy Mediterranean racist hate mongerer.

Texas' governor Rick Perry has even been sucked in, seems he wrote a letter to Eric Holder about US citizens taking part in running maritime blockades being unlawful. Shall we hold our breathes, as we await Holders swift and sure action? Not So Fast, Not So Furious. Nah, I think I'll change channels and watch the debt ceiling debate over the Fourth with a fifth, that ought to be good for some laughs...... SEAL TEAM MOYEL hahhahahahaha!

link to Flotilla

link to Perry

link to Audacity of Hate



  1. Memo to the IDF: this time don't board them. BOMB them!

    Transform flotilla into sinktilla.

  2. Finally, the truth about the Freedom Flotilla is beginning to circulate around. I would like to invite you to check out Prevent the IHH Flotilla Towards Gaza


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